A Polish victim of Norwegian television. The cameras showed too much. There is a reaction

Izabela Marcisz is one of the greatest Polish hopes for the future of cross-country skiing. He has a world junior championship and several medals of the world championship in junior age. During the Games in Beijing, she achieved the best results among the Polish team, and she did best in the combined run, as she … Read more

Disgust after the words of the Polish goalkeeper. “He showed a special arrogance”

“Grabara showed particular arrogance by posting an unpleasant comment about Ryan on Twitter. It’s not enough for him that he removed his friend from the first team in the club, he had to finish him mentally in such a difficult mental situation. It’s unsportsmanlike and distasteful,” commented the “BT” newspaper. Lasse Voege, the newspaper’s football … Read more

Lolita took off her skirt right on the stage and showed what she had there: the people gasped at the sight

The performer of the hit “On the Titanic” shocked the audience with a new trick. Taken aback, the people squealed with delight and filmed the actress throwing off her skirt. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: Lolita never ceases to amaze. The singer has always been “her own on the board.” For this, most of … Read more

In Gostomel, they showed how Banksy’s drawing looks now, which vandals cut off from the wall of a charred house. A photo

The page also contains photos showing the wall of the house from which the image was cut, as well as the drawing itself, sealed in cardboard and wrapped with tape. According to the head of the Gostomel village military administration, Sergei Borisyuk, the painting is “the property of the long-suffering Gostomel society.” “It is significant … Read more

The network showed the updated design of the iPhone 15 – Apple smartphones will change a lot – UNIAN

The presentation of the iPhone 15 line will take place in the fall of 2023. iPhone 15 Ultra with rounded edges showed on renders / Source: AppleInsider Latest information leaks regarding what the iPhone lineup will be like in 2023, there is talk that Apple is set to radically change the design of its smartphones. … Read more

Rozenek showed a Christmas house. “Welcome to our fairy tale”

December is upon us, which is a magical time to prepare for Christmas. Poles will flock to buy Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. In addition to the Christmas tree, we also decorate our houses and properties. Door wreaths, lights, poinsettias, stockings, reindeers, chains, deer… the list of Christmas decorations is a bottomless pit. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan … Read more

She will give birth soon: Tsekalo’s young wife showed her pregnant belly

A few years ago, Alexander Tsekalo fell in love so much that he left his wife with two children and, according to rumors, cut off all ties with friends. The spectacular brunette Darina Erwin turned his head. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: The personal life of Alexander Tsekalo has always been quite stormy. He … Read more

The network showed an Italian electric boat on a jet engine (photo)

This is what Persico Zagato 100.2 looks like. Photo: New Atlas Italian design house Zagato in collaboration with Persico Marine (design yachts) introduced Persico Zagato 100.2 is a boat that combines technologies from the automotive, marine and aviation worlds. A bit like the wing of a passenger plane. Photo: New Atlas The manufacturer positions his … Read more

Joanna Opozda reveals whether she improved her beauty. The celebrity showed old photos

Instagram entries Joanna Opozda have been the subject of media interest for a long time – especially when they concern private life of a celebrity. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the actress’s acquaintance, for example with Malik Montana. A few weeks ago, Opozda and the rapper were seen in Hala Koszyki … Read more