Kyrsten Sinema, “the great mystery” of the democratic senator who defends super managers and blocks laws in favor of the environment –

from Giuseppe Sarcina For days he has also held the 15% “minimum tax” hostage for companies and the possibility for Medicare, the federal health coverage for the elderly, to negotiate the price of medicines directly FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTWASHINGTON “Our office is here to serve you,” reads the website of Senator Kyrsten Sinema, 46. But no … Read more

Australian Senator Hina Bali Out of Fear of PMK Outbreak, Sandi Uno Reacts

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Senator Australia Pauline Hanson offended Bali related to the spread of mouth and nail disease (FMD) in his speech. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia Sandiaga Uno considered an insult. The One Nation leader believes that tourists from Australia are prone to carrying FMD outbreaks after … Read more

An Australian Aboriginal Senator called Queen Elizabeth II a “colonizer”

Australian Aboriginal Senator Lidia Thorpe on Monday called Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who is also Australia’s head of state, a “colonizer”. Thorpe, from the Green Party, approached the bench of the Parliament room where she should have read the formula of the oath with her right fist raised, and in protest against … Read more

Former Senator Cantero and Social Outburst: I announced it to Piñera four months in advance | bbcl_investigates

“He was even pointed out the paths that had to be followed to try to mitigate this situation beforehand, but in reality there was not much willingness to listen,” he says in conversation with BioBioChile the former senator, geographer and doctor in sociology, Carlos Cantero, in relation to the Social Outbreak and his relationship with … Read more

The entrance fee from Pravčická brány goes to private individuals. The senator wants to change that

You can also listen to the article in audio version. One of the main tourist attractions of Czech Switzerland, Pravčická brana, was visited by 170,000 tourists last year. The stone symbol of the national park was due to this according to the CzechTourism agency 35th most visited place in the republic. However, the large-scale forest … Read more

US Senator Visits Taiwan, Chinese Army Says Ready for War

loading… US Senator Visits Taiwan, Chinese Army Says Ready for War. PHOTO/TASS BEIJING – Armed Forces China expressed their readiness to start military operations at any time to defend the country’s sovereignty. This readiness was confirmed after the Senator’s visit United States of America (USA) Rick Scott from Florida to Taiwan . “This United States … Read more

The Kaliningrad case. The Russian senator is threatening Poland and Lithuania

It has been going on for several days a brawl between Russia and Lithuaniawhich suspended the transit of goods sanctioned by the European Union to the Kaliningrad Oblast, bordering Poland in the north. The Lithuanian authorities explain that they have not introduced any unilateral or additional restrictions, but only “consistently apply EU sanctions”. Lithuanian President … Read more

Fact checking: Does AstraZeneca vaccine cause monkeypox by using chimpanzee DNA as a vector? Does senator tweet message against vaccines?

Some affirmations in social networks assure that the monkeypox outbreak was caused by the use of a chimpanzee adenovirus vector in the vaccine Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19. David Kurten, a former member of the London Assembly, wrote on May 20: “Who is surprised that after millions of people have been injected with the genetically modified chimpanzee virus, … Read more

DPD Senator Surprised Anies Can Ignore Beer Sponsor and Champagne Celebration in Formula E

It’s proven that the beer and drinking trash ads don’t appear in the races REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Organizing formula E in Ancol has been running successfully. The DPD senator from Central Java, DR Abdul Kholik, who attended the race performance, admitted it. Not only that, he was surprised when this electric car racing event was … Read more

Senator Espinoza (PS) criticizes Minister Siches: “She should have been Minister of Health” | National

The Socialist Party senator assured that Izkia Siches “should have been Minister of Health”, given the errors in the Interior. Likewise, he accused ideological biases to implement a total State of Exception in the Southern Macrozone. “We do not have to see a military guarding order and security as an enemy, if the soldiers who … Read more