how Microsoft intends to give you back the power over the choice of default settings

Microsoft wants to change how Windows 11 applies certain default settings. In a post published on the Windows blog, Microsoft has indeed explained that it wants to go further in its approach “consisting of giving users control of their Windows PC experience”. To achieve this, the company will make several changes and will allow developers … Read more

Spatial Audio and Lossless Sound Settings for Apple Music and AirPods – Saydigi-Tech

Spatial Audio and Lossless Sound Settings for Apple Music and AirPods Apple brings spatial audio with dynamic head tracking to AirPods Pro, AirPods 3rd generation and AirPods Max, which allows users to listen to music and watch dramas, and the sound will change with the rotation of the head. The environment will sound more immersive. … Read more

[U-EV]1.699 million 3-level settings, Hyundai Ioniq 6 launched in China, gasoline-electric Tucson predicted to be launched in the second quarter | U-CAR News

In the second half of 2022, Hyundai will bring the second mass-produced pure electric car series Ioniq 6 of its electric sub-brand Ioniq. Nanyang Industrial has previously announced on the official website that the new car will be available for domestic online pre-orders on March 7th. However, Nanyang Industrial not only exhibited the Ioniq 6 … Read more

Massively improve gaming experience with 3 simple settings

Die Xbox Series X|S is one of the next-gen consoles next to Sony’s PlayStation 5 and offers entertaining video game fare in the finest form – provided you get the right ones Ideas. Because in order to be able to enjoy the varied selection of exciting games in all their glory, something more is required … Read more

Tinkering with WhatsApp settings will be much easier thanks to its latest innovation

WhatsApp is testing a search bar in the Settings in the beta version of the iOS app to more quickly locate any section of them. WhatsApp improves its settings panel with this new functionality join the conversation Despite the fact that WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging service in the world, as evidenced by … Read more

creating and managing virtual hard disks from Settings will soon be possible

The Windows 11 Settings application will soon be enriched. For example, users will be able to create a virtual disk and manage it from the storage options. Credit: 123RF We recently reported to you that Windows 11 was going to have a photo gallery directly in the file explorer, the same source at the origin … Read more