Skoda started with crash tests because of the French. It was enough if the steering wheel did not impale the driver

According to witnesses, the first Škoda crash test took place in 1968, when a Škoda 1000 MB crashed into a wall at a speed of 20 km/h in the Mladá Boleslav AZNP plant. Official records are silent on this event, so the first historically documented test is the one that took place four years later. … Read more

Škoda Yeti pickup: No one knew about this car. A wasted chance was revealed after 10 years – Magazine – Auto

Škoda had a long tradition of producing commercial vehicles. However, everything ended in 2001 along with the end of Felicia Pickup production. It was a huge shame, because the Czech brand thereby freed up space for competition. And they were probably well aware of this in Mladá Boleslav, because at the turn of 2012 and … Read more

The legendary OHV engine powered Škoda for almost 40 years. He also liked VW – Magazín – Auto

Even engine stories can be an adventure. It survived the invasion of Russian troops in 1968, the fall of the Iron Curtain and even the turn of the millennium. When he was being developed, no one knew what a long career he had ahead of him. He started in Skoda 1000 MB and ended in … Read more

Test: Škoda Enyaq iV 60 – don’t be afraid of a smaller battery. And you’ll save more – Car tests – Auto

The biggest concern is electric cars with a short range. Is it therefore a good idea to choose a Skoda Enyaq iV with a smaller battery? In the test, this electric SUV did not disappoint us. No way. It was the smaller battery that brought it closer to the classic ones in terms of price. … Read more

Škoda Auto in Vrchlabí is increasing the production of gearboxes

The transition from original car production to seven-speed transmissions took place here exactly ten years ago. During that time, the workers here produced over four million of them. From the beginning of November, the plant will increase production and the number of shifts and will run seven days a week instead of the current five. … Read more

Škoda will enter the Vietnamese market

On Friday afternoon, Škoda Auto announced its expansion into the Vietnamese market. Already next year, he wants to sell some of his models in Vietnam. The automaker estimates the sales potential here at 30,000 cars per year, which is roughly half of what is sold on the Czech market. From 2024, cars manufactured in India … Read more

They discovered an incredible Škoda Favorit in Greece. It is a ‘time machine’ with 34 km – Magazine – Auto

Well, this is not often seen. The Greek owner of the Škoda Favorit locked it in the garage immediately after the purchase. She hasn’t moved since. She looks amazing, like she just came off the assembly line. Photo: Collecting Cars Skoda Favorit – 1993 The beautiful export version of Škoda Favorit ended up in Greece. … Read more

The state will give subsidies to electric cars, but not to private individuals

The Ministry of the Environment intends to subsidize the purchase of electric cars, but only to municipalities, regions, ministries, public benefit or non-profit companies. He can’t get at people. “After all, the price of electric cars is still such that they are not completely affordable. We want to support the growth of markets and shopping, … Read more

Škoda Superb 2023: the Russian revealed the design of the fourth generation of the flagship – Magazín – Auto

It didn’t take long, and shortly after the first spy shots of camouflaged test prototypes of the new Superb appeared on the Internet, here are the first unofficial illustrations. A well-known Russian graphic designer took care of them. Photo: Nikita Chuicko Skoda Superb IV. – unofficial illustration 2022 According to independent graphics, the new Superb … Read more

Škoda is already planning an electric Octavia, but we will have to wait a few more years

One day it will have to happen – the icon of Czech roads Škoda Octavia will exchange TDI for electricity. To some, it may seem like the music of the distant future, but according to the British website Autocar, the automaker is already making plans for such a car. It refers to Klaus Zellmer, the … Read more