“Dragon Quest Dai’s Great Adventure Burning Soul Bonds” held an event “Teacher’s Labyrinth Exploration” “Dragon Quest Day’s Great Adventure – Soul の Bond-“

SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. announced that the currently operating smartphone game “Dragon Quest Day’s Great Adventure Burning Soul Fetters“, the event “Maze Exploration for Tutors” has started on January 16, 2023. In addition, “The Brave and the Originator Abang’s Quick Slash and Treasure Hunt” is also going on simultaneously from the same day. [The following … Read more

The first albums of De La Soul, treasures of rap, finally on the platforms

Published on : 14/01/2023 – 13:00Modified : 14/01/2023 – 12:58 Paris (AFP) – End of the legal imbroglio: De La Soul, a monument group of American hip-hop, will finally release its first six albums on music platforms on March 3, with, as a scout this Friday, the track “The Magic Number” ( 1989). The story … Read more

Nicki Minaj bat un record du Billboard

Nicki Minaj proves to us once again that she is in place. She walks past Missy Elliott. Nicki Minaj begins the year 2023 with a new very beautiful record: that of the rapper to have remained the longest in the Billboard ranking. With 13 consecutive years at the top, she thus exceeds Missy Elliottwhich she … Read more

The moving story of Heart and Soul, the two stray dogs run over united to the last

Two dogs were carelessly crossing Highway 70 in St. Louis when they were run over. One was hit in full, the other just grazed. But despite the pain and fear, he didn’t move from the bedside of his seriously injured friend until help arrived. This is the heartbreaking story of Heart and Soul, two stray … Read more

High school soccer, not the best 16, showing the “soul of business” to the strong enemy again | Iwate Nippo IWATE NIPPO

[Tokyo branch office]On the 3rd day of the 101st National High School Championship of soccer, the second round was held at Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka in Kita-ku, Tokyo, etc., and Morioka Sho, the representative of this prefecture (17th time after 11 tournaments), was 0. Lost to Riseisha (Osaka, 4th time after 2 tournaments) with -6, and … Read more

Surprised New Yamaha Mio Sporty Motorcycles Appear Headlamps Like Mio Smile and Stoplamps Like Soul

Yamaha The Yamaha Mio Sporty stop lamp is exactly the Mio Soul MOTOR Plus-online.com – Definitely know Yamaha million Sporty which used to be in great demand by enthusiasts motor matic. Shocked to appear motor new Yamaha million Sporty headlights like My Smile and a stop lamp like Soul makes you curious. Motor new Yamaha … Read more

breaking!! Yamaha officially injects Mio S, Mio Z and Soul GT in 2022… they finally fall out too !!

Viewed: 22,887 Iwanbanaran.com – Cakkkk….in development and sales, not everything goes smoothly. There must be a success but there are also those who suffer in the market. Including the Yamaha manufacturer. They have successfully hit the market with the Maxy series, but at the same time entry class matic is very difficult. It has been … Read more

The “soul” is gone! Ubisoft confirms that the Steam version of “Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age” will have no achievement system | XFastest News

In the era of Xbox 360, Microsoft creatively added an achievement system to the console. When players pass a specific plot or complete a specific operation in the game, they can get the corresponding achievement as a reward. This mechanism was later learned by other platforms. Whether it is the “platinum” of the PS series … Read more

After the burning of her house and her artistic archive.. The author of the song “Show me a handkerchief”: My soul is tired

The Saudi artist, “Toha”, lies in King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah, after she suffered a fracture in her thigh as a result of her fall. I went home and everything I had.” The house of the popular artist, “Toha”, was subjected to a fire, and the fire consumed all her possessions and her entire artistic … Read more

About Jágr’s hockey soul, Rulík’s ability to explain why Haas doesn’t go or Josef Augusta’s grandson

A week packed with hockey events began on Monday with the announcement of the Czech nomination for the under-20 world championship. Coach Radim Rulík has at his disposal 19 players who have already played in the “twenties” in the past, which gives hope that the team could benefit significantly from this. But Rulík himself warns … Read more