You can have 90% cheaper food. There are special shops where you can sell great things for a few crowns

Compared to last year, food prices rose by tens of percent. It’s a simple fact that everyone sees in their daily purchases. This is how people look for alternatives to save. But they don’t find too many of them in traditional stores. It has turned out that traders are raising prices all too willingly for … Read more

The store “SPAR” will be opened in Liepaja in July

For the time being, its representatives do not reveal exactly where this store will operate in Liepāja, announcing it after the Midsummer holiday. The portal has unofficial information that “SPAR” will open in Zemnieku Street, instead of the store-warehouse “Labais”. This store will cease operations after Midsummer and its team will continue to work in … Read more

Stationery, beauty and shops, in the crosshairs of the SAT for fines on June 30

Individuals registered in the Simplified Taxpayer Regime (Resico) are obliged to process their e-signature before June 30 and if they do not do so, they run the risk that the tax authority will exclude them from this regime. Jorge Ayax Cabello, Fiscal Vice President of the Association of Public Accountants of Saltillo stressed that if … Read more

Shops where customers are no longer expected? The popular pop-up

Waiting for the customer from Tuesday to Saturday, stuck in his shop? More and more merchants and creators are opting for other paths. Give everything for her shop: her time, her energy, her talent, the designers of Aroz, a multi-brand jewelry shop know what it is. Their mum has been running one for years in … Read more

The favorite Ukrainian goods are no longer on the shelves of shops

This has been confirmed by several Shopping networks, which has so far offered Chumak products. Their representatives could not specify when supplies could resume. “It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately, we did not receive any further information from the supplier. We are currently looking for alternatives to replace these sauces, “he said.Until”Communication manager … Read more

Ukraine’s economy has gone to ruin

According to on Sunday, salt was delivered to Ukraine by a state-owned producer from the Donetsk region until recently. The company was one of the largest producers in Europe. In 2020, it extracted 1.2 million tons of rock salt. Part of the production was also exported. By the way, the mining site was a … Read more

Mother’s Day. Where did this holiday come from? An interesting story

Mother’s Day has long traditions, but, obviously, it was not always accompanied by rituals and customs similar to modern ones. Mother’s Day springs are associated with rituals dedicated to ancient mother goddesses and fertility guardians. In ancient Egypt, Isis was especially revered, the patroness of families, home and motherhood. In ancient Greece, homage was paid … Read more