Video – Messi’s vacation in Ibiza occupies the media and social media

Social media was filled with videos and pictures of the diaries of Argentine star Lionel Messi and football players on their vacation on the Spanish island of Ibiza.Because the greatest attention is focused on Messi, the player has been seen in cafes, beach bars, swimming pools and boats.A new video of him, accompanied by Frenchman … Read more

Joel Mardinian’s kiss to her son on his mouth caused confusion on social media

Posted by IntroductionJoel MardinianA picture of her from the pool with her son teaching him to swim, and in one of the pictures, Mardinian appeared kissing him on his mouth, which caused confusion among the pioneers of social networking sites, who opposed the mother kissing her son in this way, while she is in a … Read more

After the waiting period is over.. Ahmed al-Fishawy’s divorced wife Omar Kamal ignites social networking sites.. The first pictures from the Fifth Settlement!!

Many social media pioneers shared news of Nada Al-Kamel and Omar Kamal’s association. This came after the festival singer gifted her a song at one of the parties that Nada Kamel attended in the Fifth Settlement, which is the song “Al-Kadabeen” by artist Sherine Abdel Wahab. . saying: Sorry, Nada.. in shrewdness, and some pointed … Read more

How Does the Latest WhatsApp Social Spy Work? Can WhatsApp Hack? Check Other Options Tap WA

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Check out how to use Social Spy WhatsApp latest, can you tap? WhatsApp? See also alternatives to wiretapping WA. Many curious users want to use Social Spy WhatsApp which is called tapping WhatsApp. Many talk about Social Spy WhatsApp because it is easy to use and can be tapped WhatsApp. In fact, users … Read more

Instagram: how to change the letters in my profile description? | social networks | apps | application | tutorials

Instagram has become one of the best social networks on the market, mainly for those users who want to make the leap to content creation. A method that can be done to be able to grow in the app is to draw the impression of other people with funny videos, photos and reelsbut without neglecting … Read more

Looking to the future: what will be the social platforms of tomorrow?

When we think about the future of social media, we often have a pessimistic, almost dystopian view. This is probably due to the fact that we care more and more about privacy issues and the social and humanitarian commitment of the corporations behind our social networks. Indeed, around the world, we talk a lot about … Read more

How much time is there to delete messages sent on social networks

Social networks. (photo: YouTube) For people to communicate with friends and family, they always use messaging apps y social networks as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram y Signal In this sense, a large number of messages are sent during the day, so it is normal for users to make mistakes. Not all these applications allow … Read more

Social tariffs, temporary unemployment, savings accounts… here is everything that changes on July 1

The social rate is a reduced rate reserved for certain categories of people or households, such as those entitled to integration income, tenants of social housing or beneficiaries of the income guarantee for the elderly (Grapa) . It is the same for all energy suppliers and is set every three months by the Creg. The … Read more

Is it a hoax? Video of a Ukrainian man shaving next to a rocket, split social networks

Check out a selection of viral videos from this week. From what was circulating on the Internet and social networks, the video team was attracted by a man who calmly shaved his beard by an unexploded Russian rocket, a dog who fell in love with the film, and a little girl who fainted on the … Read more