TikTok: motorcycle taxi driver goes viral for being trolled after showing off his salary | TikTok | Viral | Social networks | motorcycle taxi | Peru | Trends

The young driver showed the amount of money he earned in a single day of work, although he later had to confess the truth. The story went viral on TikTok. In TikTok the case of a motorcycle taxi driver what was done viral after showing off his revenue by one Workday. Los netizens, after seeing … Read more

Measure Yourself First, This is the Right Minimum Salary for an Audi A6 Car Loan

Jakarta – Audi A6 so one of the sedans that enliven the automotive market in the premium segment. Priced at billions of rupiah, how much salary is appropriate to buy an Audi A6? Financial Planner from Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia Andy Nugroho, ideally the credit installment rate is 30 percent of total net income per … Read more

The teachers are waiting for the salary settlement after the strike – to be decided by the National Salary Board in February – NRK Trøndelag

– Like everyone else, you notice that prices are rising. It would have been good to get a salary settlement. That’s what Eivind Ludvigsen-Overrein, a teacher at Egge secondary school in Steinkjer, says. He’s not the only one who would like to know how much money he has on hand. Teachers organized in the Education … Read more

Al-Hilal is ready to give Messi the highest salary in the world

Sources revealed that the possibility of signing with Messi this summer or in the near future is still open. The sources added that Al-Hilal is ready to grant Messi the highest salary in the world, according to the “Sky” newspaper. It is noteworthy that Jorge Messi, the father of the Argentine player Lionel Messi, and … Read more

The investment salary law has been reversed! Office workers have no time to manage money, relying on “three high” robot intelligent investment- INSIDE

When “innovative technology” and “new financial thinking” are combined, with “three highs” – “High efficiency, high yield, high frequency“National Financial Robot” was born!Through scientific big data model analysis, the robot can create the most suitable investment portfolio for the public, satisfying the needs of ordinary people who have no time to manage money but want … Read more

If you are confused by a thousand pounds… the National Bank loan with a salary guarantee

A large segment of employees in the government or private sectors who wish to borrow money from Ahli Bank To set up small projects, get married, or buy a car or real estate, about the conditions for obtaining personal loan from Ahli Bank With a salary guarantee and long repayment periods, Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews, in … Read more

Village Head’s Salary Surprises, Here’s a Comparison with Civil Servants

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, the public was shocked by the salary of the village head (kades) which was revealed after a massive demonstration. The demonstration was carried out by the village head and village officials who asked the DPR to revise the village head’s term of office as stipulated in Law (UU) Number 6 … Read more

How much does an OXXO employee earn in 2023? | SALARY per position

Written in COMPANIES the 29/1/2023 · 07:49 hs OXXO is a convenience store company that opened its doors for the first time in 1978. The first branch was founded in Monterrey with the intention of promoting the brands of Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, but given the great success it had, it soon stopped selling only beer and … Read more