10 List of US Banks that Went Bankrupt in the Crisis

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Three bank failures very quickly in United States of America (AS) is a perfect example of “bank runs”, the phenomenon when too many depositors withdraw their funds simultaneously. They were declared bankrupt in mid-March 2023. Two of the three banks are listed in the list of 10 US banks with the largest … Read more

Since the last crisis, the biggest collapse of US banks has not faded: it has assessed what problems it can cause for Europe

“I continue to think that the situation with the banking crisis in America has not been resolved – the structural problems have not disappeared,” says economist Alexander Izgorodin. Shaky confidence March was full of news for the American financial system, with the reported failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank. But another … Read more

SVB-Credit Suisse Collapsed, Sri Mulyani Called Bank Negara Maju’s Perception Collapsed

Jakarta – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati revealed that the fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which was followed by a number of other banks, caught the attention of many parties. Attention is also focused on the resilience of banks in the United States (US) and Europe. “Then it raised a lot of concern … Read more

Tensions in the world of big finance: Bank failures and the fear of money day after day

The global banking sector is probably under the most strain since the financial crisis of 2008. In the United States, two smaller banks failed, and then the Swiss giant Credit Suisse asked for a lifeline in an attempt to fend off the adverse financial situation. In addition to the regulatory authorities, large and globally important … Read more

A Number of Banks in the US and Europe Bankrupt, ASEAN Will Discuss the Impact

Tuesday, March 28 2023 – 03:44 WIB VIVA Business – The sudden bankruptcy of several banks in the United States (US), such as Silicon Valley Bank (SVC), Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank to banking in Europe, is of particular concern to countries in the ASEAN region. Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Dody Budi Waluyo … Read more

[Hong Kong News]Hundreds of billions of Chinese assets are flooding into Hong Kong? The banking industry responded; support Hong Kong people! “No Rioters” appeared in Causeway Bay; whistleblowers were rewarded Netizens: Arrival of the Cultural Revolution | Silicon Valley Bank | Centennial Credit Suisse | Thunderbolt | Hong Kong | Medium | Refusal to submit information | Stake Association | Appeal | Zou Xingtong | Anti-terrorism reporting hotline |

[Voice of Hope, March 23, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Zheng Xin) Hundreds of billions of Chinese assets pouring into Hong Kong?The banking world responded When Silicon Valley Bank and Centennial Credit Suisse exploded one after another, various rumors continued in the market. Recently, it was reported that hundreds of billions of European and American … Read more

The Collapse of SVB, and Our Economy

It was September 29, 2008. I had just finished holding a meeting in the Midtown area of ​​Manhattan, when television reported that Congress had rejected the Bush administration’s proposed $700 billion bailout package to save the financial sector. I decided to go to Wall Street. That day the capital markets in New York were crushed: … Read more

The turmoil in the US banking sector may open up new opportunities for future retirees

Although new details about the causes of bank insolvency continue to emerge, the currently available information shows poor quality risk management and significant deficiencies in control and supervision mechanisms in these banks. More than one media reports that this is the most serious upheaval in the US banking sector since 2008, when the US bank … Read more

How the Credit Suisse crisis can change our mortgages

First the bankruptcy of the American Silicon Valley Bank. Then the crisis of the Swiss Credit Suisse. And so, in the space of a few days, the ten largest European banks lost more than 50 billion euros in market capitalisation. The experts, however, call for calm: European institutions are in a much more solid position … Read more

UBS boss to lead new major bank after merger

Report: Silicon Valley Bank prospects According to a media report, there are prospective buyers for the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the USA. First Citizens BancShares is considering a bid, reports Bloomberg, citing insiders. At least one other company is also seriously considering a takeover. Initially, no comment was available from SVB and First … Read more