The European Union extends sanctions against Russia for a year for the annexation of Crimea

The Crimean sanctions package against Russia includes, but is not limited to: restrictions on the import and export of goods; a ban on European companies diverting cruise liners to Crimean ports; a ban on providing any tourism services on the peninsula; a ban on the supply of equipment, investment or other activities related to the … Read more

“And who else will invest in Russia? The Taliban, who came to SPIEF?” Doctor of Economics on investment forecasts for Russia

Today in St. Petersburg ends the international economic forum, which this year was not a single European leader and not a single serious Western investor. But the event was attended by an Afghan delegation. It was represented by members of the Taliban movement, which seized power in the country last year. Officially, in the Russian … Read more

The Kremlin announced the “difficult situation” in Russia

The Kremlin’s military adventure in Ukraine will cost Russians dearly The current situation is pushing Russia to look for new ways of interaction and new mechanisms for financial settlements, said Dmitry Peskov. Russia is now in a difficult situation. This pushes it to look for new ways of interacting with “friendly countries.” This statement was … Read more

Sanctions against Russia – Sweden banned Tetra Pak from selling products in Russia – UNIAN

The company produces seven out of 10 milk and juice packages. Sweden banned Tetra Pak from exporting products to Russia / photo Packaging giant Tetra Pak banned from importing Russian Federation your products. The Swedish National Trade Board made this decision as part of the European Union’s fifth round of sanctions, adopted on 8 … Read more

Head of NATO Center: Russia’s plan is to maximize food price inflation

Russia wants to use this situation further to put pressure on Europe to reduce military support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. More than 23 million tons of grain and oilseeds have already been stuck in Ukrainian Black Sea ports because the Russian blockade has prevented ships from leaving the port, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis … Read more

Sri Lanka has embarked on a diplomatic dispute with Russia over the intercepted plane

The Airbus A330 was arrested on Thursday at Bandaranaike International Airport on the same day it flew out of Moscow on the orders of the Colombian court in the capital. The liner of flight SU289 was banned from taking off as it prepared to return to the Russian capital with 191 passengers and 13 crew … Read more

Taiwan banned the supply of chips to Russia and Belarus

Photo: DigiTimes Russia and Belarus will not be able to receive modern chips It is also prohibited to supply certain types of lithographic equipment used for the manufacture of microcircuits. The Taiwanese Ministry of Economy has imposed a ban on the export of modern chips to Russia and Belarus in response to the unleashed war … Read more

Russian market after 4 months: Extreme slump, only ladies and ‘Koreans’ are sold – Transport – Car

Car sales in Russia collapsed, falling by almost 80 percent in April. The first three places were occupied by Lada models. The decline in the first four months is not so noticeable, because in January and February the cars were still selling well. Photo: Renault The Lada and Renault models met at Autovaz from the … Read more

Will VW resume production in Russia? The Russians claim that soon! – Magazine – Car

What will happen to the VW Group’s factories in Russia? This was indicated by the head of the local representation in a letter to the dealers. He still hopes for a restart. Photo: SITA/AP, Volkswagen VW Group – Kaluga production plant While Renault has already confiscated its Russian assets, even though it hurt, VW still … Read more

Urged by necessity and impasse of sanctions, European Union allows Russian gas purchases to continue

BRUSSEL, – European Union (UE) softened its stance and suggested companies in its territory could continue to buy gas without violating sanctions, in the midst of domestic demand for energy supplies Russia. The EU Commission issued a revised guideline to Council Regulation (EU) 833/2014 and Council Regulation (EU) 269/2014 late last week. It states … Read more