Astronomers Are Afraid Space Crowded by Satellites, Why?

Jakarta – Satellite a giant new light built to connect directly to a cell phone on Earth, giving off a glow brighter than most stars in the night sky. These conditions interfere with the work of astronomers and human views of the universe. The intrusive orbiting objects include AST SpaceMobile’s Bluewalker 3, which launched on … Read more

Swarms of satellites in the night sky: bright, brighter, Starlink

The satellite companies point out that according to a ITU report published in 2021 around 2.9 billion people – almost a third of the world’s population – have never used the Internet. A constellation of communications satellites could change that. But light from the Starlink constellation alone will streak at least 30 percent of the … Read more

Possibility of giant communication satellites obstructing astronomical observations and interfering with telescope radio waves…

The deployment of communication antennas for the communication satellite BlueWalker 3, which is scheduled to be used by large operators such as AT&T, was completed on November 14, 2022. However, it turned out that Blue Walker 3 had a problem that it was too bright, which affected astronomical observations. Moreover, it is pointed out that … Read more

The British are going to launch satellites from the territory of their country / Article

“The UK has never been able to launch satellites into orbit, and no European country has ever done so from its mainland territory. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for us as the country’s space industry is worth more than £16.5 billion a year and employs 47 000 people. That’s why it’s really, really important … Read more

Russia threatens to attack commercial satellites helping Ukraine

“Quasi-civilian infrastructure can be a legitimate target for a retaliatory attack,” Vorontsov said, according to Reuters. According to him, the West is provoking Russia by using satellites to support Ukraine. “We are talking about the involvement of civilian space infrastructure, including the commercial one, by the US and its allies in a war conflict,” added … Read more

Russia scares the West again. It announces the possibility of attacking commercial satellites

Watch the video Baltic Pipe threatened by sabotage? “The risk is. The procedures have been implemented” Konstantin Woroncow from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia He said at the United Nations that the United States and its allies “are trying to use space to enforce Western domination.” As he underlined, the use of Western satellites … Read more

After Moscow threatens to shoot down satellites used by Ukraine, US warns: ‘It will be retaliated’

During real military conflicts, satellites have never been shot down, but Russia practiced it during exercises, it is announced For the first time, V. Vorontsov’s statement about the readiness to deploy satellites was made on September 12, but it remained almost unnoticed. September 27 he repeated the threats at a UN General Assembly committee … Read more

Starlink satellite internet will soon also work in moving vehicles | Tech

26 okt 2022 om 11:03Update: 2 dagen geleden The Starlink satellite network will soon also be able to provide internet connections in moving vehicles. The company has unveiled a new satellite receiver for this. It can be mounted on vehicles such as cars or motorhomes. By our tech editors The new receiver is anything but … Read more

Researchers use Starlink satellites to determine location – IT Pro – News

Researchers at the University of Texas have found a way to locate Earth using Starlink satellites. They did this by analyzing the signals between the Starlink satellites and the ground stations. Professor Todd Humphrey and his team shared the results of their research in a paper. In it, they explain how they analyzed connectivity between … Read more

NASA: SpinLaunch A-33 the giant catapult that will launch payload into space

The NASA has introduced the suborbital accelerator A-33a machine that resembles a giant catapult that will be used to send satellites and other payloads with sensitive equipment space. With this device, the space agency is looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to be able to launch this type of cargo into Earth … Read more