Alan Pulido criticizes AMLO for high salaries to athletes

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 27.08.2020 15:46:41 The criticism of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, against the high salaries that athletes earn, they did not fall well in Alan Pulido, who through their social networks He revived the Mexican president. And it is that everything happened because Polished He responded on his … Read more

5 Facts of BLT Workers with Mediocre Salaries Cancel Liquid Today: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) IDR 600 thousand for workers with salaries below IDR 5 million will be canceled today. Previously, the government said that the disbursement of BLT for mediocre salary workers would be disbursed on August 25, 2020. The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) noted that the distribution of direct cash assistance (BLT) … Read more

Taxes and salaries after the abolition of the super-gross wage. This is how it should look like again!

Three tax rates, each for a different income group. This is what the coalition partner of the YES movement of social democracy wants, which rejects a single tax for all. “The standard mechanism for calculating the tax in tax progress applies there. This means that if someone takes eighty, the first sixty would be taxed … Read more

Asks to initiate criminal prosecution for the payment of 23,543 euros in envelope salaries in a security company – in Latvia

The State Revenue Service (SRS) has requested to initiate criminal prosecution for the payment of 23,543 euro envelope salaries in a security company, the Revenue Service informed. In August of this year, the SRS Tax and Customs Police Department has sent criminal proceedings against one person to the Zemgale Court District Prosecutor’s Office for initiating … Read more

Maláčová wants to reach out to the salaries not only of politicians, but also of judges and prosecutors. Babiš refuses – ČT24 – Czech Television

“I don’t know why we should freeze the salaries of judges and prosecutors, it has nothing to do with it. Politicians and an independent judiciary, that is something completely different and there is no reason to do so, “the Prime Minister commented. “I wanted to treat everyone the same, because I think it should be … Read more

The Ministry of the Interior proposes that salaries do not increase in the first five years Sttn box office

Prague The Ministry of the Interior proposes that the remuneration for representatives of municipalities and the region should not change in the first year. It follows from the material that TK has available and the government should deal with it for some of the next meetings. The ministry argues that the budgets will first mark … Read more

Entangled in Crisis, Kuwait Unable to Pay Civil Servant Salaries after November

loading… KUWAIT CITY – Kuwait will not have enough funds to pay civil servant (PNS) salaries after November. Kuwaiti Finance Minister Barak Al-Sheetan expressed the admission when he warned parliament about the financial condition. According to Bloomberg, Al-Sheetan confirmed that the government is withdrawing the General Reserve Fund of 1.7 billion dinars per month. Al-Sheetan … Read more

The salaries of university teachers will increase from September 1, the government decides

Cabinet of Ministers On Tuesday, August 18, supported the changes in the relevant regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers on teachers’ salaries, which envisage increasing the remuneration of academic staff of higher education institutions from September 1, stipulating that the lowest rate will be 805 euros. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The annotation … Read more

Pirates are proposing a freeze on politicians’ salaries. Babiš is in favor, Maláčové considers the proposal to reduce unrealistic

“The point is that next year the salaries will be the same as this year. I reckon that for an ordinary deputy in the Chamber of Deputies, this would have been increased by about 10,000 crowns gross per month without it, ”Mikuláš Ferjenčík, Pirate and Deputy Chairman of the House Budget Committee, presented the News … Read more