Petrosyan’s fiancee was naked on the beach

From under the cut on a thin tunic, bare breasts appeared, not constrained by either a bodice from a swimsuit or a supportive top. At the same time, the artist’s wife noted that he chose this particular frame, and not the more modest previous one. Fans noted the agility of Evgeny Vaganovich, who knows a … Read more

this is what Nikita Mikhalkov and his wife looked like 50 years ago

Next year, Nikita Mikhalkov and his wife Tatyana Mikhalkov will celebrate their golden wedding. And it is not at all surprising that the couple lived together for so long. If you look at a photo of the spouses 50 years ago, you will see that the director is looking at his beautiful wife with loving … Read more

In Gostomel, they showed how Banksy’s drawing looks now, which vandals cut off from the wall of a charred house. A photo

The page also contains photos showing the wall of the house from which the image was cut, as well as the drawing itself, sealed in cardboard and wrapped with tape. According to the head of the Gostomel village military administration, Sergei Borisyuk, the painting is “the property of the long-suffering Gostomel society.” “It is significant … Read more

a joyful event happened in the Krutoy family

Igor Krutoy’s sister has entered an important stage in her life. If earlier she realized herself in television projects, now she decided to try her hand at a new field. In social networks, Alla Krutaya said that she had gathered guests for the presentation of her first book. Dear persons came to congratulate the relative … Read more

blunder in “Irony of Fate” even the director missed

Director of the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” worked out the characters, storylines, but did not take into account just one. Eldar Ryazanov was not entirely attentive to details. And the audience, who enthusiastically watched the film every New Year, did not notice the movie blooper. But it is worth taking … Read more

All the horror ahead. It will come when it turns out that the war is causeless / Showbiz Boulevard

“The whole horror is ahead. It will come when it turns out that the war is unreasonable, that there is no other “root” except the sick fantasies of the Kremlin Fuhrer. The truth will be revealed: Ukraine did not intend to “attack” Russia at all with its gigantic industrial complex and nuclear defense,” he wrote. … Read more

Caught hot: Galkin’s scandalous status was confirmed

Maxim Galkin * was caught not only in tax evasion, but also in a more serious crime. Now it is clear why the comedian is not shy about throwing mud at Russia. Portal CP, referring to “a certain tax officer”, assures that the Diva’s husband received money from a neighboring unfriendly country, which he actively … Read more

Arzamasova got in touch with an alarming statement

The Ice Age show could easily lose another participant. The company “tired” of training Dana Milokhin is thinking of making up Elizaveta Arzamasova. But while the actress does not plan to leave the project. Celebrity in conversation with the portal Teleprogram admitted that if she needed to choose between a career and a family, she … Read more

finally revealed the appearance of the daughter of Chumakov and Kovalchuk

Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov have been carefully hiding their own daughter for five years now. Amelia grows up in complete isolation from social life. Guessing what the girl looks like, the fans are already tired. And so the portal BLITZ+ I decided to make it easier for them and compose photos of both parents … Read more

Sparrow made a controversial statement from Israel

Elena Vorobey announced a few days ago that she was leaving for Israel on a tour. Here she, by her own admission, found many familiar personalities and decided, apparently, to linger on the Promised Land. In a YouTube show “First Radio 89.1” the artist noticed that she was under stress in the capital, and in … Read more