Revealed, France has no more weapons to send to Ukraine

loading… France sent two batteries of the Crotale NG air defense system to Ukraine. Photo/wikimedia PARIS – France unofficially admits it cannot provide more weapons to Ukraine due to dwindling supplies. Nonetheless, Paris vowed to continue helping Kiev in other ways, according to the Politico report. “Off the record, France admits they cannot provide more … Read more

Ukraine Receives French Long-Range Rocket System

loading… LRU provided by France to Ukraine. Photo/ KIEV – Ukraine says it has received a rocket launcher system from France that augments its long-range artillery arsenal. The weapons delivery is related to changing dynamics on the battlefield against Russia. “LRU from France has arrived in Ukraine! The Ukrainian army is now even stronger,” tweeted … Read more

Russia Outlines Terms Of Peace Negotiations With Ukraine

loading… Russian soldiers oversee the front line of the battle with Ukraine. Photos/tasks MOSCOW – Peace negotiations can only begin between Russia and Ukraine if Moscow sees a genuine “political will” on the part of Kiev to engage in dialogue. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this after earlier this month he noted the Ukrainian leadership … Read more

Power Outages Continue to Widespread, Mayor of Kiev Warns of Potential Evacuation

loading… A woman and her dog wait for a bus on a street without electricity after critical civilian infrastructure was hit by a Russian missile, in Kiev, Ukraine, November 23, 2022. Photo/REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko KIEV – Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko warned that there may be a partial evacuation of the Ukrainian capital. The reason being, … Read more

7 Main Allies of Russia, Regardless of Moscow Attacking Ukraine

loading… Ethnic Armenian soldiers stand by a cannon near the town of Martuni, Nagorno-Karabakh, April 8, 2016. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – A number of countries have good relations with Russia, despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since February. Here are 7 countries that are allies of Russia. 1. Armenia The Republic of Armenia and Russia have very … Read more

Ukraine Wants to Take Crimea from Russia in 2023: We Will Surprise People

loading… Ukraine wants to retake Crimea from Russia by 2023. Photo/REUTERS KIEV – Armed Forces Ukraine is preparing an attack on Crimea, to take the peninsula back from its clutches Russia . A former Ukrainian commander told The Economist that the operation was planned for 2023, but he declined to divulge further details. The former … Read more

Putin Nuclear Bombs Ukraine Means Russia’s Defeat

loading… Leaked Russian FSB emails reveal that Moscow officials have discussed President Vladimir Putin’s potential use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – If President Vladimir Putin nuclear bomb Ukraine, then it will be a defeat Russia in the eyes of enemy countries and neutral countries. That is an internal concern of Russia’s Federal … Read more

Boeing Offers Cheap, Precision Bombs for Ukraine

loading… The Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) missile system engages targets with GPS guidance. Photo/sab WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is reportedly considering Boeing’s offer to mass-produce inexpensive precision bombs for Ukraine using existing US arsenals. Currently Washington and its allies are struggling to meet the military aid needs of Kiev. According to Reuters, Boeing has … Read more

US Military Biological Research Activities A Threat to the World

loading… Researchers work in the laboratory. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia is worried about the United States (US) large-scale biological research program, both at home and abroad. The Russians are particularly concerned given that Washington has acknowledged the “dual-use nature” of the research. This was revealed by the commander of the Russian Nuclear Biological and Chemical … Read more

Britain Sends Advanced Brimstone 2 Missiles to Ukraine, Can Hunt Russian Tanks

loading… Britain sends advanced Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine. This missile can hunt Russian tanks. Photo/Peter Jordan/The Sun LONDON – The UK has sent Brimstone 2 advanced missiles to Ukraine to support its fight against the invasion Russia . The missiles, which cost £175,000 each, have the ability to hunt Russian tanks and choose targets … Read more