70% of the agreements do not restore inflation, and wages shrink – 04/09/2021 – Market

As wage readjustments negotiations concluded in January and February of this year indicate that workers with a base date in the first half will have difficulties to compensate for the losses of inflation in the last 12 months. More than 70% of the agreements closed in February had readjustments below inflation, and preliminary data collected … Read more

Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Incredible salary and vote rigging … Benjamin Castaldi balances on Loft Story

Benjamin Castaldi threw some info on Loft Story. And we’ll tell you all about it here. Pierre-Jean Chalençon accused of having secret dinners with a politician, new information falls in Touche Pas à Mon Poste. Tonight on the set of C8, Benjamin Castaldi returned to the revelations he made on Loft Story which aired 20 … Read more

Fan Zhiyi encourages Li Tie: the world’s top salary coach is also made like this, you don’t have to be stressed

Original title: Fan Zhiyi encourages Li Tie: The world’s top salary coach is also made like this, you don’t have to be pressured In the early morning of April 11, when Fan Zhiyi explained the Premier League match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace with the national football coach Li Tie, he spent nearly 10 minutes … Read more

Without an agent’s help, here’s how De Bruyne asked for a salary increase in Man City

Manchester – There is an interesting story about a contract extension Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City. Unlike most players, the Belgian midfielder turned out to be negotiating without the help of an agent. De Bruyne extends the duration of his tenure at the Etihad Stadium to 2025. His contract value is £ 83.2 million, … Read more

Airlangga THR Prediction and 13th Salary Potential to Fish Consumption of Rp. 215 T

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto estimates that the provision of holiday allowances (THR) and the 13th salary during the Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr periods in 2021 could result in a potential increase in consumption of up to Rp. Airlangga ensured that THR and 13th salary must be given to employees … Read more

Juventus transfer market, salary doubled | Offer for Dybala

Paulo Dybala © Getty Images Juventus is dealing with the many innovations that could be in the next season: a monstrous offer arrives for a Juventus player Future all to be deciphered for the Juventus. From the managers to the coach, passing through the players, the Juventus team could see a real summer revolution. For … Read more

Who is Javier Cordone, the driver of a waste truck that made Dani La Chepi fall in love with: “I expected it more than the salary at the end of the month”

The 2020 quarantine due to the pandemic it changed his life to all the world. Many couples separated, some people had to reinvent themselves in order to survive, and others suffered the consequences of the disease. TO Dani La Chepi, one of the participants of MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe), the confinement allowed her to meet her … Read more

vaccinations or no more salary – Wel.nl

With a decree, the Italian government is forcing health personnel to be vaccinated. Those who do not get vaccinated are no longer allowed to work and will not receive a salary. The measure is controversial, but the government is sticking to it The discussion is rooted in a broader mistrust of vaccines that has become … Read more

Sharon Stone said she paid DiCaprio’s salary when no one trusted him

AFP PHOTO In 1995, Sharon Stone starred alongside Gene Hackman, el film Quick and deadly, a remarkable western in which she put herself in the shoes of an expert holster. While the title was not a box office success, it did serve to put two actors who would soon become Hollywood heavyweights on the map: … Read more

“Shodan’s salary envelope almost fainted” The reason why Jo Young-nam beat Seoul Music University

[조영남 남기고 싶은 이야기] Yesterday 〈6〉 until the 8th US Army was’working out’ American singer Nat King Cole performed in Korea in 1965. The far left is Wiki Lee. Nat King Cole’s right is Choi Hee-joon. The far right is singer Yoo Ju-yong. [사진 성승모, 중앙포토] On page 238 of my autobiographical novel Nolmen Nolmen, … Read more