There are 24 people arrested linked to the Falcón case

There are 24 people arrested around the network of drug trafficking and money laundering of the Falcón case, who will be known this Friday for a request for preventive detention in the jurisdiction of Permanent Attention of Santiago. The last one to surrender and is under arrest by the Public Ministry is Enerio Sandoval, who … Read more

Abinader orders the extradition of Juan José de la Cruz Morales, accused in the Falcón operation

By decree number 561-21, President Luis Abinader ordered the extradition to the United States of the Dominican Juan José de la Cruz Morales (Wandy) involved in Operation Falcón. In the decree, at least seven charges were listed for which Wandy was requested in extradition by the North American country. It also indicates that the United … Read more

The Taliban thank the world for the aid promised and ask the US to be more generous

The Taliban on Tuesday thanked the US $ 1.2 billion in aid pledged by the international community to Afghanistan and called on the United States to be more generous. “We appreciate and welcome the world’s commitment of about $ 1 billion in aid and ask that you continue to help Afghanistan,” said Amir Khan Muttaqi, … Read more

Large universities promote student vaccination with prizes

As a new semester begins amid the coronavirus resurgence, 26 of the 50 largest public college campuses in the US are not requiring students to be vaccinated, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. Approaches to law enforcement vary widely even among colleges that have immunization mandates, with some offering leniency for students who … Read more

Vaccination against COVID-19 continues to fall in the DR

The Dominican Republic recorded the lowest number of total doses of vaccines administered against COVID-19 in almost a week. Between September 8 and 13, 39,315 vaccines: 19,752 as the first dose and 19,563 as the second. This represents 43,220 fewer injections than the 82,535 given between August 30 and September 7, according to calculations made … Read more

Miami passes resolution for street to be named after Johnny Ventura

In a historic session where mixed feelings and artistic memories surfaced, the City of Miami recognized not only the artistic career of the master merenguero Johnny ventura, but rather the contributions to the democratic system of the popular deceased singer, passing a resolution for a street in Miami to bear his name and honoring posthumously … Read more

Apple introduces Apple Watch Series 7, with the largest screen

San Francisco, EE.UU. Apple on Tuesday presented its new smartwatch model, Apple Watch Series 7, with a significantly larger screen than the previous version and in which the company assured that there is room for 50% more text. Apple also redesigned the user interface of the new watch with larger buttons, the bezel is only … Read more

Scarlett Johansson asked for 100 million dollars for the premiere of “Black Widow” on Disney +

Los Angeles, USA Scarlett Johansson initiated a legal battle against Disney as a result of the simultaneous premiere on July 9 in theaters and Disney + of Black Widow. The actress sued the company since part of her salary depended on box office earnings, claiming the amount she had stopped earning for the streaming premiere. … Read more

Space tourism: what’s on offer

A few minutes or a few days of weightlessness. A little jump above the Earth’s atmosphere, or a round trip to the Moon … the age of space tourism has arrived and, for those who can afford it, it comes with many options. – SpaceX – 1 – Inspiration4 Elon Musk’s company will send four … Read more

Chyno Miranda walks in love with the Venezuelan model Daymar Mora.

When they least expected it, the followers of Chyno Miranda found him on social networks in pure flirtation with the Venezuelan model Daymar Mora. After confirming the separation of the Venezuelan singer with Natasha Araos, calm returned to the Venezuelan celebrity following the case, but the hornet’s nest turned up again after a photo in … Read more