“Sweden will be shocked.” Erdogan sharply about the future of NATO. He sets conditions

Sweden and Finland jointly applied for NATO membership in May 2022. They made their decision shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. By early February, all NATO countries, with the exception of Hungary and Turkey, had ratified the protocol on the admission of new members to the Alliance. While Budapest explained the delay in the ratification … Read more

Playing basketball and colliding with his opponent “lost 2 teeth and couldn’t find it” 6 days later, his scalp was rotten and he went to the doctor and was shocked | International | CTWANT

The man had an accident when he went back to his hometown to play basketball for the second time. (Schematic / Pexels) Be careful when exercising to avoid danger! A man in mainland China returned to his hometown to play in the second year of junior high school, and had a physical collision with his … Read more

The disappearance of a teenager shocked China. The discovery of his body raised more questions

Hu Xinyu, 15, disappeared in October 2022. His body was found more than 100 days later. (Courtesy of Hu Xinyu’s family) (CNN) — For three months, the disappearance of Hu Xinyu gripped China. The whereabouts of the 15-year-old, who disappeared from a boarding school in the southern province of Jiangxi in October, was for months … Read more

After wandering for too long, the husband is shocked to return to the house, the children increase, the wife’s big betrayal is exposed

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – One person husband wanders too long find the facts painful when it finally came home. The husband was surprised that at his house there was suddenly another child who was not of his own flesh and blood. Sang husband is very angry when he heard his wife’s confession. The ending of their household … Read more

In the homestead near Rietava, the trio beat two men with sticks and shocked them with electric shocks

According to the initial data of the case, late in the evening of 01/28/2023, around 11:20 p.m., Rietava week, Labardžių village, 1999, 1993 and 1990 men born in 1986 the man who was born in the yard of his house, threatened and hit both the above-mentioned owner and the person who was with him in … Read more

Fifo took everyone’s breath away. The heroes were both shocked and disgusted | Current

Participant in the new series of the harshest reality show in the world Survivor Czech Republic & Slovakia to the surprise of the viewers, he also became the winner of the fourteenth edition of the Farm. Fifo he did not miss the opportunity for another adventure and this time to try life in even harsher … Read more

Van der Burg is not shocked by the story about ‘disruptive asylum crisis’

NOS NOS News•Friday, 07:19•Amended Friday, 11:08 The Netherlands is heading for “social disruption” if solutions are not quickly found for the shortage of reception places for asylum seekers. Which writes NRC based on internal documents from the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA), the Immigration Service IND, the police and the Ministry … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian shocked the public with a dress that shows the members as they are – in pictures

American reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian recently appeared in a very bold dress. Kourtney Kardashian wore a tight dress with long sleeves and a high neck, and it depicted a completely naked girl showing her members as they are.This drawing is one of the arts that became famous in ancient times, and the dress carries … Read more

The 4-year-old brother disappeared by the river and sent home the body of a giant crocodile 2 days later!The whole village was shocked: No bite marks on the body│Crocodile│Boy│Muhammad Ziyad Wijaya│TVBS News Network

The reptile crocodile has been dubbed “the cruelest killer in nature”, but a strange incident happened abroad recently. A crocodile returned to the village with the body of a 4-year-old boy on its back, and handed him over to the rescuers in person. before leaving. It is worth noting that when the villagers speculated that … Read more