By its own mistake, Codelco is out of lawsuit for scam in Caso Seguros

A bad play is hitting Codelco hard. Due to its own error, the state company withdrew from the complaint for fraud that it presented to the Calama Guarantee Court on January 13 and thus ended the case that the company itself initiated and where it sought criminal responsibility for those who are responsible for the … Read more

Rc auto, 7 other fake sites reported: what they are and how to avoid the scam

The Institute for the supervision of insurance, Ivass, has communicated seven reports on as many portals of non-existent or unauthorized insurance companies. A phenomenon that of false car insurance that does not seem to have an end. Only a few days ago, the institute’s notice on other five sites responsible for scams to the detriment … Read more

We know more about the seed scam in the mail

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) he identified 14 types of seeds among which hundreds of Americans they had received in the mail without having ordered them, in July. Although they were shipped from China, according to the labels on the packages, the seeds identified do not belong to particularly exotic plants: among others, … Read more

Rough KO in 7 seconds? Scam, I’m ashamed of boxing, writes a respected coach

As soon as the judges released the boxers, a crushing attack followed, several blows, and Miranda Adkins, 43, went to the ground. It was fast: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – knockout! But the boxing scene isn’t exactly happy, this match should never have taken place. Simply because Seniesa Estrad did not recognize … Read more

Facebook creates alternative Facebook where bots try to scam other bots

WW should look just like Facebook. With one difference: all of these users will be bots. In a frantic race between attack and defense led by bots [des systèmes automatisés, ndlr], Facebook a a new plan to get a head start on cybercriminals. The company launched WW, an alternative Facebook, built on the same millions … Read more

What are your rights if an order is not delivered to you?

Many consumers find the benefits of shopping online. On the other hand, it is not uncommon that we end up waiting several days, even several weeks, for a product that we have ordered.. But in terms of delivery, the consumer has rights, remember Bercy info. Even before ordering, the seller must give you a delivery … Read more