Thinking of sending your computer to a repair shop? Be very careful, because repairers often snoop into customer data, study finds

Researchers from Canada’s University of Guelph have published a study that finds electronic equipment repair services lack effective privacy protocols to protect sensitive customer data. She adds that technicians often snoop through customer data. But still, the study found that privacy breaches occur in at least 50% of cases and, unsurprisingly, women were the primary … Read more

Channel 3 – M Pictures organizes the “Buaphan Fun Fair” event, sending ‘Ann-Gluff’ to lead the FUN team!!! Before entering the screening on 24 November, Siam Rath

After launching the fun trend all over the country, most recently on Channel 3 and M Pictures, don’t hesitate to organize the “Bua Phan Fun Fair” event, inviting honorable guests and the media to attend “Bua Phan Fun Fair” with the fair booth. Have fun and enjoy riding before anyone else at Suralai Hall, 7th … Read more

From humiliation to triumph. An emotional Djokovic stuffed his daughter into the cup, sending a ruthless message to his opponents

Djokovic equaled Roger Federer’s record with his sixth victory at the Tournament of Champions and at the same time received the biggest check in the history of tennis prize money. Since he won all the matches in Turin, his final reward is 4,740,300 dollars (ie over 111 million crowns). “I was nervous, but I’m grateful … Read more

Ukraine, so the strategy of no to diplomacy and the sending of arms has reduced it to a finite country

Because the main Italian media promoting the war in Ukraine are they so obsessed with the military aspects of the conflict? Why do they spend so much time counting drones, brigades and toy soldiers? Why are they so eager to establish that Ukrainian soldiers are more capable than Russians or that NATO’s military assets are … Read more

The Russians are sending an unpleasant signal to the mouthpieces of the Kremlin

According to The Moscow Times, “the brilliance of the stars of Russian state propaganda began to fade.” According to Mediascope data, the shows of V. Solovyov and O. Skabaeva on November 7-13. dropped out of the top ten most watched programs. “At the end of April, the show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, during which experts … Read more

Benz joins the Maybach – EQS assembly line in Thailand, sending the AMG SL43 to the automotive exhibition.

in the past few years Mercedes-Benz Several marketing restructurings have been made. including business expansion expand product range And it has to be divided into smaller groups to make it easier to market. Whether it is the launch of the sub-brand “Mercedes-AMG”, take care of the high-performance car market, starting with a few dealers. before … Read more

Russia is still trying to “melt down” Ukrainian forces by sending the mobilized masses to their deaths / Article

In the south, during the day, the Ukrainian army eliminated Russian equipment and destroyed an ammunition warehouse. More than 30 Russian soldiers were killed. Ukrainian aviation has carried out eight strikes in the south. The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that in the coming days, the Russian occupiers may … Read more

The German car giant is counting on increased profits, but it is also sending a very important message that will have an impact in the near future

Many companies announce their sales results, which were achieved during the third quarter of 2022. The car manufacturer BMW also achieved excellent results, but it expects slightly worse achievements in the near future. The company’s managers were happy that they reached 23% in the third quarter. higher profit which converted to 3.18 billion euros. The … Read more