the blue jacket, the frames, the desk, the smile. The leader of FI on social media as in the ’94 video –

from Fabrizio Roncone For the video-column inaugurated on Instagram, the former premier has chosen the same scenography as 28 years ago. Flat tax first pill of the program: “23% for all” I capelli. We have to start with the hair. The Knight is still full of hair. Black, dense, perfectly glued. All of us, on … Read more

Chok, the parade, fulfilled the promise, went to a concert with a ball, invited to smile, in Songkhla, the audience was crowded.

Thairath Online 5 Aug. 2022 1:06 p.m. After clearing the crux of the drama between ball smile and good luck parade or luck luck which luck side did as he said is to come back to receive the 50 held concerts, which previously had gone to the show in Nakhon Ratchasima And last night (Aug. … Read more

Josephine, Guardian Angel – The Mummy’s Smile – Josephine, Guardian Angel

When Joséphine arrives near Louise, a talented young Egyptologist, she begins the study of the Neferet mummy. Just discovered in Egypt, this mummy would be evil. Evidenced by the cobra that nested in his sarcophagus or the many events that accompany the work of Louise. Joséphine herself begins to doubt… Is she there to protect … Read more

Black Ant speaks clearly! The name of this heroine is leaked as a girl in the news. Ambush with the hero, Y smile melts?

Black Mod Kachapha said the name of this heroine is expected to be The hottest actresses in the news ambush with the heroine with the name of the protagonist making legs mount ears Play with legs, mount ears, can’t be amazed after the page, Jay Moi 108 came out to mount the hot news of … Read more

The video of Monika Bagárová’s daughter will make you smile!

One of the most famous children of Czechoslovak show business is definitely the daughter of singer Monika Bagárová. This week, little Rumia became a big congratulatory girl who warmed her beloved relative’s heart. It’s been more than two years since the family of the popular Super Star added a sweet little sun, who spreads joy … Read more

This PNS in the Philippines City Must Smile, if Not Friendly Fine 6 Months Salary

MULANAY, – Aristoteles Aguirre There is nothing like a snowflake Filipina obligating civil servants to smile. If not friendly, PNS will be punished. This regulation was made to improve local government services, which local residents consider unfriendly. Aristotle Aguirre implemented a “must smile” policy this month after being sworn in as an official in … Read more

Tim Cook had never spoken so clearly about Apple Glasses. Smile on the face: “stay tuned”

Tim Cook is an affable guy in their interviews. His southern accent makes him closer, giving the impression that he could tell us any Apple secret. But it’s not like that. To the questions of journalists and analysts about products and future plans of his company, Cook becomes a wall. And he doesn’t let go. … Read more

The first ride with a Mercedes-AMG SL in the Czech Republic: A smile on your face in any weather

The new generation of the SL roadster has arrived in the Czech Republic. Exclusively with AMG badges and a four-liter eight-cylinder under the hood. Brand new Mercedes-AMG SL I was able to meet for the first time under AMG Driving Experience on the polygon of the Brno autodrome (we will get to other activities that … Read more