War with Russia Towards a Frightening Climax!

loading… The Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk suffered near relentless shelling from Russian troops in fierce fighting in eastern Ukraine. Photo/REUTERS KIEV – Team battles Ukraine with Russia for two major cities in eastern Ukraine are heading for a terrifying climax. This was conveyed by an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksiy Arestovych, when … Read more

Russia’s List of Enemy Countries, Moscow Imposes Strict Sanctions

loading… Skyscrapers are seen in Moscow, Russia. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – In the midst of his battle with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced countries and territories that are considered “enemies” or not friendly with Russia. Russia’s hostility to countries in the European Union is well known before. Now several countries are added to the list … Read more

The first foreign ship has sailed from Mariupol since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to Ankara

The presidents and prime ministers of the 27 countries of the European Union are waiting for a key decision at the upcoming summit in Brussels whether to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the European bloc. However, other impacts of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine will also be a topic. … Read more

Putin’s Nuclear Suitcase Carrier Aide Shot Dead in His Home

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin is escorted by aide carrying a nuclear weapons strike commando suitcase. The aide was reportedly shot and killed in his apartment on Monday. Photo/East2West MOSCOW – An aide carrying an assault commando code suitcase nuclear weapons Russian President Vladimir Putin was found dead at his home. The aide died after … Read more

Two mysterious explosions in Russia in a single day

The press service of the Russian Western Military District on Wednesday reported an explosion in an ammunition depot in Russia’s Vladimir region. Four people were killed and four others were injured, according to The Kyiv Independent. “On June 22, during the unloading and loading of ammunition in the ammunition depot in the Vladimir region, there … Read more

The Sri Lankan economy has completely collapsed, the prime minister said

“We are now facing a much more serious situation that goes far beyond the shortage of fuel, gas, electricity and food. Our economy has completely collapsed. This is the most serious problem we face today, “said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in parliament. Wickremesinghe is also a finance minister with the daunting task of stabilizing an … Read more

Polish General Demands NATO Immediately Give Russia Ultimatum

loading… Patriot missiles delivered to Romania in 2020. Photo/REUTERS WARSAW – The former head of the Polish National Security Bureau, General Stanislaw Koziej, urged NATO to give Russia an ultimatum. The content of the ultimatum, according to Koziej, was whether Russia stopped missile attacks in western Ukraine near the NATO border or the alliance imposed … Read more

80,000 Demonstrators Flood the Heart of the European Union, Shouts Stop NATO

loading… 80,000 demonstrators packed the streets in Brussels, Belgium, Monday (20/6/2022). Photo/twitter BRUSSELS – Demonstrations organized by trade unions were attended by 70,000 to 80,000 demonstrators on Monday (20/6/2022). They packed the streets of Brussels, the heart of the European Union (EU), bringing the city to a standstill. As well as expressing anger at the … Read more

Ukraine is ready to fight with spades if there are no Western weapons

loading… Members of the Territorial Defense Force stand guard at a checkpoint in Kiev, Ukraine, March 3, 2022. Photo/REUTERS/Mykola Tymchenko KIEV – Ukraine will continue to fight against Russia even if it does not have any weapons. So, the West must speed up its arms deliveries to Ukraine or be responsible for the deaths of … Read more

US confiscates US confiscated Rp 4.4 trillion luxury yacht belonging to Russian oligarch

loading… The luxury yacht Amadea worth more than Rp. 4.4 trillion belonging to the Russian oligarchs was confiscated by the US. This ship is now arriving in Hawaii. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) confiscated a luxury yacht (superyacht) worth USD 300 million (more than Rp. 4.4 trillion) belonging to the oligarchs Russia … Read more