Samsung has set a goal to ship more than 15 million Galaxy Z Fold 4/Z Flip 4 folding screens

According to SamMobile, Samsung’s fourth-generation foldable smartphone may ship twice as many as its third-generation smartphone. According to reports, the company has set a target of 15 million folding screen mobile phone shipments for the Galaxy ZFold4 and ZFlip4. The two flagship phones with folding screens are expected to be unveiled in August and go … Read more

Japanese journalists reporting “too many computer screens” may be criminals?Angered netizens have “surrendered” there are several screens on the table | T Kebang

Recently, there was a case of collective fraudulent subsidy collection in Japan. Since there were also national tax employees involved, it became a major incident that major media have tracked down one after another. Among them, there were media reports that the suspect’s home “has a large number of computer screens, which is very unusual!” … Read more

all the basics you need to know to get the most out of your new screen or Smart TV [FW Guía] – FayerWayer

The time comes for all of us: that old screen or TV has given all it had to give and now it’s time to make the leap to a newer model. We can even think about buying a Smart TV, but almost immediately we come across an acronym that we do not understand: HDR. If … Read more

Volvo will use the same graphics as ‘Fortnite’ on its screens

Volvo has announced that it will become the first European car manufacturer to use the sistema Unreal Engine to develop your multimedia equipment. The technology will be available for the first time in the successor to the Volvo XC90, what will it be 100% electric, and that you plan your presentation later this year. One … Read more

“LG” announces its latest advanced screens… What are its specifications?

Technology industry giant LG has unveiled its latest range of monitors for modern video game enthusiasts. The first 48GQ900 screen comes with a size of 47.5 inches, a display resolution of (3840/2160) pixels, a frequency between 120 and 138 hertz, a refresh rate of 0.1 milliseconds, and this screen works with HDR10 technologies, as well … Read more

Airport hacked – showed porn on screens

On Friday, the Brazilian airport authority, Infraero, announced that they had notified the federal police that information screens at the Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro had been hacked. It writes the news agency AP. Instead of showing advertisements and flight information, travelers were greeted with pornographic films on the screens On social media, … Read more

Padua – Catanzaro, big screens: from Montauro to Corso Mazzini, here’s where to see it

Reading time: 2 minutes No qualification for the World Cup? So no pizza and beer on the sofa and / or no big screens in the square or in the bars and restaurants of the city? Don’t worry, there is the Catanzaro. And it’s pretty much the same thing. Yes, because the wait for the … Read more