UNIR signs an agreement with Microsoft to train and certify teachers in digital skills – Logroño

The teaching, beyond the current situation in which we find ourselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown how important it is to have a student-centered education system with teachers trained in digital skills who know how to implement technology in the day-to-day classroom and respond to the needs of students. This reality has led … Read more

presentation video with your skills (PC, Mac)

November 24, 202012 commentsRecent Hogger, the loathsome Chieftain of the Riverpaw and Scourge of Elwynn Forest, arrives at Heroes of The Storm at top speed as a medium-range assailant who smashes enemies into the terrain, scoops out their corpses, drops loot, and then repeats. the cycle. As usual in Blizzard, this video explains the main … Read more

The City and Microsoft sign an agreement to train 10,000 people in digital skills

The City and Microsoft sign an agreement to train 10,000 people in digital skills The City of Buenos Aires and Microsoft signed an agreement to train 10,000 people in digital skills. Through this initiative, it is possible to participate in certified and free online courses to facilitate access to the new opportunities introduced by the … Read more

Microsoft’s Latin America Education Forum concludes that students should learn skills like Blockchain

The Microsoft company extended this past November 12 the invitation to the Education Forum for Latin America, with the aim of interacting with educational leaders in the region on the challenges of remote learning in the face of Covid-19 and new technological skills such as blockchain, which the student must have in the future. This … Read more

Insurance broker: training and skills

Qualities of an insurance broker A connoisseur of the insurance market, the broker puts his expertise at the service of his clients. He helps them choose the best coverage from insurance companies’ offers and negotiates for the best rates. He first establishes a diagnosis of the client’s needs and offers him guarantees that correspond to … Read more

Protection of basic skills does not cannibalize the BU insurance

November 4, 2020 – The basic skills protection is an additional product for the protection of the workforce, which is taken out by a different customer group than the occupational disability insurance. This is what Klaus-Peter Klapper, Head of Product and Sales Marketing Biometrics at Stuttgart Life Insurance, says. In an interview, he explains his … Read more

White Paper: The soft skills of B2B Tech marketing in France

CMIT invites Solantis to share its vision as a recruiter in a white paper on the 5 soft skills of B2B tech marketing in France CMIT (the in tech marketers club) presents its new white paper on the soft skills of the B2B tech marketing sector in France. They are decisive for today’s job market. … Read more

Enhance your Microsoft Azure skills with the 2020 certification package

Looking to improve your skills by 2021? Microsoft Azure expertise is in high demand, with tens of thousands of job openings around the world paying a penny too. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service, dealing with databases, building, testing, deploying applications, working in data centers, and more. If that sounds like your cup of … Read more