A mother in Slovakia let her toddler drive the car. And she made a video for the police

The police pointed out that the toddler was not in a car seat and was turning the steering wheel while driving. The driver faces a fine of up to 100 euros (2380 crowns). “The driver’s behavior is a flagrant example of irresponsible behavior, which can lead to serious consequences. A child on the knees of … Read more

An avalanche in the High Tatras killed two climbers

The fall of the avalanche was reported on Sunday evening by a Polish mountaineer between the first and second Grósz icefalls. He himself remained partially buried. But he did not know what happened to his two colleagues. Mountain rescuers searched the place. Using an avalanche search engine, they located the missing climbers, then dug them … Read more

The Ukrainian family fled to Slovakia before death. A man died in a crash

A Ukrainian couple fled the Russian invasion of Slovakia. But he did not find happiness there for a long time either. Pregnant 30-year-old Alona and her 11-year-old son from a previous relationship Lev lost their expectant father Oleksandr in a tragic traffic accident. Before death, a Ukrainian family was fleeing their country, which was invaded … Read more

Slovaks love them: These are the best-selling SUVs in Slovakia for 2022

The trend of sport-utility vehicles or similar smaller crossovers is obvious and does not only concern the Slovak market itself. Models on a higher chassis, often without all-wheel drive or any off-road ambitions, have dominated Europe as such in recent years. We have recently been to you they brought insight of the best-selling vehicles on … Read more

It snowed again in western Slovakia, including Bratislava. Another wave of snow is approaching

During the night, it snowed in several places, especially in western and northwestern Slovakia. Although the snow cover is not significant, it is definitely pleasing. However, another wave of snow will soon arrive, which will bring even more significant precipitation. Several areas of our territory, especially in western and northwestern Slovakia, woke up at dawn … Read more

Czechia – Slovakia 4:1, Gold! Czech women’s hockey players dominated the Youth Olympics. A snowboarder also added to the triumph

The Czech women’s ice hockey players in the basic group already managed a key duel with Sweden, which they defeated 3:2 after raids. Only the winner from the group of four advanced to the finals. After that, Germany and Italy were easily defeated and the federal derby was waiting for them in the fight for … Read more

Dzurinda returns to the scene in Slovakia

The basic value conditions of the Blue Coalition will be membership of Western civilization, the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance, the protection of democracy and the rule of law, a sustainable and competitive economy. The aim of the party is to stop decay and chaos. “Our first goal is to stop the decay and … Read more

Czechs know how to make money on deposits, in Slovakia the interest rates are miserable. Where to look for an escape from 15 percent inflation? – People – Economy

Inflation will probably not be defeated even in 2023. If someone tried to defeat it, they would have to take significant risks. And the average Slovak is not really used to that. However, smart investing can reduce the loss that inflation creates. In December, price growth in Slovakia exceeded fifteen percent, and for people with … Read more

Slovak Car of the Year recognizes the winner. Would you also tip him? – Magazine – Car

As many as three cars of the Stellantis concern made it to the finals. They were joined by three Asian brands and Dacia Duster. Photo: Car of the year The Slovak Car of the Year 2023 survey already knows the winner. While we write who won and what was the ranking, try to guess the … Read more

Low turnout scuttles Slovakia’s referendum

The Slovak constitutional referendum “for” or “against” early parliamentary elections is invalid due to low voter turnout. That’s what they’re still showing partial survey results released shortly after 23:00 local time on the SME website. It is clear from them that the voter turnout is well below the 50 percent required to be declared valid … Read more