The Bolivian community in Salta will march tomorrow for the Day of the Plurinational State

January 21, 2020 – 18:52 Tomorrow marks 14 years since the declaration of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The appointment is at 17 in the San Martín park. From there they will march to Plaza 9 de Julio. The Bolivian community in Salta will mobilize tomorrow to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the declaration of … Read more

Luján’s cell phone and Yanina’s computer could provide key data to the cause – Salta

Since the Peñalva family presented strong evidence and managed to reopen the case, now being investigated for a double crime, in just over two and a half years 53 testimonies were received at the request of the complaint and the criminal prosecutor’s office in Transition. With the incorporation of testimonials, it is expected to add … Read more

Coronavirus in Argentina. The Secretary of Health of Salta died after being hospitalized for two weeks

He had taken office on September 9, in the midst of a critical situation in the province Credit: Twitter The Secretary of Health Services of Salta, Sergio Humacata, died last night at age 62 after staying just over two weeks hospitalized with coronavirus, which happened a few days after taking office with the minister of … Read more

Coronavirus: a hospital in Salta buys chairs because it no longer has beds

A nurse from Oran, Salta, explained the situation of collapse that the city is experiencing due to an outbreak of coronavirus. The San Vicente de Paul Hospital, in the town of Oran, is experiencing a very complicated situation: they do not have enough beds, respirators, supplies or doctors to respond to the demand for patients, … Read more


Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany was chosen to play the female version of Hulk: “She-Hulk”, Bruce Banner’s cousin. Actor Mark Ruffalo, who brings the Hulk to life in the Marvel universe, welcomed the actress through his twitter account, which ended up driving fans crazy. What we know is that it is a project for Disney + … Read more

VIDEO He is from Salta, he won a 0 km taxi on TV and it exploded like a goal in social networks

August 4, 2020 – 09:44 Guido Kaczka couldn’t help but cry when Rubén established himself as the first driver to win the top prize in “Welcome aboard”. In the absence of football due to the pandemic, the Monday broadcast of Welcome on Board, the program that Guido Kaczka hosts on El Trece, was experienced as … Read more