‘I never thought I’d be had like this!’ : Maxime was robbed of 8000 euros with a very well-crafted telephone scam

To cancel these supposed fraudulent transactions, the scammers tell Maxime that he must identify himself via a completely official and well-known application, Itsme. In fact, the two scammers are getting money transferred from Maxime’s bank account. Thinking of canceling fraudulent transactions, in reality it validates these transfers. Total: 8000€ gone. “I obviously feel a little … Read more

Police take iSpoof scam service off the air: more than a hundred arrests | Tech

24 nov 2022 om 07:23Update: een dag geleden The spoofing service iSpoof, which criminals could use to take a fake telephone number, was taken off the air this week by the Dutch and British police. More than 100 people have been arrested in the UK. Two suspects aged 19 and 22 have been arrested in … Read more

Scam on “Black Friday”: warning of fake shops on the Internet

Status: 11/23/2022 2:58 p.m On “Black Friday” many consumers go bargain hunting. However, they quickly end up in a fake shop on the Internet. The police and the consumer advice center warn of scams. With Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday bargain days approaching, police and consumer groups have issued warnings about fake shops online. These … Read more

Index – Tech-Tudomány – bank card details are stolen via SMS, we show you what to look out for

Hungarian people are notified in SMS messages from both foreign and Hungarian phone numbers that the delivery of a particular package they ordered has failed, and they can request redelivery via an attached link – otherwise the package will be returned. Clicking on the link will open a completely general website for laymen, where, after … Read more

Italian job in Budapest: the story of a ten million euro scam

Calculated at the current exchange rate, a big-time Italian fraudster – who admitted it himself – stole more than HUF 4 billion worth of euros from Chinese traders in Budapest. But behind the twisted story that took place in 2013, partly in Budapest and partly in Italy, with a private jet and bodyguards, featuring Hungarian, … Read more

Offer or scam? Unfavorable “promotion” exhibited at Bodega Aurrerá

Bodega Aurrerá is one of the most important wholesale companies today. El Buen Fin has managed to raise an economic benefit of more than 230 billion pesos in its 2020 edition. Users have begun to report “scams” and “unfavorable” promotions in these first two days of the event. A user has displayed what has been … Read more

there is a scam involving 2 euro coins that can make you lose a lot of money

The Spanish Civil Guard warned: there is a scam that can make you lose a lot of money, if you ‘fall’ repeatedly. The procedure is simple and involves 2 euro coins against ‘doubles’ whose value is much lower. Eye!!These are turkish liraThey go for 2 euros for their resemblance and they are really worth €0.32#Quenotelacuelen … Read more