The female idol was squeezed dry by a fake rich businessman and announced that she would “go to the sea to accompany wine” After she resumed her order, she was engaged in eight major industries: For children|Entertainment|CTWANT

Kobayashi Coriander announced that she would go to sea to accompany her wine, and hoped that fans would continue to support her after they knew about it. (Picture / Recap from @Kobayashikana48, @ponse0923 Twitter) Kobayashi Coriander, a former member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, divorced the “fake rich businessman” in mid-January. Unexpectedly, on … Read more

Human Freedom Index Taiwan Tops Asia, Global Ranks Sea to China- International- Liberty Times Newsletter

In the Human Freedom Index, Taiwan ranks 14th in the world. (Bloomberg) 2023/02/01 05:53 First post 1/31 23:49Update time 2/1 05:53 [Compilation of Wei Guojin/Taipei Report]American think tank “Cato Institute” (Cato Institute) and Canadian think tank “Fraser Institute” (Fraser Institute) recently released the 2022 Human Freedom Index (HFI). Among the 165 countries in the world, … Read more

The Thai government reveals “Kun Khmer” in the SEA Games, organizing free competitions. No International Sports Organization Certification

On 31 Jan. 23, after host Cambodia SEA Games 2023 use the right to host Bring the martial arts “Kun Khmer” to the 2023 SEA Games, replacing “Muay Thai” sport, with the reason that the “Kun Khmer” competition is the origin of “Thai boxingand to show that they own the culture of such martial arts … Read more

Sea spiders can regrow severed buttocks and genitals

The extraordinary discovery was made by Gerhard Scholtz of Humboldt University in Berlin. Nature, among others, writes about the research. “Nobody expected this,” says Scholtz to the science news website Phys. For the study, several hind legs and backsides of 23 juvenile and adult sea spiders were amputated. Large intestine and anus The adult sea … Read more

Escort at sea: the navigation police ensure the protection of gas carriers

The main tasks of the shipping police, as described by the federal police, are “policing in ports (around water), policing on water, border control (on and around water) and specialized support with experts and technical resources. “ According to the press service of the police, communicating figures arrested last December, “more than 350 people work … Read more

Invisible danger in the Baltic. Swimming in the sea almost cost Jaroslav his life

A holiday by the Baltic Sea could have cost 45-year-old Jaroslav from the Polish village of Jarocin his life. While swimming in the sea, he contracted the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio, which caused a serious infection in his leg. It eventually led to sepsis, and the man even spent two weeks in a coma. After almost … Read more

“Pearl of the Black Sea”: Odesa is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List: – Always rises when the world’s heart breaks

The UN’s cultural body, Unesco, has chosen to add the Ukrainian port city of Odesa to its World Heritage list. The UN believes that it is “mankind’s duty” to protect the historic city, writes The Guardian. The aim of placing the port city on the list is to protect it from further destruction as a … Read more

Sea freight prices fall back below their pre-crisis level

We can no longer say that inflation is caused by the cost of maritime freight, says Najib Cherfaoui, port and maritime expert, contacted by Médias24. According to him, the price of the container from the Chine fell to 3,400 dollars (shipowner’s price), against around 5,000 dollars before the health crisis. At the height of the … Read more

The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark

The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark red moment font size:SmallmiddleBig 2023-01-26 15:53:18 □Zhang Shuo (Shanxi University) The … Read more

The Animal World: The Vulnerability Of The Red Sea Urchin To Climate Change – All Pages

aaronnystrom In the animal kingdom, the red sea urchin is an important species in commercial fisheries along the California coast.—A new study animal world about red sea urchin, this commercially valuable species. Researchers investigate how different populations respond to changes in their environment. The results show that red sea urchin populations in Northern and … Read more