The decision regarding the scandal shoes has been made

Nike, new in collaboration with art collective MSCHF and rapper Lil Nas X shoeput it up for sale. However, the remarkable detail in the shoes had a great response. Nike opened caseand wanted the shoes to be recalled from the market. Confirmation of the withdrawal of shoes. Customers will be refunded. SOLD FULLY IN A … Read more

The Sputnik V vaccine scandal. Russia is demanding back doses from Slovakia. Prime Minister writes about “idiots” and assures about “open doors”

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is responsible for the sale of the Sputnik V vaccine, found that the Slovak Medicines Institute (SUKL) has breached the vaccine supply contract and must return the vaccines received. SUKL rejected the contract breach allegation on Thursday. READ ALSO: Is Russia faking Sputnik V vaccine? This information may … Read more

The scandal erupted: they demand that Harry and Megan be denied by the royal family

The British are unable to forgive the prince and his American wife. The British are unable to forgive the prince and his American wife. He threw a huge stone into the lake Meghan Markle and Harry hercegwhen Oprah Winfrey was interviewed. The princely couple spread the laundry of the royal family in front of millions, … Read more

The scandal over Ursula von der Leyen’s visit to Turkey continues, and the leader of the other country got involved

“I was very saddened by the humiliation that the President of the Commission had to suffer as a result of these dictators, let us call them by their real names,” Draghis told a news conference in Rome. But the EU needs to work with leaders like Erdogan. Draghi’s speech provoked a strong reaction in Ankara. … Read more

Germany: resignations from the Saxon police after the ammunition theft scandal

The Saxon Ministry of the Interior, with immediate effect, fired Petric Kleine, head of the State Criminal Justice Office (LKA) and Sven Mewes, head of the department responsible for special units The background is the prosecution’s investigation into the ammunition theft scandal against 17 policemen Four key defendants, the commandant and three firearms instructors, are … Read more

Scandal model revealed by butt tattoo – thrown out of the country

Dubai police arrested on Saturday eleven women and a photographer after the women posed naked on a balcony in the city. It was all filmed and posted on YouTube by a private individual, and has since gone viral. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirmed over the weekend that the eleven women are Ukrainian citizens. The Times … Read more

The German Foreign Ministry summons the US ambassador, due to the eavesdropping scandal on Merkel

New Dawn TV- German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle summoned the US ambassador in Berlin today, Thursday, against the backdrop of possible wiretapping by US intelligence on the mobile phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In a statement, a German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that the minister would explain to the ambassador the position of the … Read more

Scandal. The beautiful Slovak tennis player influenced the matches and received a severe penalty

Errors are paid. Now the young Slovak tennis player Barbora Palcatová got over her fingers for one good one. The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) reported that Slovakia was guilty of influencing matches. A real punishment awaits her for that. He does not play a competitive match on the courts for very long and, in … Read more

Big scandal in France: PSG supporters deploy a banner in front of a resistance monument (photo)

A group of PSG ultras is at the center of criticism. At issue: the deployment of a banner supporting the club in front of Mont Valérien, a well-known WWII Memorial. All two days away from a match against Bayern Munich. PSG supporters will undoubtedly fall from their chairs. A group of ultras, Paname Rebirth, yesterday … Read more

A party with the politicians: scandal in San Marino. Abusive party while the lockdown is out

In San Marino the constraints imposed by the laws are not the same for everyone. Or rather: whoever presents them and makes them approved can (happily) transgress them. Even when they concern the restrictive measures imposed by the pandemic. And in fact they were all very cheerful – many even drunk, some without a mask … Read more