The Pokémon Metapod goes viral after becoming an original and strange sleeping bag

The plump and squishy Snorlax has already become a cushion-mattress, and the famous Pikachu used its rays to be a lamp, so it is not surprising that products continue to arrive. Pokémon just as original. The last of these is a Metapod-shaped sleeping bag, the Silk cocoon Pokémon, the perfect creature to stay still and … Read more

Turkey earthquake: “There are four of us sleeping in a car”: thousands of people in Turkey sleep in the open after the earthquake that has caused at least 28 deaths

Nurhan Altay energetically serves tea and coffee to dozens of people who roam the Bayrakli neighborhood of Izmir, where hours before a strong earthquake struck the Turkish coast and it caused at least twenty-eight deaths and almost nine hundred wounded in this city. “My building has collapsed, tonight I will not be able to return … Read more

Are we Spaniards sleeping soundly?

I have just seen a video that these days runs on the networks in which our President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during an electoral campaign, ironically criticized his current vice president because he said that, after the enumeration of a series of rights and freedoms – according to he stolen by the right in … Read more

Microsoft Edge’s ‘sleeping tabs’ reduce RAM consumption by 26%, according to company

Microsoft has proposed that its browser optimize the use of resources on our computers as much as possible, and for this purpose it has proposed to improve the Chromium technology implemented what they have called ‘sleeping tabs’ or ‘sleeping tabs’.

This technology coming soon to Microsoft Edge trials (Canary and Dev channels), but Microsoft already offers concrete data on the saving of resources that we can expect and that, according to what they say “should translate into a notable battery saving”:

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Clara Gopa’s Testimony After Dewi Perssik Is Slandered Sleeping Another Man

Jakarta, Insertlive – Dewi Perssik got furious after receiving it slander from one of the men who claimed to be his employee named Iman. Dewi is slandered as having a bad personality to the point that she has having body contact by Faith. In this case, Clara Gopa, one of Dewi’s friends, immediately gave her … Read more

“There the people are sleeping on the streets.” Famous boxer Alexander Povetkin compares life in Russia and the USA – Martial Arts – – Sports

The 41-year-old Russian boxer surprisingly killed Dilien White in August, becoming the WBC heavyweight temporary champion. In a conversation with the mentioned Youtube channel, the boxer revealed that during his career he was invited to such countries as Australia, Germany and also the USA, however, he has always remained loyal to Russia. “I’m happy with … Read more

Sentenced to prison for blowing air into a sleeping party participant with a compressor – VG

FIVE CONVICTED: Five men in their 20s have been convicted in Jæren District Court after blowing air into a sleeping party participant. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB scanpix Five men have been convicted in Jæren District Court after they all participated when a man fell asleep at a party and had 13 liters of compressed … Read more

Sleeping fishermen stabbed with bottles at Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek

Along the canal at safari park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek, two fishermen from Haaren were injured in a stabbing last night. They have been taken to hospital. Due to the seriousness of the situation, two ambulances and a trauma helicopter were called in. The stabbing was at 1.45 am. According to a witness, the fishermen … Read more

Prevent disease, don’t forget to turn off the lights while sleeping – There are people who can’t sleep in the dark, some have to turn off the lights. But, ideally, the lights are turned off during sleep to stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone in the brain that regulates sleep cycles and quality. Quoting, melatonin will be higher when you are in a … Read more