In conjunction with the Steam Autumn Sale, “Judgment of Death: Memories of Annihilation” and “Persona 5 Royal Edition” offer discounts for the first time

[The following content is the original text of the information provided by the manufacturer] SEGA Co., Ltd. announced that it is now holding the “Steam Autumn Sale” on the Steam platform, and some of the SEGA/ATLUS PC version games sold are being sold at special prices for a limited time. The special sale event will … Read more

“Sonic Unknown Frontier” x “Monster Hunter” collaboration film and free DLC released | 4Gamers

Taiwan SEGA announced that the game “Sonic Unknown Frontier”, which is currently on sale, announced today (21) the introduction video of the joint set with Capcom’s hunting action game “Monster Hunter” series. As long as you download the combination package, you can get the special equipment of “Fire Dragon” and the “Barbecue Combination” that can … Read more

Sega ‘Soul Hackers 2’ version 1.02 update distribution

Sega Publishing Korea announced on the 19th that it had distributed version 1.02 update of ‘Soul Hackers 2’ exclusively for PlayStation (PS) 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, and Steam. Through this, the company added ‘dash function’ and ‘battle high-speed mode’ and adjusted ‘frequency of enemy appearance’ to improve the game tempo and … Read more

Spoilers for the game ahead of its release online

Sonic is known to be the fastest hedgehog in the world, but unfortunately Sega’s mascot has now been overtaken: spoilers made it onto the internet before the release of Sonic Frontier. However, the reason for this is not a hacking attack or the disclosure of a password, as we have seen in similar situations in … Read more

Sega wants to have a “super game” on the market by March 2026 at the latest

The company is working on a “large-scale, global title,” and Sega has now set itself the March 2026 deadline. A super game from Sega Sega continues to work on its Super Game project, and it’s something the company has already talked about as part of its long-term strategy. In a recent financial filing, Sega plans … Read more

Sonic Frontiers is “not at all similar” to Zelda Breath of the Wild, says SEGA

Game news Sonic Frontiers is “not at all similar” to Zelda Breath of the Wild, says SEGA Published on 10/31/2022 at 14:42 On November 8, fans of SEGA and the blue hedgehog will find their favorite mascot to experience brand new adventures in Sonic Frontiers. More open, more action and visibly darker, the title intrigues. … Read more

SEGA believes that its “Super Game” could generate more than 670 million dollars

Again we bring you an interesting message that is indirectly related to Nintendo. In this case, we are talking about novelties focused on SEGA. Specifically, these are new statements on the “Super Game” that the company plans to release. It was recently confirmed that it will be released in March 2026, and now we are … Read more

DARIUSBURST CS CORE + TAITO/ SEGA PACK komt naar Nintendo Switch – That’s Gaming

Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with TAITO, announce that DARIUSBURST CS CORE + TAITO/SEGA Pack is getting an exclusive physical release that includes a Limited Edition, a Collector’s Edition and a digital release for Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders for this legendary shoot ’em up will start on Sunday, October 23, only at Digital pre-orders start … Read more

The world’s No. 1 Persona 5 Royal Edition has received overwhelming praise on cross-platform | 4Gamers

“Persona 5 Royal Edition” developed by SEGA’s ATLUS, after years of exclusive PS platform, is finally officially available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Windows, PlayStation 5, Nintendo today (21) Released on Switch and Steam. This is the first port of Persona 5 Royal Edition, which was released on PS4 in 2019. … Read more