Reddit using the neural network Stable Diffusion showed how realistic portraits of Overwatch heroes would look like

{“id”:1312007,”type”:”num”,”link”:” kak-by-vyglyadeli-realistichnye-portrety-heroev-overwatch”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:130,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1312007,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1312007,”gtm”:null} 22 363 views The author ran descriptions of many Overwatch characters through the neural network, but he did not share the texts themselves. Subsequently, he divided the portraits into three categories according to the type of hero.

The inspection by the SAO showed errors in tenders worth almost one hundred million. Bartoš ordered changes and audits — ČT24 — Czech Television

In response to the inspection, the current minister Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) said that the MMR failed in the management of organizations, therefore he ordered internal audits and changed the structure of the MMR management. The SAO examined the management of the Czech Tourism Central Office, the Mountain Services of the Czech Republic and the Center … Read more

A new folk star overdid it, showed nipples on stage (PHOTO) ᐉ News from – Curious

Galin’s discovery – the singer Simona, does not like to wear a bra and often gets into comical situations. Her naughty nipples sometimes betray her and click so hard that they are capable of piercing armor. The singer likes to show off her bombshells regularly. Some time ago, the teen star posted a photo in … Read more

This handsome man replaced Mendes by her side! Camila Cabello showed her new love to the paparazzi – Star cases – Cocktail

She has been single for several months after announcing her surprise split with co-star Shawn Mendes. However, that is already a thing of the past in the case of Camila Cabello. Photo: BACKGRID / Backgrid USA / Profimedia American singer Camila Cabello and her new boyfriend – Lox club founder Austin Kevitch together at breakfast … Read more

Gabriela Soukalová showed off a daring photo on the social network. She amazed the fans with body and soul

After years of hard sports training, former biathlon representative Gabriela Soukalová has a well-developed figure that she certainly does not need to be ashamed of. And she is obviously very aware of it. Although it’s reportedly not quite her style, she decided to share a bold photo with her fans. On social networks, Soukalová shares … Read more

Enthusiast showed Counter-Strike Global Offensive at Source 2

Rumors that Valve is going to update Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the Source 2 engine has been going for a long time. At the beginning of summer, information appeared that this could happen as early as August. The team of game designers and modders Gabefollower decided not to wait for the official transfer, but did it … Read more

Who shined? Famous faces are enjoying Grape and Sziget, they showed bold trendy pieces and festival must have accessories

The festival weekend started in a big way. Famous beauties also came to enjoy the Grape Festival or Sziget in Hungary. What outfits did they bet on? The festival mania continues. After successful Good luck 2022 here we have again a weekend dedicated to music, fun and trendy outfits. In progress the Grape festival, but … Read more

The model who gave the appearance of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village suddenly showed her bare chest

Polish model Helena Mankowska, who gained fame after giving her appearance to Lady Dimitrescu, continues to share interesting photos on social networks. Recently a girl once again zaskopleila Alsina from horror Resident Evil Village, and now suddenly showed herself almost naked. In a fresh photo, she appeared in a transparent bodysuit and even lit up … Read more

Ewa Farna showed new photos of children! Arthur has grown up, but Ella steals hearts in the arms of my grandfather and mother

August 12 Ewa Farna celebrated her 29th birthday. On this occasion, the singer decided to share photos from the last twelve months on social media. You can see that Parish she is happy and despite the multitude of duties, she finds time for everything. Especially private photos from songs they make you feel at first … Read more

Lara Gessler showed the apartment to Vogue photojournalists. Pictures

Lara Gessler admitted photojournalists Vogue to his apartment. Photos from the visit went to social media. The interiors are impressive! In what conditions does Magda Gessler’s daughter live? Lara Gessler is the daughter of a restaurateur, Magda. The young woman inherited her talent from her mother and also creates flavors. He co-runs a family business … Read more