Employers sound the alarm: ‘One in eight employees at home due to corona rules, situation untenable’ Financial

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Joost Spijker 25 jan. 2022 in FINANCIAL Employers estimate the dropout rate due to illness and quarantine at 12%, according to a survey by AWVN. Ⓒ Photo ANP Amsterdam – The problems at companies due to the loss of employees are piling up. Supermarkets warn of empty shelves, … Read more

Landsberg: This dramatically changes our security situation

“I fully agree that today we are not just talking about Ukraine. Today we are talking about a world order based on universal principles and about Russia’s deliberate actions to destroy these principles. We must all be prepared to defend what was created after the Second World War, and we should not expect this defense … Read more

The situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is very serious, admits the German chancellor

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has rejected Russia’s demand to stop NATO’s expansion to the east in an interview published on Sunday in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). “The accession of new Eastern European countries to NATO is not on the agenda at all at the moment. Why are these demands from Russia? There can be no … Read more

The situation is getting hotter, the residents of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv are ready to fight Russia

KHARKIV, KOMPAS.com – Diplomatic talks between the West and Russia failed to produce a breakthrough and Moscow still had tens of thousands of troops on standby near the border Ukraine. Due to the heated situation, the residents Kota Kharkiv, Ukraine, prepare for the worst while still hoping for the best. Kharkiv is an industrial city … Read more

Shin Ji-yeon, who was released after ‘Solo Hell’, is paying attention to the actual current situation.

Shin Ji-yeon’s recent situation in ‘Solo Hell’ draws attention. Shin Ji-yeon’s Instagram On the 23rd, Shin Ji-yeon’s first YouTube video surpassed 1 million views, ranking 9th on YouTube’s most popular video. ‘Likes’ also received more than 30,000. YouTube ‘SHIN JIYEON’ Previously, Shin Ji-yeon opened a YouTube channel on the 17th and uploaded her first video … Read more

The 70-year-old old woman added leverage to invest in stocks and owed the brokerage tens of millions of dollars to the closing line. It was impossible to recover: the official said that the situation was untrue.

The 70-year-old old lady added leverage to invest in stocks and owed the brokerage tens of millions of dollars to fall below the closing line. A 69-year-old woman in Guangzhou added leverage to invest in stocks. CITIC Jiantou Securities granted a credit line of 66 million yuan for two financing. After falling below the liquidation … Read more

Ukraine complicates the situation .. Details of 90 minutes between Blinken and Lavrov

Despite the threat of severe US sanctions, Russia invaded UkraineAnd all the consequences that it has threatened over the past weeks, but US reports stated that Washington and Moscow failed to resolve differences during the meeting that included in Geneva, Friday, the foreign ministers of the two countries. In the details, US Secretary of State … Read more

NASA’s Swift Observatory may have failed to control the situation

NASA agency Observatorium Swift Neil Geirels It’s having a hard time after 17 years of mostly smooth service. Orbit explorer I’m in Safe mode after detecting “potential damage” in one of the six reaction wheels used to change the situation. While it’s not clear exactly what (if anything) went wrong, NASA has suspended directional science … Read more

Covid and school, from infections to quarantines: the situation and possible news to come

2/11 © Ansa In a hearing with the Culture Committee, Bianchi explained that the88,4% of the more than 7 million Italian students is continuing the face-to-face lessons, against 11.6% who instead follow them remotely for a total of 850 thousand children in Dad. And again, the classes that have activated Dad for all students are … Read more