Mall Aventura sets a date for the opening of the mall in San Juan de Lurigan

Mall Aventura had planned to open three shopping centers in just 3 years, but the pandemic put the ambitious project. Today, the firm has resumed its plans and is getting ready to open its first shopping center in Iquitos, as well as announcing the opening date of its long-awaited mall in San Juan de Lurigncho. … Read more

Altri sets final cash dividend at 24 cents – Dividends

Altri begins on Wednesday to remunerate shareholders and this Tuesday made a correction to the amount it will pay in cash. The company will deliver 43.27% of the capital it holds directly in GreenVolt, in a total of 52,523,229 shares, and will also pay a cash dividend of 0.24 euros gross per share. For payment … Read more

Rudd defeats Sosa in three sets and successfully defends his men’s singles title in Geneva

Rudd defeats Sosa in three sets and successfully defends his men’s singles title in Geneva 2022-05-22 10:33:32Source: CCTV CCTV News: In the early morning of May 22, Beijing time, the 2022 ATP250 Geneva Station ended the men’s singles final. The No. 2 seed Ruder in the tournament, after a three-hour three-set battle, finally defeated Portuguese … Read more

New Sims 4 sets rocking the party, for adults and kids Sims

This oversized dress and jacket in the background is really swoon-worthy.screenshot: EA The Sims 4 He seems intent on getting me back with his attack on combos, and his latest double-shooter might do just that. The elegant in the moonlight And small camp Collectively, the groups seem to offer style and substance. elegant in the … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – AMG sets the future with an elegant coupe study

One of the problems with the seemingly inevitable transition to electric propulsion is that it also calls into question the meaning of certain brands. AMG is like that too, but the experts at the brand have now shown in a car what direction they will be heading in the future. 7 Gallery: Mercedes Vision AMG … Read more

French Open qualifying Zhu Lin wins in straight sets and wins another game to advance to the main match – yqqlm

Original title: Zhu Lin wins the French Open qualifying match in straight sets and wins another game to advance to the main match On the afternoon of May 19, Beijing time, the 2022 French Open Women’s Singles Qualifying Tournament continued. Zhu Lin, who won her first personal French Open victory in the first round, made … Read more

«Top Gun: Maverick» – Tom Cruise sets a new bar for action films

– Tom Cruise sets a new bar for action films Analogue entertainment instead of special effects: 36 years after the original, the “Top Gun” sequel is coming to the cinemas. And she does a lot better than she did back then. Published: 05/16/2022, 17:46 Successful immortalization: Tom Cruise in «Top Gun: Maverick». Foto: Paramount Pictures … Read more

I almost peeed… Jeon So-min takes off her clothes and sets her eyes on the bodyguard dancing Zero Two Running Man

Photo = SBS broadcast screen capture Actor Jeon So-min was genuinely embarrassed by the man who took off his top, causing laughter. At the opening of SBS ‘Running Man’ broadcast on the 15th, the members’ concentration test continued. Yang Se-chan was the first protagonist of this day’s test. While I was calling Yang Se-chan and … Read more

In full live, an influencer sets fire to her kitchen: “F***, I don’t know what to do” (video)

The streamer Kjanecaron avoided the worst in full Twitch live… She organized a subathon (the combination of the words “subscriber” and “marathon”) pour ses 92 000 followers. She decided to spend part of her time cooking. But it was a bad idea. Kjanecaron installed a camera in his kitchen to film himself. But as the … Read more