New report on drought • Turkey starts gas exploration in Mediterranean Sea

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 06:44 Good morning! The National Water Distribution Coordination Commission shares a new drought monitor, and Turkey resumes gas exploration in the Mediterranean. Prefer to listen to the wake-up call? First the weather: there are hardly any clouds. The temperature quickly rises to 23 to 28 degrees. North to northeast winds will be … Read more

A husband sleeps with his wife in the sea in full view and hearing of everyone and without an ounce of shame.. And that was the end!

2022/08/09 It’s 03:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Foreign accounts on social media published a shocking video of a couple having sex on a water board, in front of everyone in an incident that some recorded on their phones. The incident took place in a non-Arab country, where the couple appeared to be indifferent … Read more

Climate emergency, Antarctic sea ice has reached its lowest ever value for the month of July

The extension of the Antarctic sea ice it reached its lowest value for the month of July 2022 in the 44 years of monitored satellite data: it is the 7% lower to the average and far below the previous data record. The Copernicus Climate Change Service which, implemented by the European Center for Medium-Term Weather … Read more

It runs out of water at the sea and the recreational areas, rescuers cry out for help to parents (Inland)

©  IF The better the weather, the more lost children. It seems to be a law on the coast and in other public places where people seek refreshment. But this year it’s going to get out of hand, according to the rescuers. That is why they are now launching a call to parents. Arthur De … Read more

UFO Shooting Asian Championships Conclude Chinese Team Two-way Mixed Team Wins Gold and Silver-News Center-South China Sea Net

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 8. According to the official website of the International Shooting Sports Federation, on the last day of the UFO Shooting Asian Championships on the 7th, the Chinese team Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting defeated their teammates Dun Yueheng/Wei Ning and harvested the UFO two-way mix. Team Gold. This sport replaced the multi-directional … Read more

Director Mohamed Sami accepts star Mai Omar with a stark appearance from the sea… and the audience is shocked! (see picture)

2022/08/08 It’s 01:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Director Mohamed Sami shared, with his fans and followers, a picture of his wife, artist Mai Omar, as he kissed her on the beach. Through his account on “Instagram”; Muhammad Sami sent a message to his wife, Mai Omar, saying: “My world.” She replied: “You are … Read more

Imperia and Bari are the cities with the best climate: proximity to the sea is decisive for the good weather

Yet both Imperia and the Apulian capital are also distinguished by the scarce rains: respectively in first and fourth place among the 107 capital cities considered for the few (only 63 and 71) days a year in which it rains. This ten-year average figure today also means “drought emergency” and generates alarm in agricultural activities … Read more

The number of Russian warships in the Black Sea has increased; the missile threat increases

Raised in the Black Sea of Russia the number of warships suitable for launching Kalibr-type cruise missiles, which accordingly increases the threat of missile attacks for Ukrainereferring to military expert Oleksandr Musienko, UNIAN agency reports. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The number of such ships at sea has reached 10, writes the media. … Read more

Is there a “dash” at the bottom of the Azores sea? Portuguese researchers want to know the deep ocean

A dashed “drawn” at the bottom of the ocean, in the Azores, is making the rounds on social media. THE US Administration of Oceans and Atmosphere (NOAA) shared on Twitter photographs that were captured during the expedition “Voyage to the Ridge 2022” – trip to the mountain range, in Portuguese – and opened doors to … Read more