Priyanka Chopra’s completely nude pictures are making waves on social media!

Social media pioneers shared a picture of the actress and former Miss World ​Priyanka Chopra​, while she is completely naked without any piece of clothing, and lies on her back, highlighting her bare butt in a way that provoked the audience, and they considered her rude.Priyanka revealed that Quantico’s car sex scene is her favourite, … Read more

SUPER GREEN PASS, the new rules will exclude NO-VAX from social life. Updates »

COVID: SUPER GREEN PASS, the new rules will exclude NO-VAX from social life. Updates SUPER GREEN PASS, the new rules against NO-VAXFrom January 10 has entered into force the obligation of the Super Green Pass for different places and activities. We remind you that the enhanced green certification is required in the white, yellow and … Read more

Belqis video spontaneously ignites social networking sites!

Yemeni artist contactBilqisMarketing for the music video for her new song “patient​” Which she released in the Moroccan dialect, and photographed in a remote village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.Belqis published a spontaneous video clip of her, in which she appeared as she danced in the Moroccan way and with a clear humor to … Read more

The video of Jennifer Lopez dancing in a scandalous way is sweeping social networking sites!

A video clip of the international artist was recently spread on social mediaJennifer LopezShe dances in a scandalous manner.Jennifer appeared sitting on the floor and doing very exciting and daring moves.The public objected to Jennifer’s behavior and considered it to be crossing the line.The video is from a scene from an old movie by Jennifer, … Read more

Tomás Mojarro “El Valedor”, a life dedicated to social criticism and political analysis

For decades, every Sunday at 11 a.m., by the sign of Radio UNAM, the writer and journalist Tomás Mojarro exercised political and social criticism. In his mythical program “Sunday 6”, the Mexican writer and leftist intellectual who became known as “The Valedor” made use of humor, sarcasm and political satire to dismantle the sayings of … Read more

Like 3 times got pranked, after being left by a famous lawyer and KPAI, now Doddy Sudrajat is biting his finger again after reporting to the Ministry of Social Affairs, what’s going on?

Figure.ID – Constantly a public discussion, Vanessa Angel’s late father, Doddy Sudrajat reap a lot of comments recently. After some time ago left by a famous lawyer, Sunan Kalijaga until not defended by Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), now Doddy Sudrajat again have to bite the finger. How come? the report on Ministry of Social … Read more

Doddy Sudrajat Loses Again, The Sky Gala House Won’t Be Confiscated by the State: The Ministry of Social Affairs Supports!

Sosok.ID – Follow up reports Doddy Sudrajat, Marissya Icha conduct virtual meetings with parties Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs). Ministry of Social Affairs check the report Doddy Sudrajat about Donate house for Gala Sky Andriansyah. Party Doddy Sudrajat sued this because of the fundraising that was initiated Marissya Icha considered unlicensed. On … Read more

One of the greatest surviving Russian actors, Leonid Kuravlev, is hospitalized and people on social media are judging his children.

THIS MESSAGE (MATERIAL) IS CREATED AND (OR) DISTRIBUTED BY A FOREIGN MASS MEDIA PERFORMING THE FUNCTIONS OF A FOREIGN AGENT, AND (OR) A RUSSIAN LEGAL OFFICER AND A FUNCTIONAL OFFICER. The media reported that he was admitted to the hospital from a “nursing home.” According to media reports, 85-year-old Leonid Kuravlev with a diagnosis of … Read more

Gendarmerie revealed that 144 detainees of the social outbreak are in preventive prison

One Gendarmerie report turned over to the Senate realized that there are currently 144 detained for crimes of violence associated with “social outbreak“subject to preventive detention. The report was delivered to the president of the Upper House, Ximena Rincon, who in turn referred it to the President Sebastián Piñera in order to demonstrate that some … Read more