Maxi scam on the Superbonus, 115 million euros seized in Naples

The idea was to take advantage of the “bureaucratic folds “of the superbonus 110% to score a maxi fraud. 18 people were searched by the Guardia di Finanza of Naples which he has seized altogether almost 110 million euros accumulated in 13 months, starting from December 2020, thanks to the tax credits that would then … Read more

Angry video gamers are pressuring publishers to drop NFT projects, which they see as a scam tool

From Ubisoft EA to Konami to Square Enix, many video game companies have been seduced by the hype around non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, investing millions of dollars to introduce the technology to their franchises. . Only, some of these projects seem not to have given the expected result, but just managed to stir up the … Read more

Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Paul Pierce Sued for Promoting Cryptocurrency Used in Alleged Scam Scheme

Published: 12 ene 2022 12:28 GMT The plaintiffs maintain that the celebrities deceptively promoted the virtual currency EthereumMax, to profit from the sale of the ‘tokens’ once their value increased by more than 1,000%. Television star Kim Kardashian, former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former basketball player Paul Pierce have been accused by a group … Read more

Scam Mode by Sellers in Shopee

Hopefully my writing can help Shopee management to improve and improve the quality of the transaction system online ShopeePay application, doing business fairly and responsibly and in accordance with the slogan “Let’s shop safely at Shopee!”. I’m a new Shopee user (and not familiar with online transactions), who made a transaction on December 3, 2021 … Read more

From being the ‘new Steve Jobs’ to the CEO who ripped off Silicon Valley

A US jury found guilty this past Monday of four of eleven charges of which the most famous entrepreneur in Silicon Valley was accused, Elizabeth Holmes. The executive was charged with a millionaire fraud after having ensured that your company, Theranos, had developed a revolutionary system capable of predicting various diseases through blood tests. With … Read more

Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of scam

US entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos and accused of “Biggest scam ever” in the US startup environment, she was convicted of scam by a California federal court. Holmes, 37, was accused of lying and deceiving investors and clients of Theranos for years, promising them a blood testing technology that could have revolutionized … Read more

If you receive this message on WhatsApp, ignore it: it is a scam

02/01/2022 – 19:05 Web World Scams by means of WhatsApp They have the objective of deceiving the largest number of users to obtain personal information. The traps are very varied: from vaccination shifts to alleged contacts of ANSES. And now they have detected a new blackmail that seeks to obtain the victims’ money. According to … Read more

Scam cleaning blue stones in Ciney: two con artists convicted

Two French people were sentenced Thursday by the Dinant criminal court to ten months in prison with a five-year suspension for an attempted fraud committed on March 17, 2017 in Ciney. They had offered their services for cleaning and defoaming blue stones, for an amount of 2,000 euros. The Namur prosecutor’s office considered that these … Read more

Scam via fictitious model agencies in Belgium: police seek to identify a woman

At the request of Madam investigating judge Zidelmal in Charleroi, the police asked us to distribute this wanted notice. Since the start of 2019, fictitious agencies have been posting videos on Facebook to recruit future models. Agencies contact victims through Messenger. As part of this massive scam, investigators seek to identify this woman who is … Read more

The penalty in the fight for the play was a scam, but we are not in the Czech Republic, says Lebanon coach Hasek

As the captain of the Czechoslovak team, he experienced the 1990 World Cup in Italy, and in the role of coach and chairman of the football association, he did not bring the Czech team to the 2010 championship in South Africa. Now Ivan Hasek is fighting for the championship for the third time – on … Read more