Although rejected, Azrul Ananda is believed to have completely resigned from Persebaya, Arif Afandi: Shocked to read Saleh Mukadar’s status

SURABAYA RAYA ZONE– Azrul Ananda believed POSSIBLE total of Persebaya Surabayadespite getting rejection from Surya Abadi Cooperative Persebaya (KSAP). Completely withdraw from Persebaya Surabayacan be interpreted Azrul Ananda relinquished his position as CEO or as a shareholder of PT Persebaya Indonesia (PI). Is known, Azrul Ananda through PT PT Detection Basket Lintas Indonesia (DBLI) controls … Read more

With great pain.. the famous founder of Birds of Paradise, Khaled Miqdad, stuns everyone and announces shocking news about his Jordanian wife, Marwa Hammad.. The audience is shocked and does not expect the ugliness of what happened with her.!!

2022/09/22 It’s 01:50 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite A video spread on social media revealing the moment the family of Khaled Miqdad, owner of the Birds of Paradise channel dedicated to children, announced that his wife was pregnant with her new child by revealing the gender of the fetus of their daughter Jana. In … Read more

Saudi girls prefer to marry children of this Arab nationality for these reasons that shocked millions of Saudis! !

2022/09/21 It’s 03:50 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite A psychological and family consultant said that it was not surprising that some Saudi women would marry foreigners, revealing that Egyptians preferred the preferences of women who interacted with them. The psychological and family consultant, Dr. Zahra Al-Moabi, indicated that she encourages the marriage of Saudi … Read more

They asked the artist Abla Kamel about the reason for her refusal to use make-up throughout her life and artistic career, and she shocked everyone with her answer!!

2022/09/18 It’s 09:50 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite She does not appear in the media at all, and she does not like press dialogues, she always prefers to be at a distance between her and the media, and if a person wants to approach her to know what she likes and what she hates? … Read more

Drugs and mental health – video of Cara Delevingne shocked

Video: watson/Fabian Welsch People-News 19.09.2022, 12:2419.09.2022, 16:39 A video by Cara Delevingne is currently shocking fans, acquaintances and friends of the model. After attending Burning Man, Delevingne wanted to fly from Los Angeles to New York on a Jay-Z plane. But instead of traveling to the US east coast, the model got off the plane … Read more

“Who evaluates whom”… Everyone shocked by the disclosure of the reason for preparing for Sman’s ‘refusal to watch’

Mnet music program ‘Street Man Fighter’ Following Mnet’s popular dance contest program ‘Street Woman Fighter’, ‘Street Man Fighter’ Viewers are dissatisfied with the ‘judging process’ at Judge’s judging methodIt is becoming a hot topic as it grows. Mnet music program ‘Street Man Fighter’ On the September 13th broadcast of ‘Smanpa’, the first elimination crew occurred … Read more

A police report for Moris after his altercation with Eupenois fans? “Shocked by what was said in the stands”

Fatigue was clearly visible in the Unionist camp. Despite this, Geraerts’ side regained the resources to secure their fifth victory of the season. “The more the match progressed, the more complicated it became physically, explains Anthony Morris. We see that we give energy every three days and that our game system imposes a lot of … Read more

The swollen fingers of King Charles III. shocked the internet. There can be several reasons

Photos of King Charles III’s fingers have been circulating on the Internet in recent days. The users of social networks noticed that they looked unhealthy and started mockingly calling them “sausage fingers”. The Daily Star reported on what could be the cause. Social network users noticed the strangely swollen fingers of King Charles III. | … Read more

The commander of “FIBA Europe” admitted: the referee’s mistake in the Lithuanian match shocked him

At the press conference held on the last day of the EuroBasket 2022 tournament, FIBA ​​Europe President Kamilis Novaks admitted that he was surprised by the incident in the group stage meeting between Lithuanians and Germans. In the meeting held at the “Lanxess” arena in Cologne, the referees recorded a technical foul against the German … Read more

The birthday boy Ovechkin shocked the fans. He posted a disturbing photo on Twitter

Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has again stirred up emotions regarding his support for Russia. The star striker, who celebrates his 37th birthday on Saturday, edited his photo on the Twitter social network and added the Russian flag to the header. The Washington Capitals winger has been dividing fans around the world for quite some time … Read more