Shams Al-Kuwaiti in a sleeping dress in her first dramatic experience – in pictures

Kuwaiti actress Shams revealed her first dramatic experience, and the character “Ibtisam”, which she embodies in the series “Surra Al-Batea”. And Shams Al-Kuwaiti appeared in the scenes from the bedroom, wearing a blue nightgown, and commented: “Ibtisam, from the series Surra Al-Bataa, wait for me with my first dramatic experience in the Egyptian drama, and … Read more

The hero has arrived.. Watch a very beautiful Egyptian peasant woman from the sleeping room challenging the most famous dancer in the world. A peasant dance compass swept Sama Al-Masry and Miss Russia Safinaz.. Watch

A video clip of a housewife dancing in a strange way than usual was spread on social media. In the clip, which was circulated by activists on Twitter, a housewife dances a popular dance in an exciting way that won the admiration of the viewers. Another video clip sparked a lot of controversy on social … Read more

It happened while you were sleeping. China wants to force Ukraine. Pressure on Kuleba – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet Anger shook Paris after French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne used a special procedure to push an unwanted pension bill through the National Assembly without a vote on Thursday, Putin appeals to his rich friends, and American California is flooded with rains and mudslides – it was happening in the world overnight from Thursday … Read more

【Sleeping Beauty】Mother of two suffers from “narcolepsy” and sleeps 22 hours a day, forced to quit her job and live on liquid food at home-Hong Kong Economic Daily- TOPick – Health- Health Information

Insomnia can seriously affect the quality of daily life, and it turns out that sleeping too much can also cause trouble. A woman in the United Kingdom has been dubbed the real-life “Sleeping Beauty” because she can’t help falling asleep anytime, anywhere. This disease troubled her very much, and she had to quit her job … Read more

It happened while you were sleeping. Salwa from Korea. Tension on the peninsula is growing – WP Wiadomosci

Karina Strzelinska, 10 mark 2023 07:30 share Tweet We present a list of events from last night. We have collected some of the most important ones. Keep up to date with events in Poland and the war in Ukraine by clicking HERE Also follow events in Ukraine in our LIVE FEATURES Kim Jong Un has … Read more

Parents give sleeping pills to children in Afghanistan because they have no food, Bendl from Doctors Without Borders describes the situation

How would you describe a day in Kabul? A day in Kabul is relatively quiet. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of Afghanistan. A huge problem is unavailable food. Malnutrition is the topic we are talking about most often now, and unfortunately, it brings with it stories that are sometimes difficult to … Read more

“I left my sleeping daughter and saw her again four months later”

Early March 2022. While war has been raging for a few days in Ukraine, 250 Belgian soldiers fly to Romania to reaffirm NATO’s determination to defend its territory in the event of a Russian advance. A detachment composed largely of elements of 1/3 Lanciers, a motorized infantry battalion barracked in Marche-en-Famenne. This departure is not … Read more

A hundred asylum seekers have been sleeping for months on the street in Liège following an administrative imbroglio between Fedasil and the CPAS

This is a problem worthy of a Kafka novel that has been going on for months between Fedasil and the CPAS in the big cities. And particularly those of Brussels and Liège. “Since September, Fedasil has been unable to accommodate all asylum seekers,” explains Jean-Paul Bonjean, president of the CPAS in Liège. And on the … Read more