US Military Biological Research Activities A Threat to the World

loading… Researchers work in the laboratory. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia is worried about the United States (US) large-scale biological research program, both at home and abroad. The Russians are particularly concerned given that Washington has acknowledged the “dual-use nature” of the research. This was revealed by the commander of the Russian Nuclear Biological and Chemical … Read more

Too Many Arms Supply to Ukraine, US Worried It’s Difficult to Help Taiwan

loading… US authorities worry that it will be difficult to arm Taiwan because it is supplying too much arms to Ukraine. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – United States (US) authorities are worried that the massive supply of weapons to Ukraine could lead to a deficit in Washington’s long-term plan to arm Taiwan. Washington feels the need to … Read more

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Putin’s Allies Mysterious Death, Russia Allegedly Involved

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has been implicated in the sudden and mysterious death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. Makei, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus who has served since 2012, breathed his last on Saturday (26/11/2022). He died at the age of 64 years. His sudden death led … Read more

It is already clear to the Russians that they will not prevent the Ukrainians from crossing the Dnieper

Since the beginning of October, Russian troops have been digging massive trench systems behind the Dnieper in the eastern part of the Kherson region. It was a clear preparation for the withdrawal from Kherson and the entire territory on the west bank of the Dnieper. And the building continues. Given the depth to which the … Read more

Britain Sends Advanced Brimstone 2 Missiles to Ukraine, Can Hunt Russian Tanks

loading… Britain sends advanced Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine. This missile can hunt Russian tanks. Photo/Peter Jordan/The Sun LONDON – The UK has sent Brimstone 2 advanced missiles to Ukraine to support its fight against the invasion Russia . The missiles, which cost £175,000 each, have the ability to hunt Russian tanks and choose targets … Read more

Kremlin Says Ukraine Doesn’t Want Peace, Here’s the Evidence

loading… Kremlin says Ukraine does not want peace Photo/Illustration/Sindonews MOSCOW – Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Ukraine have no desire for peace. He then referred to the President’s statement Volodymyr Zelensky related Crimea as evidence. Peskov said Zelensky’s comments about returning Crimea showed Kiev had no desire to seek a peaceful resolution to the ongoing … Read more

Running Out of Weapons, Russia Fires Old and Empty Missiles

loading… Russian S-300 missile system. Photo/Radio Free Europe LONDON – The team Russia forced to remove the nuclear warheads from old cruise missiles to fire at targets in Ukraine . That’s according to the latest Western assessments showing Moscow’s arms stockpile is dwindling. The UK Ministry of Defense said open source imagery showed the wreckage … Read more

Zelenskyy wants a significantly stricter ceiling on Russian oil

But the G7 proposal does not have unequivocal support in the West. The governments of the countries of the European Union, which want to complicate the financing of the war for Russian President Vladimir Putin, have not yet agreed on a common position among themselves. The G7 group consists of the United States, Canada, Japan, … Read more

Putin Reveals Priorities for the Russian Defense Industry, What Are They?

loading… President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the 15th anniversary of the Russian high-tech company Rostec, Moscow, November 26, 2022. Photo/Sputnik/Ilya Pitalev MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin said Russian defense giant Rostec played a key role in ensuring the country’s “technological sovereignty”. Nevertheless, according to Putin, Rostec needs to draw on real combat experience … Read more

The Ukrainian War Could Have Been Averted If…

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin says the war in Ukraine today would not have happened if there had not been a coup in Kiev in 2014. Photo/Alexander Scherbak/TASS/Kremlin MOSCOW – The ongoing war in Moscow Ukraine could have been avoided had there not been a coup in Kiev in 2014, the President of Russia stated … Read more