D. Žeimytė-Bilienė – about life balance, the hobby of her son sleeping and crisis situations | Names

“Working as a current affairs journalist for more than 20 years, I notice that panic, stress, anxiety, fear, unnecessary distractions or inappropriate decisions are caused by two simple things – ignorance or misinformation. It’s normal that we can’t know everything, that we can be wrong or have doubts, but in order to keep our sanity, … Read more

these are the best tablets on the market

Due to its remarkable versatility and its wide screen, tablets are one of the devices Argentinian favorites. Ideal for consume multimedia contentcheck email, use social networks or surf the Internet, these are the 4 high-end tablet models that are available in the country. These teams, unlike the most basic children’s options, stand out for a … Read more

Magdalena Stępień on the loss of her son and loneliness in “City of Women”: “It was too much for ONE ARMS”

Magdalena Stepien a few months ago she had to face a huge tragedy, which was the death of her son Oliver. The model disappeared from social media for a while, but returned and now talks loudly about mourning, and with her confessions she wants to help women who also have to deal with the loss … Read more

Gina Romand’s son reveals how the Golden Film actress died

digital millennium Mexico City / 04.12.2022 12:33:00 Gina Romand, who passed away last Saturday at the age of 84, was a renowned Cuban actress that triumphed in Mexican cinema in the 1960s and 1970s. Undoubtedly, the famous woman leaves a vast legacy on the big screen, which her loved ones remembered this weekend during the … Read more

Listen to this touching cover of the son of Marina Orsini and Serge Postigo

thomas postigo amazes us each time he offers us a song, unveiling magnificent covers via social networks. This time it’s his proud mom, Marina Orsiniwho shared a most touching video of his Thomas sitting at the piano, giving us shivers to the tune of Billie Eilish et Khalid. Without further ado, discover the recovery of … Read more

[한반도 브리핑] Kim Jong-un’s second daughter appears again… “Your Precious Son”

[앵커] This is Saturday’s talk section ‘Korean Peninsula Briefing’, which recapitulates the situation on the Korean Peninsula and diplomatic and security issues over the past week. Until last week, reporter Seonglim Ji worked hard for the ‘Korean Peninsula Briefing’ for a year. From this week, Yonhap News reporter Lee Bong-seok will be in charge. Lee … Read more

Young-Kwon Kim and Heung-Min Son sprint…”Repeated Miracle”

◀ Anchor ▶ While watching this game, many of you will be reminded of the last game of the group stage of the World Cup in Russia four years ago. At the time, he won against Germany, the world’s No. 1 player, and created the ‘Miracle of Kazan’. Not only the results of this ‘Miracle … Read more

Half a year after the divorce, the son couldn’t recognize his father… He broke down and cried, his ex-wife sighed: I was kicked out by my husband’s family and blocked | International | CTWANT

A man from Henan Province in mainland China went to visit his son at his ex-wife’s house after his divorce. Unexpectedly, his son no longer recognized him as his father. (Picture / flip from Weibo / time video) Facing family members whom you only see once in a long time, it is inevitable to become … Read more

Disfigured freak son Yakovleva stopped hiding his kids: he became a dad a long time ago

The only heir of Elena Yakovleva and Valery Shalny, by the age of 30, managed to get married and divorced. Denis has no end to girls. But few people knew that a man is practically a “single father”. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: Due to the tattoos on the body and the intimidating appearance, … Read more