M. Kuzminskas, who played productively, did not save from defeat

The team of Izmir “Pinar Karšiyaka” (2/3) represented by Mindaugas Kuzminskas suffered a defeat in group B of the FIBA ​​Champions League, which at home 80:89 (21:19, 12:24, 18:26, 29:20) lost to the players of Bonn “Telekom Baskets” (4/1). After playing 31 minutes, M. Kuzminskas scored 15 points (4/6 double-pointers, 1/3 three-pointers, 4/6 free throws), … Read more

There was a North Korean spy in the Seohun document, ‘If you live, save it, if you die, leave it alone’

Reported to former President Moon before murder and incineration While Lee was alive, North Korea’s intention to rescue was identified Efforts to repatriate through negotiations seem to have been expressed “Reported to avoid suspicion of concealment in North Korea”“Obtaining a copy of the internal report” dismissed the leak ▲ Suh Hoon, former head of the … Read more

Last chance to stop being a VAT payer and save on taxes. But it’s not for everyone

A tax package was published in the Collection of Laws, which from January, among other things, expands the flat-rate tax for self-employed persons. It will now also be able to be used by self-employed persons with incomes of up to two million crowns. Anyone who wants to join the regime of this unified tax, which … Read more

Someone tried to save them… The bodies of a businessman, an impostor, and his companions were buried alive in Egypt

The Ground Rescue Forces of the Sohag Security Directorate managed to extract the bodies of 4 people, including a businessman, an impostor, and two of their escorts, who were buried alive under the soil in the Juhayna police station, west of the governorate. The details of the tragedy begin with the collapse of an excavation … Read more

“Er Jian married a Taiwanese girl” mother and son fell out… 71-year-old actress was shocked and sent to the hospital for emergency brain surgery to save her life and was still in a coma | Entertainment | CTWANT

The 71-year-old actress Shi Ming was shocked and sent to the hospital after falling. (Photo/Reposted from Shi Ming’s Facebook page) The 42-year-old Hong Kong star Li Yonghao and his Taiwanese girlfriend Lin Yuqian (Agnes) who have been dating for two years held a wedding on October 20 this year. However, his mother Shi Ming and … Read more

Pellet and wood bonus, list of incentives throughout Italy to save money

Bonus pellets and woodthose who decide to switch to low-emission and low-consumption systems can take advantage of the incentives, both state and regional. Because, remember, buy wood or pellet stoves or boilers not only does it save money, thanks to a reduction in consumption, but it is also essential for reducing emissions and, consequently, being … Read more

Can artificial intelligence save waiting time at the airport?

With the holiday and travel season approaching, queuing at security and long waits before getting on the plane are back. can help Artificial intelligence To mitigate this problem, and to give people the flying experience that wealthy travelers enjoy, where they never have to worry about departure times or security lines like everyone else. In … Read more

Good News, Bumiputera Wants to Pay Claims! Save the date

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Asuransi Jiwa Bersama (AJB) Bumiputera 1912 accelerated the implementation of the Extraordinary Session (SLB) as suggested by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The Member Advisory Board (BPA) of AJB Bumiputera 1912 said that this SLB was accelerated in order to comply with the recommendations and directions of OJK RI as … Read more

Messi asks Joan Laporta for 3 heavy layoffs and save 2 heads to return to Barça

Leo Messi and the Barça they keep in touch. Although the early elimination from the Champions League has meant a tremendous jug of cold water, John Laporta He hopes that this does not affect or have any kind of influence on the possible return of the Paris Saint-Germain star. For this reason they have not … Read more