A Dragon capsule makes a dip in the sea on its way back to Earth

A Dragon capsule fell this Monday helped by a parachute to the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida, on its return from the International Space Station (ISS), reported the company SpaceX. After entering the Earth’s atmosphere, The spacecraft made an assisted splashdown around 4:05 p.m. EST today as scheduled (9:05 p.m. GMT), off … Read more

Doda liked to sea. The singer praised photos in a bikini in the snow. It’s cold just looking

More fun facts about the TV series can be found on the home page Gazeta.pl Stars in the era COVID-19 they are looking for different solutions to strengthen immunity. Some of them place their hopes on comprehensive supplementation, e.g. with zinc and various types of supplements. Others, such as Joanna Moro, Beata Sadowska if Sonia … Read more

Get to know the Manatee, the Largest Herbivorous Animal in the Sea All

KOMPAS.com – Hewan manatee, which is also called sea ​​cow, is a large sea creature and is usually found in coastal waters. Moving by their powerful tail, the manatee usually swims at a speed of 8 km per hour. Manatees are usually seen alone, in pairs, or in small groups of six or fewer manatees. … Read more

Peru, environmental emergency declared for three months: 6 thousand barrels of oil in the sea after the eruption of the volcano in Tonga

Environmental emergency in Peru, for three months. The government established it. Blame for the pollution resulting from the spillage of the sea, last January 15, of 6 thousand barrels of crude oil during the refueling operations of a refinery of the Spanish company Repsol off the coast of Lima. The relative decree, published today in … Read more

From the sea, Lizbeth Rodríguez bursts the network showing off a great body in a bikini | PHOTOS

The famous content creator, Lizbeth Rodriguez became a topic of conversation on social networks after he shared several photos in which he showed that he has one of the best bodies in the world of entertainment. as you remember, the influencer achieved much of her fame thanks to the success of his program in which … Read more

Russia tests the Kalibr cruise missile from a submarine in the Sea of ​​Japan: it hits the target on the ground 1000km away

The Volkhov diesel-electric submarine of the Russian Pacific fleet carried out a launch test of a Kalibr cruise missile from a submerged position in the Sea of ​​Japan: according to the Russian Defense Ministry – recorded by TASS – specifying that “the missile has hit the coastal target in the Syurkum polygon, in the Khabarovsk … Read more

Unbelievable story. The man fought for his life for twenty-seven hours in the sea after the tsunami

Unsuspecting, Lisala Folau was just painting his house on the island of Atata, where about sixty people live, when his brother came to him and warned him of the tsunami. The wave hit the mainland at about 7pm local time after the eruption of the submarine volcano. The submarine volcano near Tonga did not say … Read more