Slovakia – Belarus 1:1, Croatia and the Netherlands are in the Final Four of the League of Nations. The Slovaks did not win even a second time under the new coach

In view of the great 4:1 win in Belgium, it was enough for the Netherlands not to lose by three or more goals in the home rematch. Home captain Van Dijk decided the long-matched match with a header from a corner in the 73rd minute. The Dutch won five times and drew once in six … Read more

A shocking poll showed that the majority of Slovaks want Russia to win

The fact that Slovakia as a country is relatively opinionally polarized has been talked about for a long time. The project also aims to find out how much and what is currently troubling Slovaks or what their opinions are How are you, Slovakia? “A series of studies since the first days of the pandemic have … Read more

The eldest of the Šťastný brothers died

In his youth, the eldest of the brothers was a hockey goalkeeper, but in the end he prioritized his studies over a professional career. “He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at the Comenius University in Bratislava. After school, he never returned to hockey as a player,” the website reported. He … Read more

The owner of Skoda threatens to move production from the Czech Republic. They are afraid of a lack of gas

The German automobile concern Volkswagen is worried about the persistent shortage of natural gas. There is also the possibility that it will move its production from Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the countries of southwestern and northern Europe. In addition to households, the current energy crisis also threatens European industry. For example, Volkswagen … Read more

Shame on the Slovaks, the terrible debut of the coach! The media is beating the team after the shocking loss

The Slovak national football team is in an unprecedented crisis, from which there will most likely be a very difficult way out. On Thursday, it suffered its third defeat in the “C” group of the League of Nations, when it was not enough against Azerbaijan at its stadium. After this debacle, the national team of … Read more

The defender who left Prien is moving to Slovakia

Last season he played in the “Labas GAS” team in Prien T.J.Eaddy found a new club. The 26-year-old 188 cm tall defender will play in Slovakia next season and defend the honor of Lučenec BKM. In the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL), TJEaddy scored 9.2 points, 1.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists and collected 6.1 utility points in … Read more

Saudek has a son in Slovakia: She went to the doctor with an ampoule! What about Pavlína?

“I have a son in Slovakia,” he surprised Saudi by his confession. “It’s from artificial insemination. She had the best time. She went to the doctor with the ampoule. I’m drunk every night, unable to get into that girl,” he specified something else that perhaps no one needed to know. Another covid in Stardance and … Read more

Slovakia robbed of points? The match against Kolín was also lost due to bad verdicts by the referee

Source: FC Viktoria Plzeň After the opening match in the European Conference League, which drew 3:3 at home, it arrived Slovakia to Cologne to try to surprise the home favorite. The team from Uherské Hradiště tried the whole match, but in the end they leave with a 2:4 loss. Unfortunately, there were a few wrong … Read more

Slovak scandal. In voting for the representation of players from the KHL, everything is different

“The Executive Committee and the Slovak Ice Hockey Association will always respect international agreements and the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic. We believe that the players currently operating in Russia do not violate international agreements or our laws,” the union said last Thursday. But it is not clear how he arrived at this verdict, … Read more

Ridiculous and primitive reasoning! The legendary Šťastný leaned hard on the Slovak union

The world champion pointed out that the civilized world condemns, isolates or boycotts Russians and Belarusians for these atrocities. “I am a big fan of Miro Šatan (president of the SZLH – editor’s note) and I personally think that he came to Slovak hockey in November 1989 only because of his election, even though Mišo … Read more