Samsung will be the sole supplier of screens for the iPhones of 2021, according to The Elec

As is already popular knowledge, Apple is responsible for a good part of the components of its mobile phones, influencing both its design and its manufacture, even if it is through third parties that follow its specifications. But not everything passes directly through the Americans and some things, such as screens, are acquired abroad.

Samsung, Apple’s direct rival in various sectors, but especially in the mobile field, is also a supplier in many divisions, and one of them is that of its mobile phones. Many iPhones carry a Samsung OLED Although Apple has several suppliers, but nevertheless it seems that for the iPhone 12s that is going to change and Samsung will take the full order.

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Apple patents keys with small screens

The American company Apple has patented a keyboard with the keys that carry small screens. Application has been presented by the company to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent explains how each key on a keyboard can have a screen connected to the “keyboard control circuits” through a “coherent fiber bundle”. … Read more

BOE is already a supplier of Apple AMOLED panels

Send the first 10,000 panels for the iPhone 12 After two attempts and rejections, the Chinese display manufacturer finally BOE has received the green light to be an Apple supplier, specifically, for the iPhone 12. Now it already has the certificate and it is reported that it has already offered the first batch of its … Read more

Cinema dies by mouth: without screens or popcorn

Contra1.jpg To put it more clearly: cinema, in its purely commercial look, is a complement to pochoclo, and not vice versa. Cinema has ceased to be part of the entertainment industry to become an appendage of the gastronomic industry. He candy bar business, which the cinema chains incorporated into their face-to-face or online sales “combos” … Read more

Cinema on home screens

The big record companies began to dig their own graves when they abandoned vinyl to make way for CD, a less sexy, poorer-sounding object. Costs were saved, yes, but by trivializing the product that had given rise to them, while opening the doors to its uncontrolled dissemination. Piracy and the collapse of a large part … Read more

Cinema projectors and projection screens, the perfect gift this Christmas

1. Proyector APEMAN LC650 Full HD The APEMAN LC650 Full HD projector has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The contrast of this model is 5000: 1 and its aspect ratio is 16: 9/4: 3. In a stylish black colorway, it features an anti-dust design to prevent black dots from appearing in the projected image. Likewise, … Read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could return to screens in a particular way

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex aim to introduce themselves and tell their side of the story about their life as Royals The Dukes of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, without a doubt they increased their popularity a hundred percent, after their resignation to the real work, so much that it is even presumed … Read more