Vaccines, the push of the Green pass and obligation: 92,000 first doses in one day. It hadn’t happened since September

While the daily bulletins report peaks of infections never recorded so far, even on the (more encouraging) front of vaccines, Italy reaches an absolute record of administrations never counted since the beginning of the fourth wave. Second government data yesterday, January 15, almost were carried out 92 thousand first doses of anti vaccine Covid. The … Read more

Patients with open uterine cancer one step closer to the benefits of September 9

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible. Par Erica Hensley | KHN Tammy Kaminski still remembers the taste of benzene, a cancer byproduct that ignites jet fuel. For … Read more

12.01.22 Technical analysis of BTC / USD – similar development as in September

Thanks to this last redemption under the monitored support, Bitcoin (BTC) has a similar development as in September last year. The rebound at the time was followed by slightly higher dynamics in price growth, which is still happening today. However, the course is already facing the first obstacle, which is the local resistance diagonal, which … Read more

Bitcoin continues to weaken, its price is the lowest since September

The price of cryptocurrency has dropped below $ 41,000. LONDON. Bitcoin continued to weaken at the end of the week. Its price fell below 41,000 USD (36,235.08 euros) on Friday and the lowest since last September. Sale he also affected other cryptocurrencies. The article continues under the video ad The price of the most famous … Read more

Apple could be preparing to launch iPhones without SIM card slot by September 2022

Published: 28 dic 2021 10:12 GMT As part of the transition, some US carriers may begin offering select iPhone 13 models without a physical SIM card in the device box. Apple would be asking the main US telephone operators to prepare for the launch of an iPhone without a SIM card slot by September 2022, … Read more

“God of War: Ragnarok” will be released on September 22, 2022

The action-adventure video game “God of War: Ragnarök”, developed by Monica Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is expected to be the annual masterpiece of PlayStation 4 and Playstation in 2022. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2021. After several postponements, this game is finally planned to be launched on September 22, … Read more

Deathloop comes to “other consoles” in September 2022 •

The console exclusivity of PlayStation will end in autumn next year and other manufacturers will be allowed to offer the shooter on their platform. Deathloop, Arkane’s critically acclaimed shooter, is slated to appear for “other consoles” from next September. Deathloop for the Switch? Who knows… In an official tweet from Bethesda you can see a … Read more

Deathloop: Xbox Release Date Announced – September 14, 2022

Home page // Games // Deathloop: Xbox Release Date Announced – September 14, 2022 Thanks to a new deathloop ad, we know when the game from Arkane Studios (Bethesda Softworks) will also be available for Xbox consoles. The game has been on the market for over three months and has received good reviews. Deathloop was … Read more

September 11, for the Supreme Court, Iran will have to compensate the relatives of the victims: the appeal of the families accepted

L’Iran will have to compensate the victims’ families of the attacks ofSeptember 11, 2001. This was established by the Court of Cassation which upheld the appeal of the families involved in the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Rome which in December 2020, after having released from seizure 4.5 billion euros from the Islamic … Read more

Slight increase of 3% in turnover at the end of September – site for stock market information, financial investment analysis and advice

M.Ett | The 2/12/2021 at 17:52 The director of a local trading room takes stock of the evolution of the Treasury bill market at the end of the year over the past few weeks and gives us his expectations for 2022. B.B | The 2/12/2021 at 17:52 In the third quarter of 2021, the turnover … Read more