“Malhaqi” .. The owner of the restaurant tells the details of his attempt to save a student from Mall S

11:13 PM Thursday 16 September 2021 Books – Ramadan Younes: For 30 minutes, M.M., the student, stayed inside a restaurant at City Stars Mall in Nasr City, before the restaurant owner, Mohamed M., was surprised by the girl’s climbing up a table and then throwing herself from the sixth floor without anyone knowing why she … Read more

Richard Bucharest scores third goal of the season but doesn’t save Admiral from loss

In the fifth match of the season, the Admiral lost to Magnurgogorska Metallurg in a 3: 4 (1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 2, 0: 1) overtime. Bucharest scored in the 14th minute of the second period, when he got the majority of the puck off the opponent’s goalkeeper and reached 2: 1. Later, the guests … Read more

New research center to save fries from destruction

VEG-i-TEC is a “living lab” of Ghent University, which focuses on the vegetable and potato processing industry. The living lab studies – whether or not at the request of companies – innovations that make the sector more sustainable and circular. After all, a lot of water, energy and nutrition is lost during the processing of … Read more

Scientists have taught cows to go to the toilet to save the planet

If you can teach a child a potty, you can do it with a cow. This is exactly what scientists in Germany have decided to try, looking for solutions to reduce the negative impact of livestock waste on the environment. He believes that one day all the cows will go to the toilet. “It is … Read more


Duzce University Hospital Urology Clinic team told Musa Özçelik (74), who was diagnosed with bladder cancer, to remove his entire bladder from his small intestine with the Radical Cystectomy method. artificial bladder made. Ozcelik, who regained his health at the end of the operation, which lasted about 6 hours, performed the operation, Department of Urology, … Read more

F1︱ Vesta was fined for speculating in Italy’s country, causing disputes. All parties praised the Halo protection frame to save the Black Emperor (23:41)-20210913-Sports-News

Westaben’s super driver’s license was deducted two points at the same time. The race will point out that the Red Bull driver was not able to compete with Hamilton in the braking zone when he tried to overtake in the S-turn outer gear at the end of the straight on the 26th lap of the … Read more

2017 Toyota Innova Venturer 2.4 Diesel Auction confiscated by KPK, save the date

lelang.go.id Toyota innova Venturer 2.4 Diesel 2017 dilelang Otoseken.id – In addition to the 2014 Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid auction that was previously reported, there is one more car that will be auctioned, namely Toyota Innova Venturer 2.4 A/T. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) based on the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic … Read more

F1 race Verstappen car was shoveled by “flip-flops” system to save Hamilton’s life-IT and Sports

Last night, the F1 Italian Grand Prix of the 2021 season was held at the Monza circuit. The first half of the race can be said to be unremarkable, but it was not until the shocking collision of world champions Hamilton and Verstappen that the race advanced to a climax in an instant. At the … Read more