We have the Hungarian national football team’s opponent in September

On September 10, the Hungarian national football team will host the Czechs in a warm-up match. According to the Hungarian Football Association’s announcement on Thursday, the meeting will be held at the Puskás Arena from 6 p.m. Marco Rossi his team was placed in a five-team group in the European Championship qualifying series, so he … Read more

Marvel will be killed in September – Hong Kong Sina

文章: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu – Gamereactor.cn While some of us at least when it launches in 2020 like Marvel’s The Revenant, but there’s no question that many improvements will have to be made if Square Enix wants it to survive in the long run.Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the Japanese publisher, as usual, would … Read more

New trading card game Disney Lorcana starts on September 1st, 2023

<meta itemprop="headline" content="Neues Sammelkartenspiel Disney Lorcana starts from September 1, 2023″/> Finally collecting again: With Disney Lorcana Ravensburger will provide a decent supply. Up to four sets per year should come! More to Disney Lorcana Disney Lorcana, the new trading card game that’s already fetching wild auction prices despite the rules not even being published … Read more

Former Putin speechwriter: He has until September

However, Abbas Galliamov, a former speech writer for V. Putin (2008-2010) and political scientist living in Israel, is convinced that in reality the mood of the Russian elite is not so belligerent, and various internal disagreements and conflicts often arise between those people. Recently, the opinion of A. Galliamov, who personally knew the President of … Read more

The Ukrainians have shot down 540 drones and 500 cruise missiles since September

In September, Russian invasion forces, which have been attacking Ukraine since last February, launched strikes using Shahid-136 drones, which use a kamikaze style. The Ukrainian military also said that in the first two hours of 2023, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 84 attack drones, which it said was 100 percent of the machines that … Read more

a new PlayStation in September 2023

The PS5 Slim with its removable disk drive is becoming clearer! According to the leaks, Sony will present its new console in the second half of 2023, for a launch scheduled for sometime in September. The endemic supply problem remains to be solved… Rumors have been circulating around the PS5 Slim, a more compact PlayStation … Read more

The partial lunar eclipse and maximum full moon on October 29 next year are between August 31 and September 1 – Sciencetimes

On October 29 next year, a partial lunar eclipse will occur, in which the moon is partially covered by the Earth’s shadow. According to major astronomical events for next year announced by the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute on the 27th, the partial lunar eclipse on October 29 is expected to start at 4:34:30 … Read more

The Threadripper 7000 in September 2023?

Information continues to leak nicely about the upcoming Threadripper 7000 based on Zen 4. AMD would have programmed two series of products: a series dedicated to HEDTs and another for workstations. A priori the HEDT series will support four-channel memory and 64 PCIe Gen5 and 8 PCIe Gen3 lanes and possibly overclocking. The version for … Read more