Serena had HPV, but what exactly is it?

HPV, the human papillomavirus. Anyone can be affected by this virus. Serena Verbon (38) is an expert by experience. A few years ago, after a smear test at the GP, she received the message that she had HPV. On her YouTube channel BeautyLab did she talk about this at the time, creating a lot of … Read more

Who were the 8 victims of the tragedy on Route 41 that connects La Serena with Vicuña? | National

During this day, and in the midst of deep pain, relatives and friends of the deceased will say their last goodbye to those who lost their lives in the tragic collision registered this Sunday on the road to Vicuña. Sadness and impact has generated the fatal traffic accident registered in the Ruta 41, that a … Read more

Tragic accident: Motorcyclist dies after hitting a tree in La Serena

For Daily Newsroom The Day Written in POLICEMAN the 28/1/2023 · 13:17 hs At about 00:15 this Saturday, a fatal accident was recorded on Avenida Juan Cisternas, close to reaching Juan de Dios Peni street, in the commune of La Serena. According to information from the Carabineros delivered to El Día, for reasons that are … Read more

Davis Cup Tickets – La Serena Chile 2023 Trentino Complex

CHILE ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE END OF THE WORLD Chile is one step away from playing the final series of the World group. With the victory against Kazakhstan this February 4 and 5, Chile takes out the tickets to get to Malaga where the tennis world final will be played. La Serena will witness … Read more

Rakuten’s Ryosuke Tatsumi marries Serena Suzuki and has the first child “I want to protect my family” | Full-Count

“As a defensive person to protect a happy family” Rakuten’s outfielder Ryosuke Tatsumi announced on his Instagram on the 11th that he had married company owner Serena Suzuki. He also announced the birth of his first child. [All-you-can-read for only 30 yen a day]Special media for Hawks fans “Takaful” Full of video content! 26-year-old Tatsumi … Read more

[Nissan Serena Successive]Predecessor focused on professional pilot, 4th generation sales start strong | Response (

Nissan’s middle-class minivan “Serena”, the sixth generation of which was announced on November 28th. Let’s look back on history. First of all, it is a ranking based on the number of accesses to articles before and after the announcement of the 5th generation announced in July 2016, and totaled by unique points. 1 person [Nissan … Read more

The coach of tennis stars has died. Bollettieri led Agassi, Serena and Vaidiš

At the age of 91, the famous tennis coach Nick Bollettieri died, who helped a number of stars to successful careers, including Andre Agassi, Monica Selešová, Jim Courier or sisters Serena and Venus Williams. Media information about the death of an influential figure in tennis history was confirmed today by representatives of the tennis academy … Read more

New aggression at Hospital de La Serena: Relatives of patient beat workers and vandalized ICU

By Daily Newsroom The Day Written in REGION the 29/11/2022 · 09:01 hs Health authorities condemned attacks and threats made last Sunday morning to a group of workers from the Critical Patient Unit (UPC, also known as UCI) of the La Serena Hospital. The events occurred after the relatives of a hospitalized patient were informed … Read more

The new Nissan Serena officially: The traditional MPV will offer up to eight seats

Despite the trends that strongly favor SUVs, there are still car companies that bet on classic MPVs as well. Nissan has already introduced the sixth generation of its practical family MPV Serena, the first generation of which went on sale in 1991 and was also available on European markets. So far, the sixth generation is … Read more

New generation Nissan Serena minivan presented – Autoreview

Formally, this Serena is already the sixth generation – this is how Nissan positions it, even changing the internal model code to C28. However, in reality, we face a deep modernization former Serena C27 sample of 2016. The platform with a wheelbase of 2870 mm, the body frame and even the characteristic window sill line … Read more