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PLAN President’s visit Jokowi is from Ukraine which is still ravaged by war and the visit to Russia–after attending the G7 meeting in Germany, June 26-28–is not only interesting, but important. This visit is reminiscent of President Jokowi’s visit to Afghanistan, which is also still at war on January 29, 2018. In Kyiv, the capital … Read more

Our Military Is Designed for War

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Finland declared ready to fight against Russia if attacked at any time. Finland claims their military is designed to fight large-scale wars. The head of the Finnish Armed Forces, Timo Kivinen, said that his country continued to maintain high military readiness after World War II. “We have systematically developed our military … Read more

Let the Crawling America Beg To Us

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ex president Russia Dmitry Medvedev says there is no point in holding nuclear weapons non-proliferation talks with United States of America. Medvedev said President Vladimir Putin’s administration should wait until the United States pleads for negotiations. “Now everything is a dead zone. We don’t have any relationship with the United States … Read more

Russia besieges Severodonetsk until Moscow is upset at the G20 Health Ministers Meeting

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Russia increasingly besieged the City of Severodonetsk in the Donbas on Monday (20/6) so that Ukraine lose control. Other news is that Moscow is upset that the G20 Health Ministers’ meeting discussed more about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Here’s the latest 24-hour news summarized in Kilas Internasional this morning: 1. Russia … Read more

US Chips in Russian Tanks, Washington Wary

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Government United States of America found computer chips made by the country’s technology companies in some military devices and vehicles Russia like tanks in Ukraine. According to sources, the Ministry of Commerce together with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began to be wary and launched an investigation related to the … Read more

What Happens If Ukraine Blows Up Europe’s Longest Bridge?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ukraine threatens to destroy the longest bridge in Europe, the Bridge Crimeawhich is directly connected to Russia. What happens if the bridge is destroyed? To know the impact, of course it is necessary to understand that this bridge has an important role for Russia, both strategically and politically. The bridge spans … Read more

Court Allows Arrest of Traitorous Ukrainian Ex-President

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Pechersk District Court in Kyiv allowed the arrest of the former President Ukraine pro-Russia the traitor, Viktor Yanukovych. “With the participation of prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Pechersk District Court in Kyiv on May 23, 2023 handed down an order for detention during criminal proceedings against the former president … Read more

Russia Rape 10 People in 1 Hour, Including 8 Children

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Defense Ukraine reported that the troops Russia raped ten people, including eight children, within an hour today, Friday (20/5). “Ombudsman: Today, in just one hour, ten reports of rape by the Russian occupier, including eight children, were received from several recently liberated villages in the Kharkiv region,” the ministry … Read more

Putin Makes Difficult for Indonesia at G20

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — English consider the decision Russia invaded Ukraine put Indonesia in a difficult position as President G20 This year. The British Deputy Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste, Rob Fenn, said that Britain and Indonesia had been preparing for this year’s series of G20 meetings in Bali perfectly. However, according to Fenn, … Read more

Ukraine Deploys US-Delivered Artillery to Frontline War Against Russia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ukraine deploys new M-777 howitzer artillery from United States of America at the vanguard of the war against the army Russia. “Howizter M-777 in action. This is part of the latest US$800 million package of assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the US Embassy in Ukraine said in a statement on … Read more