Inter Miami plans to sign a number of stars in preparation for the new season

Muhammad Hanafi According to press reports, the management of the club Inter Miami The American plans to sign a number of star players to strengthen the team’s ranks in preparation for the new season. Spanish radio station Cadena Kobe said that Sergio Busquets will join Inter Miami next summer. Busquets’ contract with Barcelona expires at … Read more

Short-term jujube futures prices still have potential to rise due to tight supply and peak season | Agricultural Products_Sina November 29,red datesThe futures market is generally strong. The highest price of the main contract was 10,910 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 10,710 yuan/ton, closing at 10,855 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.12%. In terms of production areas, Nanhua Futures pointed out that red dates in Xinjiang are falling one after another, jujube farmers … Read more

Dream Artist. The first season is a hit on 2M

Viewers were able to discover the lucky winner of the competition which lasted nearly two months. This is the talented photographer Mourad Fedouache. Seller in a market in Sidi Yahya El Gharb, the self-taught 22-year-old is overflowing with talent and ingenuity. His photographs amaze, encourage reflection and tell stories, such as those dealing with the … Read more

Fortnite: Fracture Event – First details about the end of Season 3 leaked

Just a few days before the big Fracture event, which is scheduled to be held on December 3rd, the first details about the imminent end of Fortnite’s third chapter are emerging. An insider who managed to circumvent Epic Games’ in-house encryption provided us with complete assets and artwork in addition to audio files including dialogues … Read more

Hints of Seyhan’s Drugs in Episode 6 of Season 3

The drugs used by Seyhan in the 6th episode of the 3rd season of the TV series “like” contain clues about the episode. At 14.40 minutes, Seyhan’s medicines, which they went to visit their home, enter the frame. The drugs here have been given preparation names similar to some commercially available drugs. The drug called … Read more

Fighting game “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV” will start the second season in January 2023

KOF XV season 2 teaser video The highly anticipated second season of “KOF XV” begins in January 2023! After the release in February 2022, as the content of the first season of “KOF XV”, the game has added 13 DLC characters and updated various versions. The long-awaited second season will officially start in January 2023! … Read more

Piotr Lived in gas. He gave away the goal for this season. “It’s always been important to me”

The almost 36-year-old competitor was our best jumper in the World Cup in Ruka. On Saturday he was on the podium, finishing third, and on Sunday he was fifth. In the first four competitions of the season, the lowest place was eighth in the second competition in Wisła. This weekend in Ruka didn’t start well … Read more

‘The Lord of the Skies’ season 8 already has a release date: look at the trailer for the series

It’s official! Telemundo revealed the release date for the season 8 of ‘The Lord of the heavens’. Through its social networks, the television house shared a video where Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya) is seen being tortured in jail. “They took me out of the grave, they made everyone believe that I was dead. Locked up, … Read more

“You will be rested for the whole season”; Tepito merchants denounce that they are forced to attend AMLO’s march

As “mandatory” they ask leaders of the Informal commerce in tepitoso that its members can attend the march in support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this Sunday, November 27. In a document sent to them by the Association of Fixed Street Merchants of the Tianguis area of ​​Tepito A. C, they launched the petition … Read more

Bocchi the Rock! already has the most popular girl of the season — Kudasai

For a few weeks we have been reporting that the anime Bocchi the Rock! seems to be the surprise of the season by achieving high positions in the weekly popularity lists made by the platform Anime Trending. Although some do not find it a reliable source and prefer “other lists where the series they like … Read more