Arteta Asks Arsenal to Prepare More Than IDR 1.5 Trillion to Sign Juventus Duo

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal head coach who reportedly tested positive for coronavirus INDOSPORT.COM Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta reportedly wants to bring in the Juventus duo and prepare more than IDR 1.5 trillion in the winter transfer market. The two Juventus players Arteta wants are Dusan Vlahovic, who only joined in January 2022, and young midfielder Fabio … Read more

Women’s Basketball World Cup: the Belgian Cats sign a first success in group A

Taking advantage of the three-point efficiency of Julie Vanloo (4/5 in the first half), the Cats took off in the first quarter, concluded 26-12. The gap at the break increased to 20 points (50-30). The gap remained stable in the third quarter (69-50). In the last quarter, the Koreans came back to 15 lengths (69-54). … Read more

Easy to get sick? Be careful it’s a sign of a weak immune

autoimmune. (is) JAKARTA, Immune system is the foremost shield against viruses, bacteria, free radicals and other harmful compounds. Having a strong immune system can protect the body from the threat of various diseases. The body’s immune system is made up of white blood cells, antibodies and several other components. This system protects the body … Read more

Nightmares in your 40s or 50s may signal dementia

A study revealed that middle-aged adults who regularly have nightmares may be at risk for dementia. Release: 17:15 – September 21, 2022 Updated: 17:20 – September 21, 2022 EnglandA team from the University of Birmingham in Birmingham says bad dreams become more common as the years progress, before memory loss begins. According to the … Read more

Our nightmare is Alzheimer’s! Here is the first sign of the disease! Do not underestimate this symptom.

ANGRY AND RESTRICTION: Anger is an intense emotional response, while getting angry is a slightly more moderate response. If the patient’s mild nervous state is not noticed by his relatives; emotions escalate to anger. The patient may harm himself and his environment. DEPRESSION: Such patients have a lack of motivation, a feeling of staring and … Read more

When the Skin Appears This, That’s a Sign of High Diabetes Says dr. Ema Surya Pertiwi, Quickly Check!

North Sulawesi portal – Do you know, when there is a feature or symptoms like this in skinit is a sign that the body is experiencing diabetes. It is said when illness diabetes moderate or high blood sugar levels in the body can be checked if there is symptoms on skin like this. Or in … Read more

3 Days Late Payment of Installments, Forced to Sign Unit Return Agreement

I am Dian, an FIF customer in East Jakarta. I would like to ask FIF regarding the applicable policies. I have installments in FIF, due every 12th remaining, 11 more installments. I’m 3 days late this month. On the 15th, the collection team came, Fachru**** who gave a letter of agreement to return the unit. … Read more

Two German companies to sign long-term gas deals with Qatar

Three sources familiar with the matter said that German utility companies RWE and Uniper are close to concluding long-term deals to buy liquefied natural gas from… Qatar North Field Expansion Project To help provide an alternative to Russian gas. According to “Reuters”, the talks between Germany and Qatar witnessed disagreements over key terms, such as … Read more

Weekly horoscope 2022 for September 19-25. How will the new moon in Libra and the autumn equinox affect every sign of the zodiac?

The autumn equinox is a time of new beginnings that will further strengthen the new moon in Libra. This air sign is guided by a strong sense of justice. It symbolizes divine law, order and balance in love or business. It means “we” and “us”, not “me”. How will we feel under the influence of … Read more