Launching a new project, “789SURVIVAL”, searching for a new Thai BOY GROUP artist!! “789TRAINEE” ready to prove their skills, sing, play, dance, rapping to the fullest

Wake up to build a project until it’s here!! latest TADA Entertainment ready to launch 789SURVIVAL Channel One 31 by leading 789TRAINEE All 24 trainees who have gone through intense training, come to MIX & MATCH through various missions to find the right chemistry. And the most perfect group of 7 or 8 or 9 … Read more

Amr Diab leads Tik Tok in East Asia .. “Rayqa” invades Indonesia, and young people sing it in the Egyptian dialect

FileFan Publish date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023 | Last updated: 5/17/2023 1:25:30 p.m Years after its launch, the song “Raika” by the great star Amr Diab topped the TikTok trend in East Asia, specifically in the country of Indonesia. In a precedent that is the first of its kind, a large number of young men … Read more

Watch.. Hossam Habib guides Sherine to sing and dance

Dubai – Al Published in: May 13, 2023: 08:11 AM GST Last updated: May 13, 2023: 08:58 AM GST Holding his hand, while he danced and sang with her, guiding her on the path of singing Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab With her husband, artist Hossam Habib, in their last wedding appearance. Sherine’s fans … Read more

Cuto Guadalupe criticizes Yahaira Plasencia for what she said about the salsa boat and why she prefers Daniela Darcourt: She never knew humility, I hope she studies to sing La Linares YouTube trcm | SHOWS

YOUR OPINION. Cuto Guadalupe has caused controversy for his statements against Yahaira Plasencia, ex-partner of his nephew Jefferson Farfán. In an interview with LaLinares, she pointed out that she prefers the salsa singer Daniela Darcourt for “light years” because she has prepared herself to have a better level of singing. “I prefer it far away, … Read more

Pictures | Ahmed Saad celebrates his daughter Alia’s first birthday.. How did you sing with him?

01:30 PM Sunday 07 May 2023 Cairo- Masrawy: Singer Ahmed Saad celebrated the birthday of his daughter Alia, who completed her first year. The celebration witnessed the presence of a number of close family friends, as well as the presence of his brother, the artist Amr Saad. Ahmed re-published pictures from the Christmas party, through … Read more

Supporters Napoli sing about Feyenoord during championship party

Where Napoli conquered the national title on Thursday evening, Feyenoord hopes to do that next weekend. It cannot be ruled out that some Neapolitans will travel to Rotterdam to join the party. The supporters groups of the clubs seem to get along well. During the celebration of the Scudetto in Naples, people even sang about … Read more

VIDEO | Neapolitans sing at championship party: “Capo…

Napoli’s national title was celebrated exuberantly Foto: © Pro Shots The Italian Napoli conquered the national title of Italy on Thursday evening. Luciano Spalletti’s team was unable to beat Udinese, but a 1-1 draw was enough to secure the title. After the national titles in 1987 and 1990 with Diego Maradona, the Neapolitans became champions … Read more

what is Marie Crimebrery’s new track “Little, sing” about – Afisha Daily

Singer Marie Kraymbreri, who at the end of 2021 became the most listened to performer on Yandex Music, released a new track – it was called “Little, sing.” Even before the premiere, Crimebrery emphasized that this song was special to her. She admitted in an interview that she initially wanted to record a musical invitation … Read more

Choirs and birds vote – director Krista Burāne creates a local show “All the birds sing beautifully” / Article

“All the Birds Sing Beautifully” will give the audience an unusual point of view on the borders of culture and nature, where the battle between cultured and natural, human order and the wildness of nature takes place. Within the framework of the performance, professional artists collaborate with young people who sing in choirs. Also, the … Read more