Photogallery. At the windows, on top of the walls or along the sidewalk, the last homage of thousands to “Senhor Rui” – Observer

“The man who put Campo Maior on the map has died”. This is how Vítor Palma, 83, characterized Rui Nabeiro, “Mr. Rui” as he was known in this village of Alentejo. It’s not an original characterization: it’s a rare person who says the same about the businessman who was buried this Tuesday. Vítor attended the … Read more

‘U.S. subsidies’ Samsung and SK Semiconductors are unlikely to increase production by more than 5% in China (comprehensive)

[뉴욕=이데일리 김정남 특파원] If Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix receive semiconductor subsidies from the US, they will not be able to expand their production capacity in China by more than 5% for 10 years. Joint research and development with Chinese companies such as Huawei is also expected to be blocked. The US Department of Commerce … Read more

Korea Midland Power, Airport Corporation and long-term parking electric vehicle-local power grid connection project

[이데일리 김형욱 기자] Korea Midland Power seeks to stabilize the power grid using long-term parking electric vehicle battery power at major domestic airports such as Jeju. KOMIPO announced on the 21st that it had signed a V2G business agreement with Korea Airports Corporation in Seoul. (From the right) Park Young-gyu Korea KOMIPO Technical Safety Headquarters … Read more

“Yeonjun, stop… Rate hikes will end in May

[이데일리 최훈길 기자] The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) is expected to halt its hike in interest rates in May. It is observed that after going to the baby step at the regular meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which will be released on the morning of the 23rd, it will adjust the speed … Read more

‘Korean version of Auschwitz’ Brothers Welfare Center atrocities revealed to the world[그해 오늘]

[이데일리 이연호 기자]A view of Brothers Welfare Center in Busan (Photo = Yonhap News) March 22, 1987, during the Chun Doo-hwan administration. A large-scale escape occurs at Hyeonghwa Welfare Center, the largest concentration camp for homeless people in Busan. One prisoner who tried to escape was beaten to death by a staff member, and 35 … Read more

Rep. Cho Jeong-Hoon “Resolving the Low Birth Rate with Foreign Housekeepers of 1 Million Won a Month”

[이데일리 윤정훈 기자] Cho Jung-hoon, a member of the National Assembly for the transition of the era, proposed a bill for the introduction of foreign domestic helpers without the application of the minimum wage. Cho Jeong-hoon, a representative for the transition of the era, held a press conference at the National Assembly Communication Hall on … Read more

Accusation from the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, glare from the ruling party… Employment Minister Lee Jung-sik

[이데일리 최정훈 기자] Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Jung-sik, a former secretary-general of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, is in danger of being accused of abuse of power by the Federation of Korean Trade Unions. This is because the demand to submit accounting-related documents to the union exceeded the minister’s authority. Minister Lee, … Read more

Dongbu Construction expands ‘smart construction’ using advanced technology

An official from Dongbu Construction is operating a drone at the construction site in Yeokchon District 1. (Photo = Provided by Dongbu Construction)[이데일리 김아름 기자] Dongbu Construction announced on the 20th that it is promoting further expansion of site management through advanced smart construction using drones in 2023. We are collecting and managing data using … Read more

“Look at women~ We are all retired” A webtoon born from Changgeuk is exciting

[이데일리 장병호 기자] “Jeongnyeoni, who was on TV, didn’t die and came back.” The National Changgeuk Company’s new changgeuk, “Jeongnyeoni,” which is an exclusive organization of the National Theater of Korea, opened on the 17th at the Daloreum Theater of the National Theater of Korea in Jung-gu, Seoul. The scene where the main character, Yoon … Read more

Samsung Electronics, which promotes ‘robots’, increases its stake in Rainbow Robotics… Possibility of takeover

[이데일리 이다원 기자] Dotted on robots as a future growth business Samsung Electronics (005930)A robot development company Rainbow Robotics (277810) According to the electronic disclosure system of the Financial Supervisory Service on the 16th, Samsung Electronics purchased 913,963 common shares of Rainbow Robotics over-the-counter the previous day (15th) at 30,400 won per share. The total … Read more