The passenger asked to change seats, but the flight attendant got into an argument

Jakarta – SkyWest Airlines conducted an investigation because of a fight between fellow flight attendants and it went viral. The argument started when passengers wanted to change seats. reported NBC News, Saturday (18/3/2023) the bickering dragged on and caused the take off to be delayed. The fight also made one of the flight attendants cry … Read more

Kia introduced the EV9, it has a distinctive design and swiveling rear seats

Kia is expanding its range of EV electric cars, which it introduced with the EV6 crossover, with the EV9 large SUV. Based on the 2021 concept of the same name, it surprisingly does not differ much from the study in terms of design. Although the exact dimensions have not yet been published by Kia, the … Read more

Inter, in Porto fans with tickets left outside the stadium: UEFA investigates. “Our seats sold to the Portuguese”

MILANO – The Uefa reports that it is looking into the matter of Inter fans kept out of the stadium of the Porto on the evening of the return leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League, despite having regularly purchased tickets. It was the Nerazzurri club that officially asked the European Football … Read more

Hyundai Stargazer multi-purpose 7 seats confirmed, ready to debut in Thailand on March 20

After revealing the appearance of an appetizer in the event Motor Expo 2022 At the end of 2022, for Hyundai Stargazer car Mini MPV 3 rows, 7 seats, new model of the camp Hyundai from south korea last wayHyundaiPrepare to be officially launched, ready to sell in Thailand at the event.Motor Show 2023 On March … Read more

Lu Primary School was blasted for “arranging students’ seats according to parents’ occupation” school debate: improve the quality of family education | International | CTWANT

An elementary school in mainland China was exposed to arrange students’ seats according to their parents’ education and occupation. (Schematic/Pixabay) Teaching because of “money”? A primary school in Guangxi, Mainland China was accused of arranging students’ seats according to their parents’ education and occupation. After the news came to light, not only sparked heated discussions … Read more

Hybrid Dacia Jogger: test, consumption, seven seats, technical details and prices

Price list of 25,200 euros, muscular but smart look and also a 5-seater configuration with a maxi 780-litre boot: the brand’s first full hybrid is easy to drive and agile in traffic, with mileage from 20 km per liter The car indispensable to mass mobility no longer exists, but there is something similar to it … Read more

Don’t be like other Ijo parties with only 19 seats

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023 17:40 WIB Jazilul Fawaid doesn’t want his party to end up like PPP, which now only gets 19 seats in parliament. CNN Indonesia/Martahan Sohuturon Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Vice Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Jazilul Fawaid satirized the United Development Party (PPP) regarding the acquisition of seats … Read more