Featured Chat GPT can pretend to be a Linux computer

Now the Deepmind researcher has Jonas Degrave figured out how to get Open AI’s chatbot Chat GPT to simulate a Linux shell and role-play a bulletin board system. The simulation is described as fairly in-depth. For example, the Linux virtual machine can run code that produces correct results, create virtual files, and assemble simple games. … Read more

One of the most popular Galaxy phones gets huge software update

The Samsung Galaxy A51 gets the update to Android 13. (Image source: GIGA) Samsung is stepping on the gas with software updates and is now supplying one of the most popular Galaxy cell phones in Europe. This not only receives a current security update, but also completely revised software with Android 13 and One UI … Read more

Google unveils December software update for ‘Pixel Watch’… Adds fall function in 2023

On the 5th (local time), Google released the December software update for the Pixel Watch. This Pixel Watch update focused on fixing bugs that have been reported so far instead of introducing new features. First, fixes and improvements were made to hands-free profile (HFP) calling, and single-tap support for enabling/disabling battery saver was added. Also … Read more

Microsoft is planning tool launchers for power toys

December 5, 2022 – With a tool launcher for power toys, Microsoft wants to make it easier to access the tools they contain. However, the development of the function is still in the planning stage. Microsoft is currently working on a function for power toys that should make it easier to access the tools they … Read more

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Square Enix’ FAQ reveals more info on the remaster’s graphics, engine and music – ntower

It’s a huge undertaking to make a game for all available platforms! How did you do that? We deployed the game engine to support multiple platforms. Because the specs are different for each platform, we measured each processing load and set the optimal resolution and frame rate for each platform. Even after that, there were … Read more

AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 22.11.2 is coming, what’s new?

AMD Software Adrenalin Edition Auteur : Jerome Gianoli In Graphics Cards 02/12/2022 AMD offers new graphics drivers, Software Adrenalin 22.11.2. Available for download, they provide optimizations and fix bugs. These Software Adrenalin 22.11.2 graphic drivers are in BETA version. They feature optimizations for The Callisto Protocol, Need for Speed ​​Unbound, and The Witcher 3: Wild … Read more

A Bulgarian software company has created a platform for customer service and communication

Social networks, chats, messengers, e-mails – businesses that work with customers notice that their users are increasingly shifting “business” communication to the previously considered informal channels of communication through which they communicate with their friends and families. People expect to receive quality service and an answer to their queries not only on email and phone, … Read more

Portaltic.-A new campaign takes advantage of TikTok’s ‘Invisible Challenge’ to encourage the installation of malicious software

MADRID, 30 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) – A new reto en TikTok has become the excuse for cybercriminals to distribute a malware campaign encouraging users of this popular social network to install the program and put their devices at risk. One of the most recent viral challenges on the TikTok platform is the so-called ‘Invisible challenge’, in … Read more

Europe is not yet settled – Russia’s oil ceiling is set I TNN Money hour I 28-11-65

Europe still has no conclusions – Set Russian oil ceiling I TNN Hours of making money I 28-11-65 #TNNHours of money #Jia Sophon #Praewwanwanich Hot issue: The oil group avoids it first. Strong tourism momentum Follow-up factors 1. Russia retaliated against the G7 countries and Europe on a draft decree banning the sale of oil … Read more

Be careful with your graphics card software, a new cyber threat hits the popular MSI Afterburner

Those of us who play on PC and want to fine-tune the performance of our graphics cards know Afterburner, the MSI program to monitor and modify some parameters of our graphics cards. GPU. It is a very useful program, and for that reason hay hackers They have made it their next target. whether you are … Read more