“Journeyman” team members’ beautiful new work “Sword of the Sea”, using a skateboard to explore the ruins on the sand | 4Gamers

Giant Squid, led by the former art director of “Journeyman”, held a “PlayStation Showcase” online conference this morning, and released a new PS5 “Sword of the Sea”, an action game that combines games and delicate art. The first public promotional video reveals the operation mode of “Sword of the Sea” similar to that of a … Read more

Overpass 2 revealed with gravel and sand filled trailer

Overpass 2 was just announced by Nacon and they really seem to have faith in the new racing game they call “the ultimate off-road adventure”. We’re also promised 31 new tracks and 5 playable modes to choose from, and there are 37 licensed vehicles included. Combine this with a “redesigned and more complete experience: improved … Read more

Ameland is embarking on the largest sand operation ever in the Netherlands

Press agency AmelandA piece of washed away beach on Ameland In association with Omrop Fryslân NOS News•yesterday, 2:00 PM Rijkswaterstaat will start this week with the largest sand operation ever in the Netherlands. In the coming months, some three million cubic meters of new sand will be added to the beach at Hollum. It’s already … Read more

Pokemon Park “Sand Park” opens today in “Chub Tottori Sand Dunes Children’s Country”! First time in Chugoku region-GAME Watch

Today, May 5th, “Sand Park” opened at the event square in “Chubu Tottori Sand Dunes Children’s Country” in Tottori Prefecture. At “Sand Park”, you can enjoy park playground equipment designed by Pokemon “Sand” and “Alola Sand”, who have been appointed as Tottori Furusato Ambassadors. This park playground equipment was donated by Pokémon Co., Ltd., which … Read more

Chinese Robotic Exploration Finds New Signs of Water in Mars Sand Dunes

The Chinese rover robot discovered the existence of water on Mars which is suspected to be widespread and still relatively new than previously thought. The findings were the result of observations of the robot in the Martian dunes. The findings highlight potentially fertile new areas on parts of Mars where temperatures are warmer so conditions … Read more

“Shizuka Kudo” enters the trend due to the arrival of yellow sand, “Everyone thinks the same” – Sirabee

“Shizuka Kudo” became a hot topic while a large-scale yellow dust storm was expected. A user said, “Everyone thinks the same way.” From today 12th to tomorrow 13th, large-scale yellow sand is expected to hit the Japanese archipelago. In response to this, the name of singer Shizuka Kudo is trending on Twitter. ■ Fly over … Read more

They find clouds of sand on a giant extrasolar planet: the new discovery of James Webb

We already knew about the ability of the James Webb Space Telescope to record unprecedented images, both deep sky as of our neighboring planets in the Solar System. But it’s not just capable of taking these snapshots: it was also designed to analyze the infrared emission from very distant cold objects. For example, extrasolar planets … Read more

Weather in Switzerland: the sand of the Sahara is back

Weather report Sahara sand will dust Switzerland overnight Dust from the desert is transported these days in a current from northern Africa. It will reach our country in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Posted29 mars 2023, 16:10 Sahara dust particularly visible in March 2022 in the Lausanne region. Patrick Martin/24Heures Dust carried in a … Read more

Exoplanets are full of wonders, Webb telescope found that VHS 1256b will rain sand | TechNews Technology New Report

The Webb Space Telescope recently stared at an exoplanet VHS 1256 b, and found that the planet’s atmosphere is surrounded by dense, smoky clouds, with a temperature as high as 830 ° C. It is also known that the planet is raining sand. The Webb Space Telescope’s first early science observation release includes a series … Read more