Zoo Polar Bear, enjoy in a big way, the terrible snowfall of Texas

A curious and sobering moment has been captured on video and it is that in these images you can see a very polar enjoy in a big way in a zoo the heavy snowfalls that have occurred in Texas and other parts of U.S. Heavy snowfalls have caused power outages, plumbing damage and other conditions, … Read more

Photo 1: Hondurans in the US share images of historic snowfall in Texas

Hondurans living in Texas show images of the winter storm that has frozen the southern state. The winter storm that has caused at least 10 deaths and left millions without electricity in the United States is hitting Texas hard, a state where thousands of Honduran immigrants affected by the heavy snows reside. .

They catch a polar bear playing in the snow during the worst snowfall in the United States

Drafting U.S.- While much of the United States is suffering from Winter storms and their aftermath such as massive blackouts, low temperatures and lack of heating, wildlife from cold habitats are enjoying the weather. In social networks, a video has gone viral in which a tender and huge polar bear is shown playing and relaxing … Read more

Emergency mode introduced in three regions of Crimea and Kerch

Photo: RIA Novosti Traffic on the Kerch Bridge is blocked In Kerch and nearby areas, the monthly rainfall fell overnight. Traffic on the Kerch bridge is closed. An emergency threat regime has been introduced in three regions of Crimea and in Kerch. Traffic on part of the Tavrida highway will be blocked from 15:30 due … Read more

It’s Not Wind Farms: Why is Texas Power Paralyzed by Snowfall? | International

The cold snap that has hit the southern United States left millions of homes and businesses without power in Texas, the largest oil and gas producer in the country. According to the website Power OutageMore than 2.7 million customers were without power as of Wednesday afternoon in Texas, the only one of the nation’s 48 … Read more

Camel Viral Video Called Confusion with Snow in Saudi Arabia

KOMPAS.com – A video showing a number unta was trapped inside snowstorm of Saudi Arabia when winter went viral on social media on Thursday (18/2/2021). The winter began to blanket most countries in the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, to Lebanon. The video clip was uploaded by Joyce Karam’s Twitter account, @Joyce_Karam. “Woah. … Read more

They capture polar bears playing during heavy snowfall in the US

Blizzard, a polar bear playing with snow, was captured at a zoo in Washington state, in the United States. The images went viral through a video posted on the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium’s official Facebook page. Blizzard is the name of the 25-year-old polar bear who had fun playing with snow, and according to … Read more

SMN expects low temperatures and snowfall in northern Mexico

The National Meteorological System (SMN) of Conagua announced that, for the first hours of February 15, a possible fall of sleet or snow is forecast in the mountains of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. Likewise, a frigid environment with fog is expected in the north and northeast of Mexico; snowfalls in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo … Read more

VIDEO | ‘Blizzard’, polar bear enjoying snowfall at US zoo

World Snowstorms hit much of the United States. For: Drafting·February 16, 2021 ‘Blizzard’ was rescued as a puppy who was orphaned. Photo: Facebook take / Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. An amazing snowstorm has painted several states white and left great effects on the American UnionHowever, not everything is as bad as it seems. The … Read more