Children of DPRD Members Raped Junior High School Students, Then Shackled and Sold at Rp. 400 Thousand

BEKASI – AT (21), the son of a member of the Bekasi DPRD, is suspected of raping and imprisoning a junior high school student with the initials PU (15). AT also sells PU to masher at a rate of IDR 400 thousand. Quoted from, AT’s outrage towards PU was revealed by the Head of … Read more

Switzerland, the tale of Dadvan, the young Kurdish refugee who became a millionaire thanks to Pokemon sold in exchange for Bitcoin

LUGANO – Pokemon in exchange for bitcoins and the dream of the redemption of a very young Kurdish-Iraqi refugee is realized in Switzerland, today a multimillionaire thanks to cryptocurrency and an ingenuity worthy of the best talents in Silicon Valley. It is the story, bordering on the unbelievable, of Dadvan Yousuf, now 21, who fled … Read more

Coinbase CEO sold $ 291.8 million worth of shares on the day of its Nasdaq debut

Published: 19 abr 2021 04:33 GMT During its first day of public offering for sale, the capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US reached 99.6 billion dollars. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, sold a total of $ 291.8 million in shares on Wednesday, in the company’s … Read more

PlayStation 5 has sold faster than any other console in the United States

PlayStation 5 has set a new record as the fastest-selling console in US history. It reports the analysis agency NPD Group. PlayStation 5. Image: Sony It was NPD top Mat Piscatella who recently put five statistics via Twitter. No official figures were revealed, but according to Piscatella, PlayStation 5 has sold more devices and earned … Read more

Tuscany, for the over 70s, the bookings for the vaccine are reopened and already sold out

Ready, let’s go. Vaccine bookings in Tuscany were opened in the early afternoon for the age group that concerns the over 70, ie people born between 1941 and 1951. This was announced by the Tuscany Region. But already after an hour and a half there are over 20 thousand who have booked and within three … Read more

a single pixel NFT sold for 1.7 million euros

Over the past year, the NFT market (non fungible tokens), or non-fungible tokens, has grown tremendously. NFTs are elements mined by artists in the digital art world, linked to a work and registered in the blockchain of a network. They have the advantage of being unique and impossible to manipulate, thus serving as a digital … Read more

CNBC host Jim Kramer sold half of his bitcoins to pay off mortgage

Former hedge fund manager and host of CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Kramer called himself a “renegade” and announced the sale of half of his assets in the first cryptocurrency. [email protected] discloses that he bought a lot of bitcoin when it was around $12K. He says he sold half of it to pay off his mortgage … Read more