“Prairie” is excited to sit on the ceremonial podium. reveal heart status Ready to start over with anyone

heavy surprise because the entertainment industry is about to shake When the Channel 8 television station snatches the mother “Prairie Praiwan” The one who dares to smash every stream all social issues Became the host of the online program “Snatch the scene” for the first time, the hottest program of the year. who is ready … Read more

Li Bin: Weilai mobile phone development is smooth and Android users can sit and wait for the new phone release

According to news on November 27, Weilai held a face-to-face event with Li Bin today. At the scene, regarding the topic of NIO making mobile phones, NIO CEO Li Bin revealed: The mobile phone team has teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the progress is relatively smooth. Regarding when it will be released, Li Bin … Read more

Female pilots: How many women sit in the cockpit with which airline

Women are clearly underrepresented in the cockpit. For an airline type, the value is slightly higher. And there are also clear differences between the major airlines. 44 percent female physicians are opposed to 56 percent male physicians, 33 percent female astronauts 67 percent male astronauts and 21 percent female engineers 79 percent female engineers. In … Read more

WC football | Sit down and shut up! A Qatari fan grounded an Ecuadorian who was mocking alleged bribery

Shortly before the start of the championship, there were reports of alleged match fixing by the host country in its favour. Several Ecuadorian players were allegedly bribed by Qatari sheikhs. However, this information was released to the world by a well-known disinformation, and this time it was a hoax as well. The Ecuadorians clearly beat … Read more

6 obstacles for Trump to sit again in 2024 on the presidential chair.. Will he overcome them?

Sky News Arabia wrote: Former US President Donald Trump’s announcement of his candidacy for the presidential elections scheduled for 2024 sparked widespread reactions, amid talk of many obstacles that stand as a stumbling block on his way to returning to the White House again.. Trump submitted his candidacy papers to the US Federal Election Commission, … Read more