South Korea hosts the Sharjah Civilization Project to celebrate the Emirati and Arab culture at the “Seoul International Book”

South Korea celebrates the civilized project of the Emirate of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates, as it presents to the Korean and Asian audience a series of activities and dialogue and discussion sessions, during which it reflects the current and history of Emirati and Arab culture, and the volume of creative movement witnessed by … Read more

Seoul house prices ‘wriggle’… As the landlords’ favor increased, the transaction ‘popped’

real estate | 2023.06.04 06:01 [서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Choi Hyeon-min = The transaction volume of apartments in Seoul, which showed signs of recovery this year, is slowing down. This is due to the effect of collecting urgent sales as the rebound in house prices due to the increase in transaction volume is detected. Landlords are raising … Read more

‘3.2 billion apartment’ Newlywed Namgoong-min, ‘Seoul Forest’ my home in 16 years… how much profit

Reporter Jeon Jeon Joo of Money Today | 2023.05.30 09:26 Actor Namgoong-min. / Photo courtesy of MBC 2021.12.30 / Photo = Reporter Lee Dong-hoon photoguy@ The story of actor Namgoong-min, who earned over 200 million won per synagogue, prepared his own house after 16 years of debut was told. On tvN’s ‘Free Han Doctor’, which … Read more

[영상] ‘Only a necklace worth 1.6 billion’ Karina of Aespa… Cannes red carpet with billions of sounds

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Park Hye-seong and Lee Seung-ah = With the start of the Cannes Film Festival, one of the world’s top three film festivals, stars from all over the world flocked to Cannes, France. Among them, a lot of attention was focused on the appearance of K-POP stars who visited this film … Read more

The world of Diablo IV implemented in a hidden space in the Seoul subway, “Hell Station” opens today > News

news body Blizzard Entertainment officially opened Hellstation, a Diablo IV experience zone implemented in a hidden space in the history of Yeongdeungpo Market Station in Seoul, ahead of the worldwide release of Diablo IV, the next game in the Diablo series, on June 6. Through this, the world and program details of Diablo IV, which … Read more

Japan’s Prime Minister in Seoul: A gesture of reconciliation

Status: 07.05.2023 2:24 p.m South Korean President Yoon has made it his goal to improve relations with neighboring Japan. In March he became the first head of government to visit Tokyo in twelve years. Now follows the return visit of Kishida in Seoul. He doesn’t apologize to the Koreans for the colonial era, but Japan’s … Read more

I filed a whistleblower and the reward was 370 billion won… Greatest ever: Seoul Economic Daily

Reuters reported on the 5th (local time) that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) paid a record $279 million (approximately 368 billion won) to a whistleblower who helped in the investigation. The bounty is 2.4 times the previous highest amount of $114 million paid in October 2020. The SEC did not say in which … Read more

Hidden twist charm in Le Seraphim’s choreography [주간 샷샷샷] : Seoul Economic Daily

Behind-the-scenes shots of the entertainment scene that drew attention this week! Le Seraphim, who returned as a villain, captured the hearts of fans with a choreography full of twists. Group Le Seraphim attended the showcase for their 1st regular album ‘UNFORGIVEN’ held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 1st. On this day, … Read more

Mother feeding ‘this’ to her 18-month-old daughter… ‘Protein supply, food cost reduced’ : Seoul Economic Daily

Photos are not directly related to the article. image today A Canadian woman made headlines after revealing that she feeds her 18-month-old daughter crickets for protein. On the 25th (local time), foreign media such as the Daily Mail and the New York Post reported the story of Tiffany Lee, a food columnist living in Toronto, … Read more