Focus: Renault makes concessions to Nissan, France’s merits are invisible | Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – Nissan Motor Co. and French automaker Renault announced a new agreement on Wednesday, including a review of their investment ratios, positioning it as a big step to revitalize the Japan-France alliance that has spanned more than 20 years. However, the benefits of the new agreement for Renault are unclear at this point … Read more

Focus: Dry land, lost soil Climate change threatens global agricultural production | Reuters

WINNIPEG, CANADA/NAIROBI/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Midwestern United States. Springs in the Corn Belt, where corn is the main crop, are usually dusty and dry. But this spring, the area was flooded. In China, meanwhile, farmland in the Yangtze River basin has dried up. In both countries, farmers are fighting a losing battle to save the soil … Read more

[과학핫이슈]Secret Dangers Hidden in the Sunlight – E-Newspaper

Danger always lurks in the dark. In order to recognize danger in advance, humans instinctively have a sense of crisis and alertness about beings that will become dangers in the dark. However, it is difficult to have this awareness of the danger of approaching secretly by hiding behind bright sunlight. Such an existence is an … Read more

NASA concludes DART’s asteroid strike had three times the anticipated impact

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A spacecraft that plowed into a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away succeeded in shifting its orbit, NASA said Tuesday in announcing the results of its save-the-world test. The space agency attempted the test two weeks ago to see if in the future a killer rock could be nudged … Read more

Nasa has published the first color photo from a space telescope

The image is filled with thousands of galaxies and contains the most distant objects ever observed. With this image, scientists’ insights into the universe were greatly expanded. In the rich image, there are hundreds of spots, stripes, spirals and vortices in white, yellow, orange and red, but it is only “a small spot of the … Read more

GIST reveals the mechanism of activation of key enzymes in DNA damage repair… Contribution to new drug development

At the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST, President Kim Ki-sun), Professor Kwang-rok Lee’s team at the School of Life Sciences identified the working principle of determining the activity of two AP nucleases, which play a key role in DNA damage repair, at the level of a single amino acid residue (polypeptide), cancer treatment, … Read more

The space exploration research community “needs challenging research in the deep space field”

The space exploration research community emphasized the need for challenging research for deep space research. On the 25th, Yong Hong-taek, 1st Vice Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication, visited the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (President Young-deuk Park) to hear an overview of the current space exploration program and opinions of the … Read more

‘Listening to other people’s problems strengthens the brain’

While individual activities increase with the pandemic, the effect of individuality on the brain does not bring good results in the long run. While experts describe routines as a kind of enemy of the brain, they say that choosing the easy way in the face of problems causes the limited number of nerve cells in … Read more

69-year-old Uncle Niyazi’s ‘Vaccine’ regret

With the arrival of the winter months, the risk of transmission of the Corona virus increased. Citizens who will spend more time in closed areas come face to face with the Corona virus. Especially the fact that young people are carriers and there is no evidence of the disease increases the risk of infecting citizens … Read more

Russian astronauts back on Earth

The Soyuz vessel landed in Kazakhstan on Sunday night Norwegian time, with a Russian actor, director and cosmonaut on board. During her stay on the ISS, Julia Peresild and Klim Sjipenko have recorded scenes for the first film to be made in space. Seven other cosmonauts and astronauts, who are still on board the ISS, … Read more