Virus types from the permafrost in Siberia are revived in the laboratory

The 48,500-year-old virus was retrieved from a depth of 16 meters in a lake in the Sakha Republic in Russia. The French researchers have altogether managed to characterize 13 different viruses. The danger is that when the vast permafrost in Siberia eventually thaws, deadly diseases that are now extinct could return. The viruses are still … Read more

Mysterious Hole Facts in Siberia, How Did It Come From? : Okezone Travel

HOLE A mysterious mystery in Siberia the size of half a football field that was accidentally discovered by a TV crew several years ago took the world by storm. Not sure how the hole was formed. Various theories emerged. Here are the facts about the mysterious hole in Siberia. 1. There are many similar holes … Read more

Russian military plane crashes into apartment building in Siberia

Two pilots died in the crash. It is the second such incident in a week. A Russian warplane collided with a block of flats in Ukraine on Monday. A Russian military plane has crashed into an apartment building in the Siberian city of Irkutsk. It is a two-storey house, said Igor Kobsev, the governor of … Read more

Father and daughter, grandson and grandmother: thanks to DNA, a Neanderthal family discovered in Siberia

Neanderthal family identified for the first time. An international group of scholars has managed to get a glimpse of the social organization of a Neanderthal community: 13 individuals who lived in Siberia more than 50,000 years ago, including a father with a teenage daughter and a young boy with an adult relative, possibly a cousin, … Read more

Strong shock in Russia. Siberia is to break into two parts – o2

A strong earthquake took place in Siberia. The shock was recorded in the area of ​​Lake Baikal. The reservoir is considered to be one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the world. It was created precisely as a result of seismic activity. Is Lake Baikal waiting for another transformation? Siberia can break into two … Read more

Russia Transfers Old Howitzer from Siberia to Ukraine, Capable of Firing Nuclear Projectiles Up to 30 Km

loading… Russia has been observed transferring 152mm Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery guns and tanks in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk to the Ukrainian border. Photo/BulgarianMilitary/Wikipedia MOSCOW – Russia monitored to move weapon 152mm Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery and tanks in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, to the Ukrainian border. The 2S5 Giatsint-S Artillery is a Soviet-era howitzer … Read more

Russian resistance has no end yet: ‘Recruitment officer shot in Siberia’ | Abroad

War in Ukraine ‘At least 17 mobilization centers set on fire’ WEST-ILIMSK – While massive protests soon followed in the country after the announced mobilization in Russia, the resistance now also seems to be aimed at mobilization centers and recruiting officers. In a Siberian mobilization center where the Russian army registers recruits, an officer has … Read more

Not just military setbacks and economic sanctions. Russia threatens its own existence with its aggression — ČT24 — Czech Television

“It is increasingly clear that Ukraine will win this war and that the Kremlin faces a historic crisis of confidence,” he wrote in an article for the British newspaper The Telegraph, the former commander of US forces in Europe, Ben Hodges. “I truly believe now that there is a real possibility that (Russian dictator) Vladimir … Read more

Russian gas to “Power of Siberia 2” replaces “Nord Stream 2”

In the context of consolidating relations with China and distancing itself from Europe Moscow announced on Thursday that the “Power of Siberia 2” pipeline, which has been negotiating with Beijing for several years to build in order to supply China with Russian gas, will “replace” the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was built to transport … Read more

Italian reporter injured in Ukraine. On his facebook he writes: “I’m fine, I’m safe” -Mondo

Mattia Sorbi, an Italian freelance journalist, was injured in Ukraine. Contacted by ANSA, the foreign ministry reports that they are “in constant contact with the journalist involved in the accident: he is treated, we have positive news on his state of health, he has little coverage to communicate but has a free contact. We are … Read more