More carbon and additives. Moscow Minister makes promises for September

The minister was asked by the newspaper whether there will be more coal supplies, as according to the estimates of the Ministry of Climate and Environment This year, Poland will import about 13 million tons of coal, of which 6 million tons have already arrived, and another over 6 million tons are under contract. However, … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta in September

Multiplayer beta testing of the new Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 proceeds across In addition, a special broadcast event containing various information and attractions about the Call of Duty series will be prepared. The Modern Warfare II 2022 Multiplayer Beta will provide an intense multiplayer experience that goes beyond … Read more

An additional PLN 500 for one child. You can use it until the end of September – o2

Holidays in 2022 are marked by high prices. Inflation reached the level of 15.5 percent. That means it’s the highest in 25 years. In this situation, some Polish families had to give up their holiday plans, because the home budget and daily expenses became more important. An additional PLN 500 for one child. You can … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Beta Begins in September – Gaming – News

The preorder gives you early access to the beta, which is also advertised and that is also apparent from the dates when the beta can be played on the PS and on the XBox. But on the XBox you will not get access to the beta earlier.By the way, there are more than two days … Read more

the Nina phenomenon returns, there are bad news! Autumn turned upside down since September in Italy »

Weather: the Nina phenomenon is back, there are bad news! Autumn turned upside down since September in Italy The NINA phenomenon could upset the autumn Eyes on climatic anomalies in progress on the Pacific Oceanwhich suggest the imminent arrival of the Niña. But what is it about?We take stock of the situation by highlighting how … Read more

September 2 Last deadline .. The president of Leeds United threatens Barcelona with a global case because of Rafinha

The president of Leeds United, the English club, has threatened Barcelona with a “global issue” if the transfer of Brazilian Rafinha to the “Catalan club” is not completed by next September 2. After successful deals, most notably the Leeds United striker Rafinha, which Barcelona made during the current summer transfers, the provision of funds to … Read more

JIFF grand prize ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’, released on September 8… Teaser poster released

Jeonju International Film Festival, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival Grand Prize ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’ will be released on September 8th. ⓒ Etnine Film Co., Ltd. released the release schedule and teaser poster for ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’ on the 8th. ‘Kim Min-young on the Report Card’ is a 20-year-old buddy … Read more

Auspicious, auspicious, auspicious, auspicious, September 2022

Auspicious time to leave the car in September 2022 auspicious day date 6 September 2022 On Tuesday, the 11th waxing moon of the tenth lunar month (10) the year of the Tiger, Phumwar (Ph) Pattarapatamas Chatwatsaka, 1384, 2022 auspicious day date September 7, 2022 Matches on Wednesday, the 12th waxing moon of the tenth lunar … Read more

Covid, the principals reject the guidelines for returning to school in September: here’s why

6/10 © IPA / Photogram And again about the ventilation in the classrooms, for the president of the National Association of School Managers Paola Bortoletto “There may be other solutions beyond open windows. It’s not that you can do it all in a month and a half, but if you ever get started. Technology provides … Read more

New option after Odyssey discontinued! Hyundai’s localized MPV is expected to start receiving orders in September

At present, Taiwan’s MPV market is mostly focused on high prices and business orientation, and there are fewer and fewer home MPVs, especially after the production of Honda Odyssey and Luxgen M7 has been discontinued. , Sales information pointed out that it is expected to start receiving orders in September. When the Odyssey sale will … Read more