Pandemic will slow down the sharp rise in the price of flats in Prague, but cheaper rentals are only temporary – ČT24 – Czech Television

There is an apartment for sale in an apartment building in Prague-Vinohrady, which until recently was used for short-term rentals. “This apartment is 3 + kk, 70 square meters, is after reconstruction. It was used for AirBnB or for, “describes the broker Radim Hašek from Realitní kancelář Hašek and Partners. The apartment has been … Read more

The bourgeois and SD want to slow down immigration to Sweden – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– What we have agreed on today is far from our level of ambition, but it is a step in the right direction, writes the Sweden Democrats’ leader Jimmie Åkeson in a press release. – Together with a united opposition, we are making an effort to tighten migration legislation and limit immigration to Sweden, he … Read more

Pauluzzi: “Failure in the Champions League would slow down the growth path but it could help to make a skimming”

AC Milan grows and evolves within the strategic Chinese market. The recent recognition as the strongest Italian football brand in the country – according to YouGov data – is joined by several sector awards won in China for their commitment in the digital world. In…

Coronavirus vaccinations slow those against diseases such as measles

The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners have called for action to boost immunization against diseases such as measles and polio around the world after the coronavirus pandemic severely disrupted access to what had become routine vaccines. “If we are to avoid multiple outbreaks of deadly diseases like measles, yellow fever and diphtheria, we need … Read more

Setti gives a hand to Inter, Milan and Juve: ‘No to the Super League, but let’s go slow with the penalties …’ VIDEO | A league

The president of Hellas Verona, Maurizio Put spoke to the microphones of Dazn on the eve of the match against Inter, extending a hand to the three clubs (Juve and Milan as well as the Nerazzurri ed.) protagonists in the creation of the Super League. San Siro match. NOT ALLA SUPERLEGA – “On the Super … Read more

Slow start for the Volkswagen ID.3: here are the figures

The Volkswagen ID.3 at the exit of the assembly line (photo: Volkswagen Newsroom). Slow start for the Volkswagen ID.3: the sales figures for the first quarter of 2021 show that there is still a long way to go to become “the electric of the people”. Slow start throughout Europe, including Italy The Wolfsburg brand presented … Read more

Slow vaccination, variants and false sense of security are an additional danger to COVID-19

The deployment of vaccines in Europe is “unacceptably” slow, said the director of the World Health Organization for that region. “As the variants of greatest concern continue to spread and the pressure on hospitals increases, religious festivals are leading to greater mobility. Accelerating the implementation of vaccination is essential, since new cases in Europe are … Read more

Slow, fragile vaccines, chaos lists. Urgent meeting to speed up – Chronicle

Stock image After announcing that the booking of the sixty-year-olds would also start this week, the Tuscan governor Eugenio Giani brakes for a few days. He will still wait, about ten days but not more, to open the portal and program them later in time (perhaps in June) and in the meantime proceed with the … Read more

The race to the pill against covid proceeds in slow motion, but …

April 2020: an ambulance picks up a possible covid patient near Liège. Whether the pill really makes a difference – and thus reduces the risk of hospitalization – will be known in September or October. — © afp The drug company Merck is investigating whether molnupiravir can prevent the first symptoms from derailing into severe … Read more