The explosion of Russian technology. Footage reveals devastation in eastern Ukraine

The Russian convoy, consisting of three T-80BV tanks and several BMP-2M combat vehicles, attacked the positions of the Ukrainian 36th Marine Brigade near the village of Vodjane in eastern Ukraine. This is claimed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU), which on the social network video from the event they published. The described circumstances cannot … Read more

Margarita was punished when she refused to ‘please’ Russian officers as a nurse: “The horror remains burned on my retina”

© via REUTERS Margarita has been in rehabilitation for almost two months after staying in Ukraine as a Russian nurse. She sees a psychologist, takes strong antidepressants and tries to put what happened to her there into place. Forget, that won’t work. Because she lives with a constant fear of having to go back to … Read more

Black Mysterious Smoke Ring Above Russian Sky, People Concerned; Video

Mysterious black smoke ring seen in Russian sky / Image Twitter UAs the Russian occupation of Crimea continues, a strange ring of smoke seen in the sky of Russia is being discussed in the social media. Expressing concern over the mysterious ring of black smoke that appeared in the sky over the capital city of … Read more

Senior Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop to Zelensky: Woe to you!

Senior bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) Metropolitan Pavel. Photo/RT KIEV – A senior bishop in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) issued a strong rebuke to the President Volodymyr Zelensky for his role in the crackdown gripping the country’s largest religious denomination. “I’m telling you, Mr. President, and your whole pack, that our tears … Read more

Another mobilization awaits the Russians. No one really believes that it will be voluntary

Russia presents this campaign more as an effort to recruit volunteers and professionals than as a new mandatory mobilization. But the British point out that there is a real possibility that in practice it will not be about ‘getting volunteers’ and that the regional authorities will try to meet the assigned recruitment targets by forcing … Read more

It’s bad, Russia no longer wants to share advanced missile test info with the US

Russia stopped sharing advanced missile test info with the US as previously stipulated in a nuclear arms control treaty. Photo/Maksim Blinov/Sputnik MOSCOW – Russia will no longer provide prior notice to United States of America (US) regarding its advanced missile test as previously stipulated in the nuclear arms control pact, the New START Treaty. This … Read more

Ukrainians are undead, don’t feel sorry for a single one. A propagandist on Russian TV openly calls for genocide

“They are animals. They no longer have a human box. There is no need to feel sorry for them, not even one of those against whom the Russian army is fighting. They are the undead who rise from the graves. Like in the TV series,” Mardan said of Ukrainians defending their homeland against unprovoked Russian … Read more

Well-known Russians flatten Putin to the ground in a leaked telephone conversation: “He is a sissy who does not care about his people”

© EPA-EFE In Russia, a fuss has been caused by a telephone conversation between a billionaire and a well-known music producer. The two are known as supporters of Vladimir Putin, but that leaked phone call does not contain a good word about the Russian president. On the contrary. gjs Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 6:37 … Read more

Why does Russia get a lot of international sanctions, while Israel doesn’t?

Russian troops drive an armored vehicle during the Ukrainian-Russian conflict on a road outside the southern port city of Mariupol, Ukraine, April 10, 2022. Photo/REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko MOSCOW – A year into the war with Ukraine, Russia has been under heavy sanctions from the West since its inception. The European Union (EU) has imposed sanctions on … Read more

Medvedev devised a punishment for the West: We will download all the movies from Netflix

After the invasion of Ukraine, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev asserted himself, at least with his statements, as a Kremlin “hawk”, i.e. a supporter of a tough approach towards the enemy. This time, however, the vice-chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation spoke in an interview with the Russian state media, including the … Read more