Circus and theater for the fun of the whole family this afternoon in Spain

The Zirika Zirkus company represents the work ‘Eolo 68’ with free admission and reserved on the municipal website Participation with the public is one more resource of the Zirika Zirkus company. The meetings of ‘Domekak Kulturalak’ arrive this afternoon again in Spain from 6.30 pm with a scenic proposal. On this occasion, the Zirika Zirkus … Read more

Explosion Zaandam on camera: ‘Extinguished everything on the sidewalk’ | Inland

On the sidewalk you can still see the stain where the explosive was just between two houses. Ⓒ Mediahuis ZAANDAM – The explosion at a house on the Ringweg in Zaandam can be seen on camera images. The police are investigating whether there is a connection with the explosion in Zaandijk a few days ago. … Read more

‘You are not gods’. People on the sidewalk in front of hygiene in Ostrava expressed their opinion Home

Prague / Ostrava Hour to hour. So suddenly the hygienic station in the Moravian-Silesian Region decided to tighten the measures, which led to stricter rules for wearing veils and especially the restriction of mass events or the operation of restaurants. The sudden restrictions provoked a wave of resistance not only among the opposition, which is … Read more

Gonnet: a family that was sweeping the leaves from the sidewalk, suffered a violent entradera

With weapons, threats and physical assault at least four individuals carried out in the last few hours a entradera in a sector of Gonnet, which allowed them to win a booty comprising cash and some valuables. On the basis of the data provided by a police source and by the film footage that had access … Read more