Sherine Abdel Wahab burns the heart of her ex-hussam Habib with what she did in public and shocked all Egyptians!!

Actress Sherine Abdel Wahab spoke about her ex-husband, distributor Muhammad Mustafa, when a follower asked her in a comment on Instagram, saying: Talk about your daughters’ father. Sherine replied that his relationship with her daughters, Mary, and here is a very good relationship, as he is a loving father, saying: “A very good person and … Read more

The guard of the Egyptian star’s building, Sherihan, reveals an unexpected secret about the latter that shocked the Egyptians!!

2022/06/23 It’s 06:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist Sherihan has been keen for years to help others and spread goodness throughout Egypt, even if she is outside the country. Harbi Thabet, the guard of the Libon building, in which Sherihan owns two apartments, told Cairo 24 that the artist had not come … Read more

After rejecting his offer for 12 years… The Mona Zaki movie was finally released… and the audience was shocked (Learn the name of the movie)

2022/06/23 12:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite After 12 years of refusing to show it in Egypt, the author Mohamed Ragaa announced finally agreeing to the screening of the movie Cairo Makkah, starring Egyptian actress Mona Zaki and directed by Hani Khalifa, whose filming ended in 2012. Raja wrote on his social networking page: … Read more

Marry me?.. A famous Egyptian artist takes off the modesty dress and asks for Sabreen’s hand on the air.. The latter’s reaction shocked everyone!

The artist Sabreen had a cooking experience during a previous interview with Esaad Younes on the “Sahebat Al-Saada” program broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel. Sabreen told Asaad Younis: “I give you 4 types of food, I need you to make me cheat.” And the artist, Esaad Younes, complained about the doctor responsible for her … Read more

A man in his seventies lures a young man in a malicious manner and practices vice with him.. and after he finished his heinous act..the great disaster that shocked everyone happened.!!

A young man in his twenties slaughtered a man in his seventies who works as a women’s hairdresser in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and who was in an homosexual relationship with him. The police found the man’s body on the bed in his bedroom, dressed and stabbed several times with a white weapon; It turned … Read more

The signs of the hour appear in the Emirates.. a very beautiful 15-year-old virgin girl who accidentally discovered that she was pregnant because of a Facebook chat.. You will not believe how this happened, which shocked everyone! !

The news of the pregnancy of a 15-year-old Emirati virgin girl fell like a thunderbolt on the head of her family, whose whole world was shaken by the impact of what happened. According to the medical report issued by the Dubai Police, when the girl was examined, the result was that she was 29 weeks … Read more

A groom screams loudly and releases his bride during the wedding night.. And when they found out the reason, everyone was shocked.. You won’t believe what he found on the bed and went crazy with regret.!!

You will not believe why a couple separated on the second day of their marriage! The story begins: the husband booked a room in one of the hotels or furnished apartments (it makes no difference) to spend some days and during intimate intercourse, if the husband smells very foul, and if he is upset and … Read more

The sexy appearance of the most beautiful Moroccan wife, who is beautiful, made George Kordahi kneel because of her beauty.. She attended the Forgiveness Karim program and shocked the audience with what she did after her husband betrayed her with her friend in her bed!!

Followers of the Forgiveness Karim program enjoyed an exceptional, daring and fun episode that resonated and received wide interest among the masses. The episode dealt with the story of a Moroccan couple who resorted to the program to solve their problem, which made them separated for a year and a half. The events of the … Read more

Shame on me at the age of your daughters.. The audience is shocked by what Ahmed Badir did with the artist Nermin El-Feki, and the sentence is 6 months in prison.!! (Shocking details)

During the past two days, the artist, Nermin El-Fiqi, topped the main headlines of social networking sites, which made her easily find her way to the trend on Google search indicators, through the news of her marriage, which spread at lightning speed. Social media was buzzing with the rumor of Nermin El-Feki’s marriage to photographer … Read more

An earthquake accident shocked all Egyptians .. A wife makes her lover combine her and her daughter in one bed!! (exciting details)

A mother was stripped of all feelings of humanity, to satisfy her whims and desires with her lover and the scheming of her ex-wife, as she stripped her daughter of her clothes and presented her to her lover in cold blood to sexually assault them in front of her eyes. From the 15th of May … Read more