Diplomatic scandal at the Polish embassy in Hungary

Laszló Toroczkai caused a diplomatic scandal in early November. Wishing Poland a Happy Independence Day, he tweeted: “God bless Poland! Let’s meet again on the common Polish-Hungarian border!” The post was accompanied by a black and white photo from the Użocka Pass, where the Polish and Hungarian border guard shake hands. The photo was taken … Read more

The escape of a concert organizer with artists’ wages in Morocco… and Madeleine Matar reveals the scandal

Lebanese singer Madeleine Matar published a post on Instagram that read, “A scandal…in the presence of the most famous artists, the escape of a concert organizer with the wages of the participants and contributors moments before the opening of their concert in Tangiers, Morocco.” Madeleine Matar revealed the scenes of this incident in her publication, … Read more

Scandal in Lillehammer. Activists flew onto the track. It was a shock, a sad Norwegian skiing hope

A group of activists from the Stoppoljeletinga movement opposed to the expansion of oil production ran onto the track with a banner, some protesters also lit pyrotechnics and poured red liquid on the track. The organizers had a lot to do to push the protesters off the track. However, they did not prevent their contact … Read more

“It disgusts me”, “You consume more than 15 households”: Nabilla reveals her luxury Christmas decoration and creates a scandal (video)

There are those who are forced to wear a sweater at home to avoid putting on the heating. And there is… Nabilla! Apparently, in Dubai, no one imposes limits on citizens. On her Instagram account, the young mother shared a video on which we discover her very large and luxurious house, decorated for the holiday … Read more

The Germans hold the “players’ wives” responsible for the World Cup scandal

The German press directed arrows of criticism at the wives and girlfriends of the national team players after the disastrous exit from the 2022 World Cup, accusing them of being boring, which affected the level of the players and thus bid farewell to the World Cup from the first round for the second edition in … Read more

Jan B. from Lady Pank pleaded guilty. It’s about the VAT scandal

Jan B. from the band Lady Pank was to knowingly use false VAT invoices and commit tax fraud. The case was publicized last fall. The investigation also covered dozens of other people associated with the Lady Pank music event agency. The total amount of extortion from the star is to reach 300,000. bad the value … Read more

“A Scandal and a Disaster”

PHOTO: Bildbyrån It is not exactly the first time in world history that Petter Northug is out swinging wildly against Sweden.Now he has done it again – this time against the Swedish confederation.– It is a scandal and a disaster, says the Norwegian. Petter Northug during his active career was not infrequently out and criticized … Read more

A scandal in Polish tennis. Kotula attacks Bortniczuk: he wants to protect Skrzypczyński

The parliamentary committee on physical culture, sport and tourism took up today the scandal surrounding the former president of the Polish Tennis Association, Mirosław Skrzypczyński, revealed by Onet. We described reports of physical, mental and emotional violence, mobbing and sexual harassment. The Minister of Sport, Kamil Bortniczuk, did not appear at the committee meeting. The … Read more

Ten of my country and a scandal of heavy caliber .. A scandalous dance link with the white nightgown of the Kuwaiti artist, Shams, with a famous businessman who made the youth mad ….. Watch now before deletion

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – Social networking sites are still working hard to publish the video, which spread strongly in the last period, by the Kuwaiti artist, Shams Al-Kuwaiti, after she appeared in several pictures of her with an attractive and elegant look that highlights her beauty. Where the Kuwaiti Shams appeared in the … Read more