“Enormous satisfaction” for the progress of the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy

This Wednesday the 9th, Governor Gildo Insfrán held a meeting with the members of the Board of Directors of the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center Foundation “Pdte. Nestor Kirchner. Within this framework, he discussed the important advances made for the completion and development of the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center of Formosa, highlighting the treatments … Read more

Employees in childcare give this figure to their job satisfaction

The number of vacancies in childcare is growing explosively and the workload is high. Do we still enjoy working in the industry?, asked Childcare works! wonder. Tip of the veil: research by the partnership (usually) shows that it is. Image: iStock An in-depth study from June 2022 and an employee survey from September 2022 shows … Read more

Anies Must Maintain Momentum Amid Public Satisfaction, Observer: Must Hear People

loading… Former Governor of DKI Jakarta. Anies Baswedan must be able to maintain momentum in the midst of public satisfaction by continuously listening to the people. Photo/SINDOnews JAKARTA – The latest research results from the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) show people’s satisfaction with leadership Anies Baswedan as Governor of DKI Jakarta. This positive momentum must … Read more

‘Hybrid work’: greater satisfaction or loss of team spirit?

The so-called hybrid work model or remote work makes organizations concerned about the possibilities of maintaining team spirit, a sense of belonging, as well as successfully promoting communication. Trusting employees can also be a challenge. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This results from a survey of employees, managers and owners of Latvian companies … Read more

NSN Survey Results: Public Satisfaction with Anies Performance Reaches Lowest Point Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The survey agency Nusantara Strategic Netwok (NSN) revealed that the level of public satisfaction with the performance of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan had fallen to 30.3 percent. Director of the NSN Program, Riandi, said that the level of public satisfaction with Anies reached its lowest point in less than … Read more

Satisfaction with Jokowi Drops in Effect of Rising Fuel Prices, Adian Compares with SBY

Jakarta – The results of the Indonesian Political Indicators survey show the level of public satisfaction with the performance of the President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) fell 10% after the increase in fuel prices. Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Adian Napitupulu compared the decline in President Jokowi’s satisfaction level with that of Susilo Bambang … Read more

Burhanuddin Values ​​Jokowi Clever, Raise Fuel Prices when Satisfaction Level is 72.3 Percent

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Political Indicator survey institute held an approval rating survey or level of satisfaction with President Joko Widodo or Jokowi after raising subsidized fuel prices on September 3. The indicator assesses that Jokowi is smart in taking unpopular policies but his satisfaction level has fallen to 10 percent. “The president is smart … Read more

Public Satisfaction with Jokowi Drops After Fuel Prices Rise

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Public satisfaction with the President’s performance Joko Widodo down after the increase in fuel oil prices (BBM). This was revealed from the Political Indicators survey. Executive Director of Indonesian Political Indicators Burhanuddin Muhtadi said public satisfaction with Jokowi declined 9.7 percent after the announcement of the fuel price. “The level of … Read more

Issa Doumbia proud of his physical transformation: “Going from 7XL to XL is patient satisfaction”

On Instagram, the comedian shared the efforts made to lose weight: “Smoother than ever. The first results are there. Visceral fat loss impressive (-8 points) and going from 7XL to XXL or even XL is sick satisfaction. I shit but I like it!”, He wrote in a first publication. “When you go buy new clothes … Read more

Razer’s Customer Service Satisfaction Scores Overtake Apple

2 years ago Razer crowned champion Laptop Tech Support Showdown 2020 by being able to overtake Apple up to the highest position How about this year? How is Razer’s customer service? Razer Documents are adjusted on the web page. Razer Support By adding additional instructions and troubleshooting steps, the company also added a video tutorial. … Read more